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UPDATE:  See Friday edition of this blog.

10:15  Surprise!  Military confirms charge by Manning attorney that he was stripped naked for 7 hours last night.  "First Lt. Brian Villiard, a Marine spokesman, said a brig duty supervisor had ordered Private Manning’s clothing taken from him. He said that the step was “not punitive” and that it was in accordance with brig rules, but he said that he was not allowed to say more."

10:10   Whoa, from Wash Post: Mexican leader Calderon blames WikiLeaks for crisis in U.S.-Mexico relations, says he can’t even work with U.S. ambassador, after cables hit anti-drug effort.

10:00 Headline in The Indepedent:  "Clinton admits WikiLeaks will dominate the rest of her life."  Story here. 

9:15   "Anonymous Will Avenge Manning." That’s headline on DailyKos piece by Anonymous-connected Barrett Brown.  He also talked to NY Daily News:  "Not 24 hours after the U.S. Army announced it had filed 22 counts against reputed WikiLeaks source Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, Anonymous issued a new threat Thursday.  ‘The decision to charge Bradley Manning with a capital offense in addition to other charges is a provocation, and Anonymous is set to respond accordingly,’ spokesman Barrett Brown wrote on DailyKos. He said the group will keep going after corporate execs involved in plots against Wikileaks."   And, he told The Daily News: "We are looking at information on various military officials."


9:10  Mariah Carey admits cable was true–she did get $1 million from Gaddafi son in 2006 to sing four songs for him.  Beyonce and Nelly Furtado, also caught, have announced they will donate money to charity where Mariah promises proceeds from one song.  No word yet from 50 Cent and Usher.

9:05   My new and updated  book, hailed by Dan Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald and others: The print edition of  The Age of  WikiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond) is  here and e-book (also for phones, iPad etc.)  here.

9:00  @Wikileaks tweets (and see below):  "Stripping Manning naked to compel him to testify against Assange is similar to abuses at Abu Ghraib & Guantanamo."

7:50  11-minute "Panorama" video on Collateral Murder video, Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks.

5:45  More from Manning’s lawyer:  Says he was stripped naked for 7 hours last night.  "This type of degrading treatment is inexcusable and without justification.  It is an embarrassment to our military justice system and should not be tolerated.  PFC Manning has been told that the same thing will happen to him again tonight.  No other detainee at the Brig is forced to endure this type of isolation and humiliation."

5:30  Off-the-record speech ends up on YouTube due to covert recording.  Here’s how Raw Story describes it:   "Former British intelligence chief Sir Richard Dearlove gave a speech not long ago where all recordings were prohibited. During that talk, he credited secrets outlet WikiLeaks with helping spark revolutions across the Middle East, saying they provide a stark example of the ways technology is changing how people relate to their governments.""

4:20  My Nation colleague Kevin Gosztola files this on that  Bradley Manning teleconference call this afternoon:  Jon Shelburne, military lawyer, said biggest development is that his charges have increased from maximum of 52 years to possibility of death penalty, which  suggests he could get life in prison without parole. …Daniel Ellsberg is struck by thought that if executed he would be the first American to be executed for giving information to Americans since Nathan Hale. And he recalled that Nathan Hale said, ‘I regret that I have but one life to give,’ comparing him to Manning who in the chat logs indicated he was prepared to go to jail for life or be executed.

David House, Pfc. Manning close friend and frequent visitor at Quantico, described visiting Manning and how in the last months he has gone from someone who could carry a conversation to a person who is in an utterly catatonic state and believes this is all being done to wear him down and force a confession out of him.

4:00 Macaulay Culkin to play Assange in movie?  Well, Assange is neither home nor alone right now. How about Tilda Swinton? 

3:50  Alan Dershowitz: How George W. Bush prejudices the judicial process vs. Assange.

3:35  Bradley Manning’s attorney responds to what he says is Pentagon’s misstatements on his client’s confinement.

 3:20  From @: WLLegal   "Law professor Kevin Jon Heller asks: Did Bradley Manning Aid the Enemy? Did The New York Times?" ."

1:20  Now Glenn Greenwald has piece up at Salon on Manning charges and possible death penatly.

10:35  Here’s the Glenn Greenwald on Bradley Manning segment on Democracy Now! today.  "Although the charging document does not say who the ‘enemy is,’ there’s only two possibilities," Greenwald says. "Either they mean Wikileaks … or any kind of leak now of classified information to newspapers where your intent is not to aid the Taliban, but expose wrongdoing."

10:30   My new piece, excerpt from my book, on one soldier in Collateral Murder video who helped two kids that day in Iraq and has been haunted since.

9:55  New cable on Costa Rica: "The U.S. Embassy in San José was involved in the definition of police strategy, trained and supervised the training of officers of the security forces (police) and rented buses to take them to the protest marches against the TLC (Free Trade Agreement), according to several diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks."

9:45  There’s a teleconference on latest on Bradley Manning today at 1 pm featuring a former judge advocate general, Dan Ellsberg and Manning friend David House.

8:10  Glenn Greenwald on Democracy Now! at 8:45 today talking new charges for Manning (will be available on their site also a little later).

7:55  Fantastic story via Reuters on "Coca-Cola war" in Libya from cables, with Godfather overtones, involving Gaddafi’s sons. "The contretemps among the freres Gadhafi over a local bottling plant escalated into a heavily armed confrontation resembling a Hollywood gangster film, as a classified 2006 U.S. cable put it.  ‘You know the movie The Godfather? We’ve been living it for the last few months,’ a businessman involved in the dispute was quoted in the cable as telling an official from the U.S. diplomatic mission in Tripoli."

7:45  First, Nelly Furtado, now Beyonce: The latter says she donated that $1 million she got from Gaddafi son for singing for Haitian relief one year ago, before news emerged in cable.

7:20  Assange appeal of extradition ruling and return to Sweden confirmed.

7:10  John Kampfner, one of the targets of Assange’s alleged over-the-top remarks to Private Eye editor, responds. 

7:05  Statement on Bradley Manning by David House,  his friend and one of few visitors in prison.  And he tweets: @popularch   "Imagine if Daniel Ellsberg had not been freed; imagine if Daniel Ellsberg had been executed. And imagine what kind of country this would be."

12:05  Birgitta Jonsdottir, Icelandic MP and former WikiLeaker, with new iInterview on Wikileaks and the DOP move on Twitter and her, pretty critical of Assange, and media focus on him.

From late Wednesday

Lot of response to new Manning charges at FireDogLake from Marcy Wheeler, quotes from charge sheet on aiding "enemy," and Manning friends and visitor David House compared harsh charges to what Nixon admin did to  Ellsberg… NYT piece on new Manning charges finds some new details in the full "charge sheet," including allegations of when he used software, more on "the enemy" — but not explaining if WikiLeaks the enemy, or Iraqi insurgents, terrorists, or what.

Wired‘s Threat Level makes key point re: Assange, even though no Manning direct link to Assange yet found: "The capital offense charge could have an impact on the extradition case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is currently battling attempts to extradite him from England to face sex-crime allegations in Sweden. Assange’s attorneys have argued that if extradited to Sweden, the U.S. could seek to extradite him to this country, where he could be charged with a capital offense.  The assertion was considered an exaggeration at the time since even Manning himself was not facing a capital offense. But the issue is sure to figure more prominently now in Assange’s appeal of UK court’s extradition order."

  @Wikileaks responds to new Manning charges by suggesting that key "aiding the enemy" claim actually asserts that WikiLeaks itself is the enemy.  British journalist Alexi Mostrous seems to agree in his latest tweet:  "By charging #Manning, US asserts that wikileaks, a publisher, is an enemy. Sets dangerous precedent for other media."

Bradley Manning’s lawyer responds to new charges (see below) at his blog.  Also, separate take on easily the most serious charge: "aiding the enemy."    He quotes from Article 104: “Intelligence” means any helpful information, given to and received by the enemy, which is true, at least in part…. “Enemy” includes (not only) organized opposing forces in time of war(but also any other hostile body that our forces may be opposing)…." 

NBC reports that following a 7-month investigation, the Army today filed 22 additional charges against Bradley Manning.  Includes hyper-significant "aiding the enemy."   But chooses not to press for death penalty.  Now,  from full NBC story:  No mention of WikiLeaks in charges at all.  Life in prison recommended but judge could rule for death penalty.  Pentagon says informants names released, most rounded up for proetection, some not found yet.  "Pentagon and military officials also report that investigators have made no direct link between Manning and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange."