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6:10  Visa now denies it has lifted block on WIkiLeaks but service (below) still accepting. 

4:45  WikiLeaks urges donations with the perhaps temporary block ended by some of the big boys (see below): "Financial block workaround. Let’s see how long it lasts. Donate whilst you can via VISA, MasterCard and AmEx ."

2:35 The Economist’s "Julian Assange and the New Wave" on the rise of non-profit actors in the news business— and the blurred line between activism and journalism.

2:10  Writer at TomDispatch and Huff Post finds 4 reasons why Manning is an "American Hero."

12:40 DataCell claims MasterCard and Visa have caved and will now accept, through them, WikiLeaks donations.

12:05 Those wild, dedicated and super-creative folks at have really topped themselves this time (at least in my view), with their latest “re-mix”Saving Private Manning, starring Dan Ellsberg, with Michael Moore and others (see posted, left), and allegedly inspired by one of my columns of that title. In fact, on the poster, the movie is said to be “Written By” yours truly. They explain: “Fascinated by the growing network of Manning supporters and artist Merlin Street crafted this remix…. As a work of art it draws inspiration from the original ‘Saving Private Ryan’ movie directed by Steven Spielberg as well as the Greg Mitchell’s article from April 2011 ‘Dan Ellsberg and “Saving Private Manning“.’ While prominently incorporating and featuring Daniel Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin, Bradley Manning and Michael Moore most members of the Bradley Manning Support Network are noted as key contributors fighting to support, protect and ‘save’ Bradley Manning.”

10:40 While impact on Egypt is debated, Tunisian blogger explains how “WikiLeaks rocked Tunisia.”

9:50 We’ve covered at length the new doc about the NYT, Page One, particularly its WikiLeaks angles, and now Chris Hedges, ex-Timesman, arrives at Truthdig exploding a few “myths.”

8:20 Tom Hayden in new piece for The Nation explores the case against Assange and the “view from Sweden” as his hearing nears next week. “After interviewing journalists, prosecutors and politicians across Sweden, I found no evidence of CIA or Swedish government conspiracies. Stockholm’s Donald Boström, one of the world’s tougher investigative journalists, who accompanied me to most of my interviews, was a go-between in the dispute between Assange and the two women. He told me, with great emphasis, that while there could be a conspiracy, from the inside it simply looked like a ‘golden gift to the police from Julian.’”

8:00 Vintage Assange: His 2008 article from Guernica on “The Hidden Curse of Thomas Paine.”

12:15 The Guardian reproduces the complete new Manning chat logs posted by New York magazine (see below) in easier to read form.

12:05 From @WLLegal: NYT picks up @bungdan’s takedown of Assange for seeming to take credit for Egypt Conclusion: helped Tunisia; not Egypt.

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From late Wednesday

The Guardian claims the Assange “milion-pound” book deal has “collapsed,” according to publishing sources. Allegedy he grew concerned about possible impact on legal proceedings. May just be re-structured, but money loss would be severe.

Cables: US Ambassador describes “Haiti’s see-no-evil-hear-no-evil political culture” | Haiti Liberte

New York magazine, after running controvesial profile of Bradley Manning over the weekend that drew on new chat logs, now publishes the unredacted logs on its site. One excerpt: bradass87: i think fulfilling childhood dreams can be fun, but im learning that if you dont aim high, you firstly, dont achieve them, and secondly, you find your more *realistic* dreams to be unrewarding…: i want to be like my idols: richard feynman, carl sagan, harvey milk, etc…. its not the strongest of people who survive, its the ones most responsive to change.

Also: bradass87: 2 months pre-deployment, 12 months of iraq… and another 12 months of recovery and garrison… all assuming i dont get discharged under DADT… but the moment i leave the military, implanning on breaking out in all directions

ZJ: man, stay safe in iraq

bradass87: im an analyst, i shadow a brigade commander… also, the shia majority in the location we are going doesn’t want to screw around with the US… theyre stockpiling fresh weapons… because the moment they leave, they plan on removing sunnis out of the region to the southeast and northeast of baghdad: im trying to figure out a way to prevent a civil war the second we leave

Our friends in the @WikileaksTruck (spotted outside Fox News and NYT over the weekend) have some good questions for Obama’s Twitter news conference: Can you show us just one example where Wikileaks has threatened our security? Have you watched the “Collateral Murder” video? Why is Manning the one in jail? How do you expect Bradley Manning to stand a fair trial when you have said “he broke the law.”?

Global debt: Amy Goodman in the Guardian on the great debt the world owes to WikiLeaks. “No matter what happens to Assange, WikiLeaks has changed the world forever.”

Yes, there is a site that lists the current odds on winning the Nobel Peace Prize—with Assange one of the favorites at just 10:1 and Manning at 100:1—but not only that, you can place a bet. So if you’ve ever wanted to put your money on WikiLeaks… One wag points out that Manning would help his chances if he admitted to the leak… The site: