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UPDATED: The Friday edition of this blog.

10:30  Great news, film we’ve highlighted here for several weeks,  inspired by release of Collateral Murder by WikiLeaks — and focusing on U.S. soldier Ethan McCord who rescued two children and has denounced war —  just won best documentary short at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City.  Jurors said of Incident in New Baghdad directed by James Spione: : “The winner is a film that bravely explores the residual effects of experiencing trauma in war in a truthful and fearless manner. Using a mixture of archival and current material, this timely film is the story of one man’s struggle to reconcile war, his place in it, and the legacy he will pass on to his children.”   An excerpt below:

7:40  My colleague Kevin Gosztola interviews longtime Gitmo files expert Andy Worthington.

7:35 The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson connects Obama releasing birth certificate — and banning some people from clicking on Gitmo files links.

6:00 And now, added to reports (below),  a local public radio station describes the Manning Media Tour at Leavenworth today — first time the prison had done it for any prisoner.  Did not get to see him or his cell but were given photos….

5:25 Now AP is out with its story on today’s Manning Media Tour (see other items below). 

3:40  National Catholic Reporter writer out with first piece I’ve seen on what was viewed on the "Manning media tour" at Leavenworth today, as military tries to put best face forward.   Oddly, they say Manning will be medium custody prisoner starting "tomorrow morning," even though he has been there for over a week now.  He  is now "allowed three hours of recreation a day, the U.S. Army announced this afternoon.  The announcement came at the end of a morning press tour of the facility here where Manning is being held. NCR was part of the tour, which included about a dozen representatives from local, national, and international press organizations."

1:00 Controversy over Telegraph publishing name of teen who was raped before ending up at Gitmo–they say full knowledge of Gitmo needed.  Paper published all 759 files today, allegedly without redacting.

12:25  Rep. Kucinich, who has hit treatment of Manning at Quantico for much of this year, now slams today’s "media day" at new home Leavenworth as "contrivance" and "stunt" and urges media to ignore.

11:15  @WLLegal tweets:  "Odd: DOJ is subpoenaing private citizens & investigating them under the Espionage Act.  Why is no one reporting on this besides @ggreenwald?."    True, but while I have not been reporting, I have been tweeting, blogging and linking….

10:45  Following the issuance of subpoena, @WikiLeaks today tweeted phone number of D.A. in Virginia allegedly handling the grand jury and urged fans to call. 

9:30  My new piece for 8th anniversary: How media heavies gushed over Bush on "Mission Accomplished" day.  Of course, the WikiLeaks "war logs" release eventually painted a quite different picture, including massive civilian casualties and U.S. standing by while Iraqis tortured Iraqis.

9:20 McClatchy’s full list of its expanding WikiLeaks materials.

9:00 Lawyer who has been involved in Gitmo litigation longer than anyone comments on WikiLeaks release in New Republic column. " I have tried to explain to my clients that they are no longer people whose alleged misdeeds will be judged individually, but rather, a collective symbol of American national identity. In a country that prizes individualism above all else, I have tried to explain that their individualism has been lost in the pot-clanging and drum-banging that takes place in this country when national identity is at stake. They do not seem to understand."

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8:25  I think I reported it first last night (see two items below) , but here is Politico report on the press tour of Manning’s new home.

8:10   WikiLeaks releases all but one of the more than 700 Gitmo files.   Also its @WikiLeaks twitter feed charts the latest few hundred country by country.  The Telegraph posted all on its sites (unredacted?).   And Der Spiegel charts the high number of minors.

8:00 McClatchy: Flawed evidence revealed by files may not help get many of the detainees released or found not guilty (if ever tried).

12:00  I reported (below) that there is a "media tour" of Leavenworth tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. intended to assure people about the allegedly swell new prison conditions for Pvt. Bradley Manning.  Here, courtesy of one of the invited  — who wrote to me, "This was a total surprise for us.  Got first word of it from a local community radio host" — some details from his emailed invitation: "Subject matter experts will be available to answer questions after the tour has ended. Media will be allowed to record the outside of the facility during this time…"   No cell phones or video cameras allowed.  Military personnel can be quoted — but not IDed.

From late Wednesday

WL Central  interviews Gitmo file expert, and WikiLeaks volunteer, Andy Worthington.

Reporter at the National Catholic Reporter tells me the military will be taking him on a press tour of Bradley Manning’s new home, Leavenworth, tomorrow.  Not sure if many others invited or solo tour, will check, but interesting…

  You can now write Bradley Manning at:   Prisoner # 89289 ~ 830 Sabalu Road ~ Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027 USA

  Remember that Guardian story yesterday (it was on front page) about Al-Qaeda bomber also informing for the Brits’ M-16 spy service?  Now lawyer for the guy mocks the story and the whole idea in column at — The Guardian.  Just "gossip" from the Gitmo files, he says.

We reported yesterday on hints and tweets about the FBI probably serving subpoenas related to WikiLeaks grand jury in Alexandria, VA.  Now Glenn Greenwald has full report.  The first person known about lives in Cambridge, MA., where many Manning friends reside, and case links to Espionage Act, apparently.

 Stars & Stripes tweaks Pentagon flack Morrell for complaining that Gitmo files released wrecked his Easter, boo-hoo.

Absurd NYT blog post on WikiLeaks more interested in "leaing and spinning" which somehow "are not about uncovering the truth."   Writer ignores evidence to contrary in his own story.