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9:05  Raffi Khatchadourian tweets:  A very sad and moving #WikiLeaks cable on crushing poverty in #Armenia titled, ‘A prostitute’s story.’ ."

7:55  Not much new on Wikileaks, so go to the Guardian’s live-blog on Libya.  Didn’t know Mummar’s son went to London School of Economics. 

7:45  @WikiLeaks tweets: "US Ambassador to UK on Assange. Listen very closely ."

7:20   Interesting that since it appeared as an e-book sales of my "The Age of WikiLeaks" in that form has outsold the print edition 2-1.   You can get to both here.

5:40  Remember Gaddafi’s buxom nurse?  More from former Ambassador Carne Ross:  "As #Libya revolts, am reminded of trivial reporting by many of #Gadhafi‘s foibles from #wikileaks cables;  btw the Libya cables are remarkable."

5:10  Hail, Colombia:  Colombian paper gets 16,000 WIkiLeaks cables.

5:00 Great piece in Norway paper Aftenposten — interview with U.S. ambassador hitting paper for publishing WikiLeaks docs.  See English translation (a little rough) here.   He hits them for running "stolen" documents and for not being transparent about how they got them.  Says,.like the paper, U.S. wants to protect secrets. 

4:05   The Guardian with scoop, and as Glenn Greenwald puts it: "The ‘diplomat’ whose release the US is demanding after he killed 2 Pakistanis is, in fact, a CIA agent: what a shock."

2:45  Former ambassador Carne Ross tweets: " Suspect McCain & Lieberman now regret calling themselves LIbya’s "good friends" to Qadhafi,  cable: ."   Also in that cable the two senators expressing "the strongest spirit of friendship and respect."

2:30  New target for Anonymous hacking? The truly offensive and nutty Westboro Baptist Church.  Read full report here.

10:45 Interview with Alan Dershowitz in new Der Spiegel. According to @Holger_stark, “The trial against #Assange is “‘the Pentagon-papers-case of the 21st century’, Dershowitz says.” Also: “Assange is the modern version of a journalist.” Here’s link to article in German.

9:50 Our friend Raffi Khatchadourian, who is featured in my book, tweets: “RegularOldLeaks (a k a @nytimes, launched in 1851) has great story on guy who scammed US intel community, and cover-up.”

9:35 @WikiLeaks tweets: “Ex-FBI agent held in Iran, may have left clue on prison wall”

9:10 New cable unveils Japanese spy agency. “For the first time since World War II, Japan is establishing a secret foreign intelligence service to spy on China and North Korea and gather information to prevent terrorist attacks. The spy unit has been created under the wing of Japan’s peak intelligence agency, the Cabinet Intelligence and Research Office, or Naicho. It is modelled on Western intelligence services such as the CIA, the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and Britain’s MI6.”


11:15 Norwegian paper Aftenposten with report on new cable on US and Red Cross and Nato concealing truth about Bala Baluk massacre.

11:05 Guardian reviews two Wiki books. Reminder: mine is here.

11:00 NPR report on what cables show about US attitude toward Bunga Bunga Berlusconi.

6:25 Reporter for liberal Israeli daily Haaretz tours the Guardian’s WikiLeaks “bunker” in London but finds getting to Assange more diificult.

5:20 “This Week in WikiLeaks” podcast tonight here.

1:45 Assange-bashing NYT again cites WikiLeaks cable near top of major story on Bahrain. “In cables made public by WikiLeaks, the Bush and Obama administrations repeatedly characterized Bahrain as more open and reform-minded than its neighbors, and pushed back when human rights groups criticized the government.”

12:20 Slow WikiLeaks today, so an apt time for one of my fave videos ever: Springsteen, Morello, “Ghost of Tom Joad.” Wherever people are struggling to be free/ look in their face, Ma, and you’ll see me.

9:55 Review for FT of 3 WikiLeaks books. But my book and e-book, on discount, here.

9:40 Bob “Not Al” Franken, the former longtime CNN correspondent, with a column noting hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton declaring Internet freedom while roasting Wikileaks.

9:30 My Nation colleague Kevin Gosztoila with a good roundup of cable allegations about Bahrain torture, and Human Rights Watch.

Late Friday

We’ve covered Rep. Peter King’s new bill to attack WikiLeaks, leakers and publications that print classified info, and now there’s a Senate spinoff.

A pro-whistleblower, anti-Wikiblower legal review.

Finally! A WikiLeaks / football (soccer, to you) link! Sports Illustrated writer says he wants to run for president of FIFA, and finds maybe he is not joking. Among the weapons in his “Arsenal” (so to speak): “I would love to do a WikiLeaks on FIFA,” Wahl said. “If I’m president I’ll release all of the internal documents to the public, I’ll start an internal investigation to see if this organization really is corrupt. I think the international Olympic committee went through something like this and they have a much cleaner reputation now.”

WikiLeaks just released hundreds of new Bahrainian cables. From one of new cables on Bahrain: Head of Bahrain intelligence agency “valued contact” of US embassy.

Important piece on librarians and WikiLeaks. No, really, don’t miss it.

Special one-day sale on my Age of Wikileaks book, just $10.95 in print and $4.99 e-book.

In spirit of what I’ve been doing for awhile, Ryan Gallagher puts together long list of WikiLeaks revelations and how they’ve been covered.

As Libya revolt grows, a collection of WikiLeaks cables on LIbya, well beyond the infamous “nurse.”