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9:50  Michael Busch tweets:  "Fascinating new cable from #Kenya published by #WIkiLeaks: Lies, Lovers, and Mercenaries in Kenya’s Politics. "

8:25   Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan officials, says if "legal attempt" to nail Assange fails "he will simply be assassinated by CIA team."

6:25   My colleague Kevin Gosztola informs me: " Around 6 pm via Twitter:   ‘@AnonNewsNet: #OpWisconsin has DDoS’d Americans For Prosperity’s website ‘   Just as WI state was about to move in and remove protesters from capitol building. Just as state cut off wifi in the building too."

6:05  Ad Age, the premier advertising industry mag in USA, names WikiLeaks to its "Digital A-List" but feels need to defend the choice:  "But forget Mr. Assange, the man, for a moment. One thing about WikiLeaks, the organization, is certain: In the past year, it’s altered not only the media landscape, but the digital landscape, and the Digital A-List is about change agents who rewrite the rules — or write their own rules from scratch — for better or for worse."

4:50  Just hours before the Oscars, and Assange STILL has not leaked the winners.  But at least we did get NikkiLeaks for the script.

2:40  Michael Busch:  WikiLeaks and Cat’s Cradle in Colombia.

11:25  The China sin drone:  Cables show China resisting any limits on defense capabilities and U.S. demand that it be more "transparent" about its nuclear arsenal.

10:35  I don’t know enough to judge if this hyped a bit but consider this important story:  "Get ready for a new period of controversy over U.S. diplomatic cables being unleashed by WikiLeaks. According to this continental roundup by Rogelio Núnez of Spain’s Infolatam, in Peru, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Guatemala, newly disclosed cables are impacting presidential elections, angering heads of state, and sparking local political squabbles that are likely to have significant consequences."


10:25 Updated story on Gaddafi’s "voluptuous nurse" (as named in cables) returning to the Ukraine, with photo this time.

9:40  From Australia radio: Assange, philosophy, conspiracy.

9:30  Media flunks WikiLeaks 101:  What, something happened in Honduras?   


10:55 The mainstream media is giving the anti-WikiLeaks treatment to the “leak” to Rolling Stone’s Michael Hastings.

5:00 Column from the Guardian: “My WikiLeaked interview with Bush’s Cuban envoy: Bush era officials couldn’t get my name right, let alone report my advice accurately. No wonder their policy on Cuba was a muddle.”

3:15 New video up at CNET on reporters roundtable taking Journalism in the Age of WikiLeaks.

9:45 Remember Qaddafi’s “voluptuous nurse” featured in the first WikiLeaks cables released nearly three months ago? Now comes word that she is sickened by the current crisis and is returning home to Kiev.

9:40 One of those classic wacky Taiwan animation videos tackle the WikiLeaks revelation of Japanese spy agency.

9:35 Example of small local vigil for Bradley Manning.


NYT wrap-up on Bush running scared in Denver.

The Nation links to my radio chat yesterday re: WikiLeaks.

AP with update on Bush canceling Denver talk because of Assange “presence.” Has quotes from organizers and also fact that Bush cancelled another Denver event. I am wondering if he was getting paid a nice sum for his appearance and with that off the table he blew off Denver entirely. AP seems a bit clueless about how obvious it is that Assange was never expected to appear there in person, only by satellite, due to conditions of his bail. Plus: A Colorado blog has some fun with it.

NikkiLeaks: Hollywood news/gossip queen Nikki Finke got leaked a copy of the script for Oscars and presents highlights (suggesting it’s another “snorefest” and James Franco just can’t sing). None of the winners, however. At least she had no need to redact names for their safety. Or maybe she should have.

Here’s full statement by Geo. W. Bush flack on refusal to appear sort of with Assange (see below). Who has done more harm to USA? Wikileaks on twitter seems to suggest Bush applied pressure to the YPO conference to get them to cancel Assange talk which they refused (“organizers courageously refused to remove Assange as speaker”).. True? In any case, the twitter feed for group is @YPOpublic and they note that Assange spoke this morning via satellite.