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UPDATE:   Here’s the historic Day 100 edition of this blog.

*  SUNDAY  *

11:15  Kicking off the celebration of 100 days without a break for this blog: My look back at the day Cablegate was born.

9:25  Visit at your own risk: Yes, there’s a Hackers Lane in L.A.  See pic.

7:50  The Telegraph with new cables, from couple years back, warning that eastern Libya with strong extremist, jihadi element vs. Gaddafi. Really not known how strong role playing today.

7:00 Aussie attorney:  Threat of Assange extradition from Sweden to USA "real," despite image of groovy Swedes.

6:55  Useful review of the whole HBGary, BOA, WikiLeaks scandal.  And "other tales from the dark side."

5:50  Sen. John Kerry defends treatment of Manning, although he’s glad it’s getting more study.

5:45 Profile in Sydney Morning Herald of the Icelandic journalist who might take over (they say) WikiLeaks if Assange no longer able.  "At first blush, Hrafnsson, a softly-spoken, thin 48-year-old divorced father of two, appears the polar opposite of the publicity machine that is Assange.  ”I’m rather old-school, you know; even though I’m in a broadcast journalism environment, I’ve never seen the journalist as, well, I think he should always strive to be in the background, not be the story.’  But when his conversation turns to the role of WikiLeaks and the impact it has had upon the press and governments around the world, he shows as much vision as the website’s Australian founder."

3:20   I will be marking the 100th day of this blog tomorrow, with a piece revisiting Day No. 1 (when the first cables were released), and more, and The Nation has a slide show planned.  Of course, you can catch up on the first 60 days, and everything else WikiLeaks going back to last March, in my The Age of WikiLeaks book.   Get it here  in e-book form, and in print here. 

2:10 I will be talking WikiLeaks at a conference in Prague next weekend. Would love to hear from any Czech mates or anyone with advice on visiting city for first time. My e-mail address above.

10:50  Interesting comparison:  Bradley Manning gets one hour outside his cell every day, allegedly.  A death row prisoner in the U.S., who has written an op-ed in NYT today, says he gets two hours outside.  And he admits he killed his wife and three kids.

10:40  Just announced: Assange to speak at the Cambridge Union on March 15, his first public speech in four months.

8:10 Great background piece on the Bush administration’s use of forced nudity to punish or get prisoners to talk. "In 2004, the CIA told President George W. Bush’s lawyers how useful forced nudity was for instilling ‘learned helplessness’  in prisoners, though the repeated emphasis on nudity took on a lewd and sadistic quality." 

7:50  A reader points out that in the Wash Post  story on Manning that I mentioned last night (at 7:40)  there’s mention of progress in Juan Mendez’s UN investigation which I don’t think I’ve seen elsewhere: "The conditions of Manning’s confinement have become controversial, with the United Nations special rapporteur on torture saying he submitted a formal inquiry to the State Department about Manning’s treatment. The State Department confirmed Saturday that U.S. officials ‘have met with the special rapporteur and are preparing a formal response.’"

 7:30 Good piece in SF Chronicle on cables causing “uproar” in Europe but little noted here—on how US “pressured” allies in Europe to drop criminal prosecutions of Americans, sometimes in torture cases.


10:40 Great blogger Digby on use of nudity to break prisoners, e.g. Manning? “However, he isn’t being waterboarded, so there is resistance to the idea that this is torture. But it is.”

8:00 Handy rundown at Wash Post on the stars who took big Gaddafi money with specifics, from 50 Cent to Mariah (Cash And) Carey.

7:40 Wash Post just posted new piece on Manning confinement:  Not technically in “solitary” but no one around him now.

5:35 Wild, unconfirmed rumors that Pentagon chief Gates “racing” to Egypt in wake of “Bastille Day” storming of secret police/torture archives buildings. Also: sex tapes allegedly discovered featuring princess!

5:00 With rebellions spreading, here’s Arcade Fire’s “Intervention” set to Eisenstein’s Potemkin.

4:30 Amazing events in Egypt today, as summarized by tweets  @WikiLeaks:  “Extraordinary times as Egyptians storm Secret Services archives. Go Egypt!… If you thought Wikileaks was important wait untill the Egyptians start uploading what they found tonight… For those asking did US know of #AmnDawla torture – they knew and rendered terrorism suspects to Egypt to be tortured.” Video here. UPDATE from @WikiLeaks “Egyptians create beautiful Amn Dawla leaks logo… “arts of Khaled Said’s #AmnDawla file have been located.”

2:20 Leaked cables likely to have strong impact on next year’s elections in—Kenya.

1:50 @ WLLegal “Man corrects horrible spelling; amends suit vs Wikileaks ‘so as not to appear the village idiot!’ he says in the filing .”

12:45 Responding to Pentagon defense of stripping his client, Bradley Manning attorney with new post on “the truth.” Somehow the “waistband of his underwear” is at the center of it but actually purely “punitive” and “shameful” for sure. “Without consulting any Brig mental health provider, Chief Warrant Officer Denise Barnes used PFC’s Manning’s sarcastic quip as justification to increase the restrictions imposed upon him under the guise of being concerned that PFC Manning was a suicide risk.”

12:00 Manning friend David House tweets: @popularch: “Protest at Quantico on March 20 to show strength for Manning. Internet: mobilize.”

11:50 Longtime critic of Assange and Manning nevertheless appalled by prison treatment of the latter.

11:20 Marcy Wheeler at FDL with new and useful chronology of key dates and events in history of Bradley Manning case, going back to original leak or leaks.

11:10 To gain support from Australia officials, Assange attorney Jennifer Robinson submits a lengthy and “heavy” document of the “case against Sweden.”

8:50 New piece by Glenn Greenwald on what we reported last night: (see below)—military reveals that its recent policy of stripping Bradley Manning naked for hours at a time is now ongoing policy, indefinitely. “The treatment of Manning is now so repulsive that it even lies beyond what at least some of the most devoted Obama admirers are willing to defend.”

12:00 My piece, a useful backgrounder: “Bradley Manning and the Tomb of the Well-Known Soldier.”


NYT: Military says it is now ongoing policy to make Bradley Manning be stripped naked every night and also to stand naked at attention in the morning, citing this as a precautionary measure and to last “indefinitely.” Will not explain why, saying this would violate Manning’s privacy.

On Bill Maher’s HBO show, Tracey Ullman defended Julian Assange against charges of anti-Semitism raised by the Private Eye story. Didn’t know her daughter ran for Parliament last year and lost by nineteen vote after two recounts?

Foreign Policy’s review of the Week in WikiLeaks.

Rep. Kucinich asks re: Manning— Is this Quantico or Abu Ghraib?”

I had this yesterday, but getting more attention today: former UK spy boss credits WikiLeaks with helping to spark revolts in Egypt and elsewhere, in off-the-record speech captured clandestinely.

Editorial in The Guardian:: “Bradley Manning and the stench of US hypocrisy”

Glenn Greenwald rips Pentagon spokesman Morrell for misleading comments on Manning, also knocks NBC reporters Todd and Guthrie for not challenging him at all yesterday. Potemkin Village, revisited. And that’s even before latest update (see below).