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10:00 Winning designs for WikiLeaks t-shirts revealed!

4:30  Good Wash Post wrapup today on latest controversy surrounding Manning not allowed unmonitored visit by UN prober.

3:45  Wired:  The "Twitter 3" hit back at DOJ move.  Next court hearing April 22.

3:40:   One day only: updated print editions of my 2 WikiLeaks and Manning books on sale for paltry.$7.95!

3:20 It’s official, Assange memoir delayed indefinitely.  Was due last week.  Publisher says, pub dates change all the time.   Still listed as April 7 at Amazon.  Assange has had to deal with legal case since signing $1 million deal, plus continuing release of cables. 

1:40  Round-up on what cables show on Israel and Hamas in Gaza via WLCentral

1:20  Lengthy Q & A with Glenn Greenwald coming out of our "standing room only" panel at the big Media Reform conference last weekend. Glenn also talks about "corporate media," the NYT and torture, and his daily reading habits.

1:10  WikiLeaks lays bare the extent of US-Israeli relations | Jewish Chronicle .

12:20  Helena Kennedy in the New Statesman on "conundrum" posed by sex crime case against Assange.   Perhaps wrong choice of headline, with reference to "one size fits all."

11:35 Reuters: Assange privately worried BoA material is "dated and difficult to interpret," despite earlier statements — supposedly from 2006 and hard to make sense of.  Reuters cites three unnamed sources, hard to say if Assange critics or others who have not spoken out before.

9:30  Sorry, power out here, should resume soon.

8:45  As you may know, New Statesman featured articles on WikiLeaks last week — including one by Assange.  But only just now is it available online.  Here’s the Assange piece.  Takes a couple hits at NYT, then: "In the long view of history, WikiLeaks is part of an honourable tradition that expands the scope of freedom by trying to lay "all the mysteries and secrets of government" before the public. We are, in a sense, a pure expression of what the media should be: an intelligence agency of the people, casting pearls before swine."

4:45  Cables suggest Syria put chemicals weapons on missiles to strike back against Israel after the latter hit Syria’s alleged nuclear plant.  Syria did not fire.  And much more here.

12:00  Latest on political turmoil in Israel after cable reveals seemingly racist statement by top politico.  U.S. ambassador now claims he did not hear remarks, even though his name on the cable.

From late Wednesday

The Guardian:  Manning’s mother says   in letter to British foreign secretary Hague that British consular officials need to "visit him in military prison to check on his physical and mental health, which she said was deteriorating."   Manning has no British passport but his mom is Welsh and UK recently ruled that he indeed can claim British citizenship.

In interview , Jesse Ventura actually is asked, "Are you the new Julian Assange?"

Rep. Dennis Kucinich at Huff Post on “Kafkaesque” experience in being denied chance to meet with Bradley Manning. Includes: “I was also told that I could be subpoenaed to testify about the contents of my conversation with Pfc. Manning. This is a clear subversion of the constitutionally protected oversight process and it severely undermines the rights of any Member of Congress seeking to gather information on the conditions of a detainee in U.S. custody.”

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 The German Parliament’s human rights commitee protests treatment of Manning in the brig. Even sends protest letter to Obama.

 Giant controversy in Israel over allegedly “racist” statements by Knesset member. Now US ambassador has stuck up for accused. Latest from Haaretz. Herzog, the figure quoted, already disputes it. But Haaretz followed by publishing full doc.