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7:50  Now we’re really "getting down" to the important stuff — leaked video of alleged Assange on the dance floor!

7:25   My new piece, “Chatting With Bradley Manning,” on how chat logs dispute Frontline claim that turmoil in his personal life main reason for alleged decision to leak.

7:20  Computer scientists hit ruling on "Twitter 3." 

5:15  Jeremy Scahill in big Nation piece makes use of key WikiLeaks cables on Yemen.

5:10  Michael Busch has now posted his lengthy interview with me up at the Institute for Policy Studies site.

3:25 Qaddafi “buxom Russian nurse,” allowed to leave him last month, now says she missed Libya: “According to Oksana, the Libyans seemed happy with their lives. Tripoli is a giant construction site today, she said. Gasoline is cheaper than water. In shops, they let you off if you are a couple of coins short—you can pay later.”

3:10 From the Norwegian paper Aftenposten: Norwegian soldiers only 500 yards away when six kidnapped in Afghanistan.

3:00 And now a word from my sponsor: My new book, Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences, just published as e-book here and print here. Remember, e-book nowadays also means phones, iPad, PC reading, etc. Plus, first excerpt from the book (“From Oklahoma to Baghdad to Prison”) right here.

2:00 This bubbled up yesterday but now Fox News on it: Porn actors real names and HIV status leaked via a PornLeaks site. “This essentially ‘outed’ them to any passing Googler, which caused an uproar in the industry since many porn performers try to keep their real name secret, for obvious reasons,” Gawker’s Adrian Chen wrote. “That 15,000 names were on the list was significant, especially considering only about 1,200–1,500 performers are currently working in California’s Porn Valley.”

10:40 BBC now covers story we had below on bombing that killed ten in Pakistan allegedly tied to recently released State Dept cable.

9:35 WikiLeaks releases US cable on Mussa Kussa, Libya foreign minister who just defected in London, suggesting he is man of “acumen” and intellect who we can work with. “He is Western-educated…and is seen as a strong supporter of re-engagement with the West…. Kussa is the rare Libyan official who embodies a combination of intellectual acumen, operational ability and political weight.”

9:25 @WLLegal tweets:Is there any news yet about the inevitable DOJ probe RE all the classified info leaked on Libya? Someone please alert me when its announced.”

8:05 Mulitple reports in the regional press claim that nine were killed in Pakistan, today in a suicide bomb attack on a MUslim leader exposed last week in Indian news outlets, thanks to a WikiLeaks cable, ”for his offer to the US to mediate with the Taliban. It was the second attack on him in two days.” The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam chief, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, was unhurt. “Rehman also sought the assistance of the Americans to help him play his ‘rightful’ role in the Pakistan government.”

Will be interesting to see if this is spun as first documented case of a cable leading to someone’s death, although the target here is not the kind of low-level informer or operative that is usually the object of such fears.

12:00 Obama admin leaks like a sieve to reporters on Libya but goes after WIkiLeaks for other leaks to reporters.

From late Wednesday

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Just out, via the great Carol Rosenbreg at McClatchy: US under Bush so intent on Gitmo detainees not setting foot, or body, in US that it shopped them around to other countries when they needed emergency medical care (and turned down). It “contradicts something the prison camp’s hospital staff has been telling visitors for years—that the U.S. can dispatch any specialist necessary to make sure the captives in Cuba get first-class treatment.”


Timothy Garton Ash at the Guardian calls for fewer, but better, leaks. Also reveals hat Domscheit-Berg told him yesterday that Open Leaks will not debut until late spring or summer and even then have very modest start. In fact, since Cablegate, despite much ballyhoo almost no major leaks from anywhere have appeared.

Dan Ellsberg at Harvard Law School, a report: “He posited that in fact, most US Government decisions to keep information secret are directed at keeping secrets not from other nations but from Congress, public courts, and citizens—‘the ones who have the votes and vote the budgets, and might possibly prosecute, and the ones whose blame is to be feared.’ ”

Wild piece about what cables show about Qaddafi and ownership of Fiat and Wyndham Hotels.