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UPDATE:  Friday’s blog here.

10:00 Read it and weep: PBS ombudsman Michael Getler, who has done some good work in the past, applauds the Frontline doc on WikiLeaks this week, raises few questions, and says he actually got little mail about it, though all of it negative, and reprints some.  Says all of this indicates Frontline lived up to its “tough but fair” reputation.

8:30  Theatre pieces about Assange and Manning.

6:25  “Risen” up angry: From Huff Post Obama Comes for the Journalists 

5:30  From The AtlanticObama and Whistleblowers: Leak for Me but Not for Thee 

2:45  Kevin Gosztola at FDL with commentary and critique of yesterday’s PBS Frontline online chat.

1:00 @WLLegal: “TIME on Obama’s “Manning broke the law” gaffe & Assange’s comments on the Espionage Act & investigative journalism .”

10:35 Huff Post reporter with good update on what “sources” say about current status of the WikiLeaks grand jury in Virginia– supposedly THREE recent subpoenas now.  Also latest on court martial plans.

10:20  In an item here yesterday, I reported Bradley Manning’s father, Brian Manning, in the PBS online chat, denying that protest in the U.S., including by P.J. Crowley, had much to do with his son’s transfer to Leavenworth — it was mainly, or solely, due to pressure from the UK after it emerged that Bradley had UK citizenship.  I observed parenthetically that this was “news” to me.  Now Naomi Colvin,  who directs the influential UK Friends of Bradley Manning sends me an email.  Here’s an excerpt worth reading, though it does not prove that the UK pressure was THE prime reason for the move:

“The British Government did indeed put significant pressure on the United States to bring the treatment of their citizen Bradley Manning in line with international standards.  During an adjournment debate in Parliament on 4th April, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the  Foreign Office Henry Bellingham confirmed that, not only had a senior official at the British Embassy in Washington already “called on” their counterpart in the State Department to let them know that concerns were being expressed in the UK, they would be doing so for a second time in light of their official acknowledgement that Bradley is, indeed, a citizen of the United Kingdom.

“My report on this debate, which includes a link to video footage and the official Hansard transcript is here:  In my third update to that post, I also include links to the international press coverage of this development – of which there was quite a lot….The pressure we have been able to apply together clearly had a significant impact on the decision to move Bradley to Fort Leavenworth – which is not to say that other factors, such as P.J Crowley’s breaking rank, weren’t important.”

9:10 David Leigh of The Guardian tweets response to Assange claiming in PBS online chat that he lies and is libelous in continuing to say that the WikiLeaks leader said informers “deserved to die.”  Assange now says two people from Der Spiegel were at same meeting and did not hear him say that.  Here’s Leigh today: ” Sorry to read #Assange frantic denials on PBS Frontline chat of what he said to me . Be a man: admit yr error .”

8:50  Fascinating developments in Jamaica, as the leader of country demands that the WikiLeaks media partner there release all of the cables it has started publishing this week, rather than cherry picking, even as he denies he will seek legal action against the paper.

8:40  More from the Pakistan Papers here — this time on money from U.S. meant for “war on terror” being used by military for other purposes, and other military vs. civilian conflict.

8:30  In India, The Hindu, WikiLeaks partner, with piece on American diplomats considering  the Indian government “unwilling and unable” to “end the exploitation and victimisation” of the country’s 84 million tribal people .  More here.

12:05  WikiLeaks: Saudi’s warned about US oil speculators.

12:00 Rally for Manning in NYC on June 4th — in Times Square.

From late Wednesday

We covered the Assange/Ellsberg teleconference for Manning earlier today (see below) but here’s Mike Calderone’s lengthier report at Huff Post.

In answer to my query, @WikiLeaks feed at twitter confirms that it was indeed Assange in the PBS chat (see below) and that a second question or statement by him was “torched.”

Now Assange, or someone claiming to be him (but sounds credible) has joined in the PBS online chat on last night’s WikiLeaks program.  He writes,  “Why did Frontline not do basic fact checking on the false and libelous statement ‘Julian said ‘Informants deserve to die’?  This has had substantial re-reportage based on its airing by Frontline. Its speaker, David Leigh is well known to be locked into tawdry personal vendetta against WikiLeaks (as any check of his twitter feed davidleigh3 would show). The statement has been repeatedly denied by me, is the subject of pre-litigation legal action and two Spiegel reporters who were at the table, John Goertz and Marcel Rosenbach (the only independent witnesses) deny it. Is this Frontline‘s standards for journalism? Similarly, Why did Frontline present Daniel Domschiet Berg’s claims about WikiLeaks content sales as credible, when two thee prior accusations (in relation to Aftonposten, Aftonbladet and Al Jazeera) have been demonstrated to be wholesale inventions?”

The creators of show then replied:  “We did talk with others about David Leigh’s allegation. Several people confirmed that you had initially wanted to publish all the Afghan War Logs without redacting names. We also allowed you to deny the charge. As for content sales, you mentioned in your interview that you had explored financial incentives to improve the reception of the Collateral Murder video.” This, of course, does not address the alleged “lie” of Leigh’s statement. 

David House apparently  just showed up at the online Frontline chat to respond to charges by Manning’s dad (see below).  House, or someone claiming to be him, typed: “This is David House. You say I was using Bradley for 15 minutes of fame… this is very hurtful and surprising to hear. In earnest, on what basis do you make the remark?”   Manning’s father then responds:  “Please clean your own house. Bradley told us. If you do not belive me ask him” And House replies to that: “I highly doubt that; Bradley asked me to return before you removed me from his visitor list. Thanks for the response, though, Brian.”

Some interesting, if sometimes wild,  claims in online chat at PBS featuring creators of last night’s WikiLeaks program.  So far: 1) they say they okayed Assange taping their full interview (he put it up on WikiLeaks sites before show aired) and are not surprised he hated the show, as he made up his mind before hand  2)  Bradley Manning’s dad says he kicked Manning friend and frequent visitor David House off the visitor’s list at Quantico because he doubted his motives, thought he was just trying to “suck up” info from Bradley and was just out for his “15 minutes” of fame  3) Brian Manning also claimed that protests by House and many others were not the main reason for his son’s transfer to Leavenworth — but rather (this is news to us) pressure from the UK government after it emerged that Bradley had UK citizenship.

  My review of last night’s Frontline yawner on WikiLeaks: “No Meat, Just a Goldfish.”  And WikiLeaks has posted correspondence between an Assange associate and Frontline producer about the ground rules for his interview — see very bottom of this page.  My Nation colleague Kevin Gosztola has his own review here.

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