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8:00 Folks, slow weekend, but at least I can announce a two-day sale on my Age of WikiLeaks & Bradley Manning e-books—just 99 cents each!

7:00  @WikiLeaks tweets:  US gays adopt Bradley Manning as hero. Huge banner at San Francisco Pride parade today. Turning Point?

4:40  Fake WikiLeaks twitter account, from Argentina, has been falsely tweeting death of Hugo Cháavez, setting of a buzz.


11:20 More docs re Cuba, released to McClatchy. Cuban cardinal wanted to close down critical magazine.

11:00  After fifty days of attacks, Lulzsec allegedly calls it quits, issues releases, etc. We’ll see.

8:00 Japanese friends, here’s publisher site for Iwanami for new edition of my Age of WikiLeaks. Also at Amazon. They also translated and published my book Hiroshima in America.

9:55 Democracy Now! turns up in a WikiLeaks cable.

9:40 More from Andrew Marshall, ex-Reuters guy, on why he just published his massive Thai Secrets piece.

Late Friday

Video of Nation writers on Democracy Now! today talking about Haiti’s fraudulent election and WikiLeaks.

News of shake-up in Assange legal team finally reaches Wall St Journal. Former lawyers still have no comment, or even confirm former.

If you haven’t caught up with WikiLeaks’s Blackberry app yet.

From my associate Kevin Donohue: the Guardian releases logs of chatroom discussions among hacker LulzSec members, revealing the tensions and personalities inside the group. The Guardian notes that “they turn out to be obsessed with their coverage in the media, especially in physical newspapers, sharing pictures of coverage they have received in the Wall Street Journal and other papers.”

Gov. Gary Johnson, running for president, takes strongest pro-WikiLeaks stance of any candidate, I think.

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