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11:05 Another one of the endless number of fairly minor but fascinating tales that come out of the cables, usually abroad, this one featuring Norway severing ties with WalMart over "ethical" issues.

10:45 A lot of WikiLeaks cables this week have talked Turkey and now NYT with a major piece.

7:50  Just so you know, WSJ  wants Assange to send his book money to Zimbadwe to cover "collateral damage" he (allegedly) caused.   No word on where Bush should send his much higher checks.

6:30 First sighting of a bio-pic, for big or small screen, reported:  "An upcoming biography of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is set to be turned into a feature film, Variety is reporting.  The Most Dangerous Man in the World, an upcoming biography of Assange penned by Australian reporter Andrew Fowler, has been optioned by Josephson Entertainment, the production company behind TV series Bones, and Michelle Krumm Prods., a production company that appears to be behind absolutely nothing. Barry Josephson, of Josephson Entertainment, said the upcoming film, “is this generation’s suspenseful drama with global impact.”   Cate Blanchett, an Aussie who played Dylan, might be perfect for this role, too.

4:35  Jennifer Lynch at EFF with a good study titled, Social Media and Law Enforcement, Who Gets What Data and When.  "We have been investigating how the government seeks information from social networking sites such as Twitter and how the sites respond to these requests in our ongoing social networking Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request."

3:30  Joshua Norman at CBS News posts full story about Open Leaks and a video.  "OpenLeaks co-founder Herbert Snorrason said OpenLeaks is much more than just a visible disagreement with Assange’s way of doing things. They will not only provide a ‘technical infrastructure’  for leaking materials anonymously that protects all parties involved, but the site will represent a growing online effort proclaiming to fight the corrupt, powerful entities of the world by spilling their secrets."

3:20  Ex-Gitmo inmates cite WikiLeaks cables in French trial.  Does not work.

2:45 Somehow I have been picked by Business Insider and its "The Wire"  (no, not run by David SImon) site as the 47th "most influential" media person this year.  Here’s the cute write-up:  "Liveblogging went out of fashion a few year’s back when Twitter arrived. However, when Greg Mitchell revived it over at his Nation media blog in order to cover the WikiLeaks debacle, he provided readers (and bloggers!) with an invaluable resource and as a result made himself the go-to resource for all things Assange." 

2:30  Andy Greenberg at with an important update on the alleged WikiLeaks-trolling-for-and-stealing files claims in last night’s Bloomberg story (see 12:15 below and what I posted yesterday).  It seems that even the company making the charges might be backing off a bit.  The key aspect:  Yes, files were stolen, but hackers might have done it and then passed docs on to WIkiLeaks, in that case not done by WikiLeaks itself.

1:10  I mentioned this earlier today, now here’s Andy Worthington with his take on letter from former Quantico commander, whistleblower and CIA operative protesting prison conditions for Bradley Manning.

12:15  We brought you the first news break on this last night, but Wired is now on the claim that WikiLeaks is trolling file-sharing networks for confidential material.  The company making the claim, Tiversa, has interesting background.  Charge denied by attorney for the group.

11:50  Much more (and see just below) on Iran, nuclear issues, and the cables, via The Guardian.  As always in these cases, you can take U.S. claims at face value, with a grain of salt, or whatever. 

11:45 Full video now here on last night’s WikiLeaks panel in California (we wrote about it way down below) with Ellsberg, Shirky, others.  (h/t Kevin Gosztola)

11:15  Gary Sick at Foreign Policy on what’s been largely overlooked in the cables about negotiating with Iran, past and present.   What the media missed while highlighting Qaddafi’s buxom nurse.

10:45  Good update on the Rudolf Elmer re-arrest from Mark Hosenball from Reuters.

10:30  Steve Aftergood at Secrecy News with this update:  "Department of Defense employees who downloaded classified documents from Wikileaks onto unclassified government computer systems may delete them without further “sanitizing” their systems or taking any other remedial measures, the Pentagon said in a policy memo (pdf) last week."

9:10 Major revelations re:  the Swiss released by Aftenposten.  "A document revealed by whistleblowing internet site WikiLeaks appears to show that Switzerland struck a deal with the United States in 2009 to help embattled bank UBS. 

"A ‘secret’  US dispatch published by Norway’s Aftenposten newspaper alleged that the Swiss government had said it would shut down the activities of the Swedish firm Colenco which was believed to be violating sanctions in Iran. Last year’s Swiss president, Doris Leuthard, had also reaffirmed to the US that Switzerland was prepared to accept ‘several detainees’ from the US prison at Guantanamo Bay.   Leuthard is said to have linked both to the achievement of a political settlement in the case of Swiss banking giant UBS. The minister denied the claims on Thursday."


8:50  David Swanson has posted what he says is a letter from a former commander at Quantico — and former Iran-Contra "whsiteblower" — protesting prison conditions for Bradley Manning .and why the Marine Corps is even involved in this Army case.   I haven’t confirmed authenticity but here’s what he’s posted.

8:45 Lengthy post at WL Central probes what cables suggest about Ireland’s role in "extraordinary rendition."  A senior member of the Irish Labour Party speaks out here.

7:50  Jacob Appelbaum, one of those in middle of DOJ legal move vs. Twitter for Wikileaks info, searched and detained yet again at airport, this time returning to the U.S. from Toronto.   Selections from his Twitter feed:  "They put me in an interrogation room with a large window. Ironically, it had a view of a computer screen with my file on it."  "CBP edits and reads your file while simultaneously using Internet Explorer to search the web while you’re detained. That seems cybersecure!"  "I’m looking forward to a time when I’m not on a secret watch, search, harass, detain, interrogate, delay, annoy and stress list."

7:20  Financial Times with somewhat lighthearted look at "Fear and Apprehension" surrounding Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer’s tax cheat leak, including betting odds on who might get exposed from leading sports bookmaker.

1:00  Ha, fun little Icelandic TV comedy show trailer for "Birgitta Impossible," and this could only be WikiLeaks-linked MP Birgitta Jonsdottir.

12:50  Wild new piece at Bloomberg on the company Tiversa trying to trace WikiLeaks computers grabbing "leaks" off file-sharing programs on people’s computers — and turning info over to the government.   "Tiversa declined to say who its client was when it noticed the Swedish downloads. Howard Schmidt, a former Tiversa adviser, is cybersecurity coordinator and special assistant to President Barack Obama."  WikiLeaks lawyer Mark Stephens denies any such trolling for material. 

12:05  Forbes Tech blogger Eric Savitz with detailed blow-by-blow of WikiLeaks panel in Santa Clara, Ca., which included Clay Shirky, Dan Ellsberg, Jonathan Zittrain, Paul Jay and Peter Thiell.   Wide-ranging talk.

From late Wednesday

Hot new scam, according to Forbes blogger: Calling people and telling them they are in big trouble for visiting a WikiLeaks-related — unless they pay up.  Better Business Bureau on it, including in Seattle:  "A caller reported she received an automated phone call telling her that her computer and IP address had been noted as having visited the Wikileaks site, and that there were grave consequences for this, including a $250,000 or $25,000 fine, perhaps imprisonment. It left an option for leaving a message as to how she was going to handle this and the fine payment." 

  Major new piece in The Australian on the rather strained relationship — "locked in a war of words," so thy say — between Assange and The Guardian, charges of betrayal, the falling out with Nick Davies, and so on.  Not exactly new but a lot of fresh quotes from close observers.  .  "I think Julian is an extremely colourful character, he is very aware of that, he uses that very smartly, he is very aware that a picture of him will play well in a newspaper," Ian Katz said.

Political scientist Michael Busch has been blogging abo,ut some of the interesting but less-publicized cables at two sites.  His own WikiBlogged includes regular updates often darkly humorous,  such as one from yesterday on monitoring driving and cell phone distraction in…Armenia.    He blogs less often at IPS’s Foreign Policy in Focus.

 Reuters with details on the Elmer arrest: : "Swiss police on Wednesday arrested former banker Rudolf Elmer on fresh charges of breaching Swiss bank secrecy law for giving data to WikiLeaks, hours after he was found guilty of another secrecy offense.  ‘The state prosecutor’s office is checking to see whether Rudolf Elmer has violated Swiss banking law by handing the CD over to WikiLeaks,’ the Zurich cantonal (state) police and state prosecutor said in a joint statement."

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