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UPDATE:  Here’s the Monday edition of this blog.


10:30  The promised “Black Monday” leaks by an Anonymous operation almost here, the main Twitter feed seems to be @OperationLeakS.  Tweets from the past few minutes:  “Soon i will drop a link to where the emails will be shortly” and “Ex-Bank of America Employee can Prove Mortgage Fraud” and “I Got a email from a person claiming he worked at BoA and was demoted then fired after telling a SVP he seen something wrong in the system” and  “Balboa Insurance/Countrywide knowingly hiding foreclosure info from federal auditors during the federal takeovers of IndyMac Federal”  and

10:20  Marcy Wheeler’s take on the PJ Crowley firing over Manning quote includes Obama “comedy” for the Gridiron Dinner, his shout-out to Fire Dog Lake AND boingboing, plus Ozzy Osbourne asks Crowley,  “Was it polemically sent / I wanna know what you meant.”

8:35  My pal, Will Bunch of the Philly Daily News and Media Matters  (and author of fine recent books on Reagan and the new right), on Obama’s treatment of Manning.

7:17  I mentioned this earlier and now distrubing video and long summary and commentary is up at Al Jazeera site — interview with Adrian Lamo, hacker who turned in Bradley Manning.  Now wears cap with “Snitch” written on front and more.  See if you think he’d be a credible witness in court, or not.   “Lamo’s conclusion is that whistle blowing should be done in a responsible manner, through legal paperwork. This seems very contradictory for someone who once hacked websites only to get publicity.”

7:05  On Crowley exit, David Frum added: “Crowley firing: one more demonstration of my rule: Republican pols fear their base, Dem pols despise it.”    @DanEllsberg tweets:  “Crowley firing for truth-telling on Manning continues Obama’s war on whistleblowers.”   Arianna Huffignton:  “Fired for telling the truth.  Is this what Obama campaigned on?”

7:00 More on the Crowley resignation (see below) from Think Progress here.  Glenn Greenwald here.  Given Obama’s defense of the military’s handling of Manning at press conference, and alleged pressure to force out Crowley, he now “owns” this issue, it is claimed.

6:45  I was out this afternoon so a bit behind on this but, in a shocker, State Dept flack PJ Crowley has resigned following his critical remark about military’s ill treatment of Bradley Manning.  Politico notes that Crowley did not exactly apologize or back down.  “My recent comments regarding the conditions of the pre-trial detention of Private First Class Bradley Manning were intended to highlight the broader, even strategic impact of discreet actions undertaken by national security agencies every day and their impact on our global standing and leadership. The exercise of power in today’s challenging times and relentless media environment must be prudent and consistent with our laws and values.”

6:40 Yes, print edition of my new updated book The Age of WikiLeaks on sale today only for $9.95. Also very much available in e-book and electronic editions (for phones, iPad, etc.) Hailed by Dan Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, others…

6:30  Dennis Kucinich on how the Pentagon refuses to allow him to visit Bradley Manning.

11:30  A claim from Buffalo News columnist, fo rthe annual “Sunshine Week,”  that WikiLeaks hurts open government.  Good graphic of Assange, though.

11:10 The weekly WL Central podcast here.

11:05  I mentioned this briefly yesterday but it will be interesting to see what emerges in weeks ahead:  In that WikILeaks panel in Prague that I joined this weekend the biggest flash point came when Birgitta Jonsdottir, the Iceland MP and former WikiLeaks volunteer, suggested that some of the money donated to WikiLeaks might be going  for Assange’s defense–part of the charge by some that he for all intents and purposes now IS WikiLeaks.  Vaughan Smith, the Frontline chief who has taken Assange in at his home while out on bail, called this nonsense and demanded proof.   She said she simply wanted some public accounting of donated money.  He remained  adamant that the charge was absurd.  Surely, however, some would-be donors to WikiLeaks must worry about this and clarity would probably help their funding cause.

11:00  My interview on KPFK’s “Digital Village” show now posted online.

10:30  Can’t verify this, but one of my correspondents says she just heard Adrian Lamos, who turned in Bradley Manning last May, interviewed on Al Jazeera.  Her report:  “He indicated he ‘ad to act for the good of many’ and that he regrets that Manning ‘didn’t come to [him] earlier’, before Manning was influenced by Julian Assange (that last is a paraphrase).  Lamos said Manning ‘did a brave but stupid thing [and] dishonored the oath he took.’  When asked what he got for turning in Manning, he answered ‘two cups of coffee and a pat on the back’ and then indicated people don’t know how difficult it was for him (Lamos) to do what he did.”

9:55  Latest on crisis in Indonesia set off by cables published in Australia.


6:10  Forbes blogger says the judge decided the case of the “Twitter 3” yesterday correctly under the law — but the law is bad and should be changed.

4:30  Fund drive to erect a pro-WikiLeaks billboard in Los Angeles, sort like Kickstarter campaign.

2:40  Barry Sussman at Nieman Watchdog with MORE questions for Obama, after yesterday’s press conference, on Bradley Manning.  Including:  “What’s the history of nakedness as a safety measure at Quantico? How many other prisoners have been or are now kept that way and what did they do to earn such Abu Ghraib handling?”

1:10   NYT editorial today on secret probes vs. journalists ignored WikiLeaks.

1:00 Full report on upcoming March 20 support for Bradley Manning day.

11:35 Crisis in Indonesia continues over new cables. Denials, possible coverup underway.

11:30 Tweet from WL Central: “The Canberra investigations of Julian Assange: Consequent inquisitions upon Julia Gillard .”

11:15 Okay, after the panel in Prague, which I joined via Skype, I am back. I hope the panel was taped and will air online as it was terrific ninety-minute exchange, featuring Birgitta Jonsdottir (left) and Vaughan Smith (they got into it a bit over Assange possibly leading WikiLeaks astray and so on) and myself, and moderator from the BBC. Many good questions from the audience.

Just yesterday Birgitta was one of the Twitter 3 who suffered setback in federal judge’s ruling in US (see below). Also now word of a documentary about her being filmed by co-director of the fine recent film on Dan Ellsberg.

3:10 Wash Post covers PJ. .Crowley hitting military on Manning treatment, and Obama response (backing Pentagon).

3:00 Yes, I am now awake for 4 am panel in Prague (via Skype).

From late Friday

10:50 Anonymous member is claiming big BOA leak coming, from them (via former employee) on Monday, they post a teaser, but who know what his amounts to.

8:40 Good Wired review of decision in Twitter 3 case—with EFF promising the appeal, and much more.

7:30 ACLU hits ruling today on the Twitter 3. “This ruling gives the government the ability to secretly amass private information related to individuals’ Internet communications. Except in extraordinary circumstances, the government should not be able to obtain this information in secret. That’s not how our system works,” said Aden Fine, staff attorney with the ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project. “If this ruling stands, our client may be prevented from challenging the government’s requests to other companies because she might never know if and how many other companies have been ordered to turn over information about her.”

6:00 New piece by Dan Ellsberg in the Guardian: “The Shameful Abuse of Bradley Manning.” On Obama today saying the Pentagon had assurded they were treating Manning okay: “If Obama believes that, he’ll believe anything. I would hope he would know better than to ask the perpetrators whether they’ve been behaving appropriately. I can just hear President Nixon saying to a press conference the same thing: ‘I was assured by the the White House Plumbers that their burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s doctor in Los Angeles was appropriate and met basic standards.’”

5:20 Here’s pdf of full magistrate’s decision against the “Twitter 3” today.

4:30 Wash Post: Federal magistrate in Alexandria, Va. (site of the federal grand jury probing Assange), rules against the “Twitter 3” linked to Wikileaks who are attempting to keep info from Twitter going to DOJ. She also said some material on case that had been unsealed could be released.

More details here. “Buchanan also dismissed the argument that the order violated the Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, which protects people against ‘unreasonable’ searches. The Twitter users ‘voluntarily conveyed their IP addresses to the Twitter website, thus exposing the information to a third party administrator, and thereby relinquishing any reasonable expectation of privacy,’ she said.”