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9:20 Reports on Assange 40th birthday bash still make it sound like a hoax —complete with celebs landing by copter and Brad and Angie invite? Anna Wintour? Oprah? Really?

9:10 As court awaits, Sweden vs. Assange site with more updates, including scenario for US extradition.

9:00 Michael Moore: WikiLeaks is the new “red scare”


2:30 Lengthy analysis and takedown at WL Central of that massive New York magazine Manning profile.

9:50 London Review of Books on Assange-Zizek “beware normalization

9:40 Another funding appeal for Manning billboard.

9:30 Reporters Without Borders condemns Visa+Mastercard fiscal censorship of WikiLeaks

8:50 The Daily News in Egypt reports that Egyptian activists are not happy that the WikiLeaks Mastercard parody used a clip of protests at the Kasr al-Nil bridge in Cairo on January 28.

From late Friday

WikiLeaks purportedly got “five to six figures” in donations during brief window yesterday when Visa was processing them.

@WikiLeaks: “Visa & MasterCard reactivate their illegal blockade of WikiLeaks”

Our pal, Exiled Surfer (a k a Michael Parenti) comments on today’s confusing WikiLeaks donation news with his own “WikiCard.” Priceless.


Those wild, dedicated and super-creative folks at have really topped themselves this time (at least in my view), with their latest “re-mix”Saving Private Manning, starring Dan Ellsberg, with Michael Moore and others (see posted, left), and allegedly inspired by one of my columns of that title. In fact, on the poster, the movie is said to be “Written By” yours truly. They explain: “Fascinated by the growing network of Manning supporters and artist Merlin Street crafted this remix…. As a work of art it draws inspiration from the original ‘Saving Private Ryan’ movie directed by Steven Spielberg as well as the Greg Mitchell’s article from April 2011 ‘Dan Ellsberg and “Saving Private Manning“.’ While prominently incorporating and featuring Daniel Ellsberg, Medea Benjamin, Bradley Manning and Michael Moore most members of the Bradley Manning Support Network are noted as key contributors fighting to support, protect and ‘save’ Bradley Manning.”

Police in Budapest question editor of Hungary’s version of WikiLeaks.