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UPDATE:  The Friday edition of this here blog.

10:25 Dylan Ratigan talks to David House about his grand jury non-speaking appearance.

10:20  Bank of America still doesn’t know what WikiLeaks has on them as months pass and Reuters wonders.

4:25 A bunch of new cyber-warfare counter-reactions today, courtesy of my new Nation assistant Kevin Donohue: Obama and The Pentagon, Germany, European Union, China (to “counter our Pentagon push”).

4:20 Latest from Japan cable leaks, this time on Japan’s “tepid” response to US call for a test alert on possible Korean crisis.

3:30 Two-parter from @WLLegal: “In court filing, govt says they won’t let Gitmo lawyers save or print #WikiLeaks docs bc they can’t prove docs genuine” And: “Full response from gov to Gitmo lawyer’s request for access to the WL docs that everyone else can read .”

2:10 Mark Stephens no longer represents Assange in Swedish case—replaced by Gareth Peirce, once played by Emma Thompson in a terrific film (left), with Daniel Day-Lewis, In the Name of the Father… Also, WikiLeaks has issued statement saying he either endorses not rejects hacking actiivties by Lulz on its behalf but pointing ou again they are not connected in any way.

12:45 New NewHIve song for Bradley Manning, “Political Prisoner.”

11:40 AP covers Assange six-months-under-house-arrest story today, complete with his completes that it seriously hampering the work of WikiLeaks—and he displays the electronic device on his ankle. A little more bulky than one might have thought.

10:20 Debate in Sydney “won” by WikiLeaks spokesman—declared “force for good.

10:15 Wikileaks: Top Bulgarian general exposed as US informer.

7:30 @WikiLeaks tweets: “Today we release video of Assange house arrest.” Watch it here at The Telegraph. Includes charges of spying via multiple cameras outside manor. Six months in. Also a full WikiLeaks statement on same.

7:25 CNN reports on the Lulz take down of CIA site in support of WikiLeaks.

7:20 The WikiLeaks Truck that we’ve noted a couple of times was strong presence outside grand jury meeting in Virginia yesterday—follow it @WikiLeaksTruck, complete with photos.

1:40 For full background on Manning and Assange and more: my book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here, both hailed by Glenn Greenwald, Dan Ellsberg, Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman.

6:45 Is Lamo lying about how and why he ended up under psychiatric care just before his infamous online chats with Manning? Some new research.

12:10 Lengthy interview with WikiLeaks spokesman Hrafnsson on visit to Australia in which, among other things, he charges that the NYT and Guardian tried to “rush” the war logs releases last year, contrary to the conventional wisdom that WikiLeaks was pushing for release before full redaction. He also criticizes the papers on other scores, including turning on their “source.”

12:05 On a day with the Lulz folks apparently brought down the CIA site, Reuters reports, “Silicon Valley venture capitalists are betting big on new technologies to protect computer networks, hoping they will profit from a spate of high-profile cyber attacks on corporate and government bodies.”

12:00 As Wikileaks auctions a lunch with Assange (now up to 1200 British pounds on eBay), Mediaite columnist Frances Martel paints Assange as an increasingly destructive narcissist and “…with every publicity stunt Assange hosts to sell the caricature of himself that the media wants to buy, he risks reducing Wikileaks to a vanity project with little ideological substance and only the projection of his budding megalomania as its end goal,” Martel writes. (h/t Kevin Donohue)

From late Wednesday

David House tweeting his report on grand jury day now, @lockean—apparently a big dispute over his note taking… AP story on the David House grand jury day (see below)—reveals that he was asked solely about his friend Bradley Manning, nothing about Assange, but he still claims they are trying to link the two. He refused to answer, in any case… House could still be forced to testify if granted immunity. However, he could still refuse to talk—and then be held in contempt.

David House finally emerged from the grand jury session at courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia, to reveal that he invoked his Fifth Amendment rights to remain silent. He read from a statement outside:

“The Department of Justice (DoJ) is attempting to codify a task it started over 40 years ago: the political regulation of journalism. The same climate of intimidation that surrounded the Pentagon Papers trial persists to this day as the DoJ seeks to limit the freedoms of the Fourth Estate, using the pretense of alleged violations of the Espionage Act.

“The show trial that is now underway in Alexandria VA has the potential to set a dangerous precedent for regulating the media. Using Nixonian fear tactics that were honed during the Pentagon Papers investigation, the DoJ is attempting to dismantle a major media organization—WikiLeaks—and indict its editor, Julian Assange. The DoJ’s ever-widening net has now come to encompass academics, students, and journalists in the Cambridge area.

“The Administration’s goal is to force these individuals to testify against this media organization in an attempt to cast its publications and those of its media partners—the New York Times, the Guardian, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, and El Pais—as acts of espionage. The government has also violated my Fourth Amendment rights by executing a warrantless seizure on my laptop in an attempt to identify, target and ensnare Cambridge-based supporters of WikiLeaks. It is my conviction that the American people must call for a cessation of the Department of Justice’s politically motivated harassment.”

Latest Nation piece and a big one on Haiti Leaks: US military intervention after the earthquake and the backlash.

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