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UPDATE   Monday’s edition here.


9:00 InfoWorld:  2011 as the year “hacking” goes mainstream.  Hack or be hacked.

8:40  @WikiLeaks tweets:  “Almost all the important arguments for and against WikiLeaks are in the comments to this blog post at FAS .”

8:35 As noted earlier, in answer to many requests, you can now order my new and updated The Age of WikiLeaks book not only in print but for Kindle, iPad, Blackberry, Android, web viewing, for only $4.99. And print version still here.    Hailed by Dan Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald and others.

8:30  Four Corners program says White House trying to “break” Bradley Manning to implicate Assange.  David House on Manning and “torture.”  Also covers alleged “internal” debate at WikiLeaks over publishing the cables, as it might hurt Manning’s legal chances.   Not sure if any of this is new.

8:20  Assange’s mum says U.S. has a “fatwa” out against her son — and he has all kinds of “ticks” on his back, whatever that means.

7:00 London’s The Independent looks at Guardian and Assange — and is critical of both.

4:15  BBC covers Guardian‘s Luke Harding’s return to Moscow (we had reported below).

2:45  Radio/podcast interview with me just posted, via David Alpern, who ran Newsweek On Line for many years (I’ve done interviews related to my books with him for almost 20 years).  He now captains “For Your Ears Only,” and you can check out the entire show here, with my segment (starting with Huff Post, closes with WikiLeaks) starting at 27:55.

1:45 New tweet from Luke Harding of The Guardian, who got the boot from Russia last week (maybe partly WikiLeaks related):   lukeharding1968  “Yes, I’m back in Moscow.

12:00 If you missed, excerpt from my book on 32 major revelations from Cablegate (and counting).

10:15  I missed this when first broke but here it is now: Anonymou claims it is in possession of Stuxnet worm.

9:45  Radio interview with me re: WikiLeaks clickable here.

9:10  The Australian covers the below and more re: Domscheit-Berg claims.

9:00 Extensive new Assange interview here, out of Australia. Viewer cites a few highlights  for me here:  “(21.25) compares his  travel restrictions and potential  prosecution threats similar to Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush  –  (28.00 ) Hits back at NYT    (35.00)  “Der Spegiel never crossed us”     (39.00) Keller selling Wikileaks down the river to save NYT from the Espionage act.   (40.30) ” In USA a very worrying ( potential ) attempt now, a new precedent, in the national security sector: any journalist that corresponds with a source is commiting espionage if at some time a classified communication is made, that is a very dangerous precedent because that is the end of national security investigations…” .current NYT behavior and actions maybe facilitating this…”


9:30  Tech Crunch reviews book and interviews Guardian’s David Leigh, who smashes Assange.

8:55  Two emails from fans in Calif.  One reports seeing in Venice, Ca., bumper sticker with “Jesus Loves WIkileaks.” The other sends this: “On Tuesday, February 15th, the Berkeley City Council will vote on a resolution to call ‘for the immediate end to the cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment of PFC Bradley Manning
during his military confinement.’ ”

7:30  Wow, what a shock, Assange has a ghostwriter.   In a tough legal fight, U.S. and corporations after him, and still sitting on 245,000 cables and others leaks, but, gee, can’t seem to write a book all by himself on tight deadline.

7:25  Daily Mail reviews the Domscheit -Breg book: an “unrequited” love story.  “You are all set to read John Le Carre, but find yourself landed with Danielle Steel.”

7:15  @WLLegal: “In upcoming interview, Assange says the AUS govt is providing the US with info about Australians working w/ WikiLeaks .”

3:40  If you missed my book excerpt: When Stephen Colbert met Julian Assange. 

3:30  Reports on today’s new cables via WL Central.

10:40  We reported yesterday that Anonymous via AnonLeak would be releasing thousands of hacked HBGary emails, and now they have started.   Email #1 even refers to Stuxnet and gov’t agency.  (h/t @exiledsurfer)

9:35  Chief Palestinian peace negotiator steps down due to leaks — but AFP falsely attributes it to WikiLeaks.

9:05  New Assange video interview on “siginficant” impact of cables in Tunisian revolt  and how that proved to be an  “inspiration” for Egyptian people.  Then the  cables on Egypt had big effect on  dwindling “Western support for Mubarak.”

8:50  Good wrap-up on latest cables related to Saleh and current protests in Yemen at WL  Central.


11:10 Good piece in NYT by Lipton and Savage on the fallout from this week’s revelation, thanks to Anonymous hackers:  “A fight between a group of pro-WikiLeaks hackers and a California-based Internet security business has opened a window onto the secretive world of private companies that offer to help corporations investigate and discredit their critics….Since the hacked e-mails appeared on a file-sharing network several days ago, a broad range of bloggers and journalists have been scouring them and discussing highlights on the Internet. The New York Times also obtained a copy of the archive.”   Glenn Greenwald updates his take on this.

11:00  WSJ on cables about key player in Egypt, Defense Minister Tantawi, we’ve seen reference to him before as “Mubarak’s poodle,” but there’s more, on military declining under him, “disdain” felt for him,  more.  ProPublica with more.

9:45 A second company that plotted against WikiLeaks and supporters has apologized — and more on AnonLeaks, fighting back, good summary by my Nation colleague Kevin Gosztola.

9:35 Mark Stephens, Assange’s attorney, tells Channel 4 in London that statements by Swedish PM may wreck the prosecution’s case in extradition hearing.

8:50 New video (below) at YouTube collecting right-wingers, mainly on Fox, calling for “assassination of Julian Assange.” Set to my man Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” no less.

6:55 Remember the early days of Cablegate when the media focused on Afghan corruption that was even worse than feared? And then pretty much turned the page, with a few notable exceptions? Now check out Dexter Filkins’ piece in new New Yorker, just posted online.