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3:25 How  can you resist this @WikiLeaks tweet? Sex, Buddhism and ballroom dancing: WikiLeaks reveals Beijing underbelly

9:10  See T-shirt with image used for cover of Japanese edition, coming later this month, of my Age of WikiLeaks.

8:05  WikiLeaks: Surprisingly few Cubans can name US-backed dissidents.

8:00  Wash Post with piece on what US calls in  WikiLeaks cable “the Nigerian Taliban.”

7:55  See my piece here recalling meeting the late Clarence Clemons in 1972—at Sing Sing.  Plus video about that fateful day (also met some guy named Springstein or Springstine or something).

7:50  My next book, coming in a month of so: Atomic Coverup, on US suppression of “the most important film Never made.”


6:00 Good NYT review of new memoir by my frequent co-author Robert Jay Lifton. 

4:55 For the first time I’ve seen, Oliver Stone weighs in on WikiLeaks. And on Bradley Manning: They haven’t even given him a trial. But this of course is true about the Gitmo people and many other people around the world within our system of detention.

9:40 Major NYT piece on Obama admin’s continuing (escalating?) war on whistleblowers.

9:30 “The Lulz Boat”—the movie trailer. Starring Anonymous, Julian Assange, Sony and the FBI.

8:30 New WikiLeaks maps of over 100,000 killings in Iraq

8:25 New, clearer, full video of our WikiLeaks panel at NCMR (Greenwald, Goodman, Sifry, Bell, me) now posted:

8:20 My new piece: One year ago first questions raised about Manning-Lamo “chat logs,” starring Glenn Greenwald.

From late Friday

Bidding up to about $4800 for lunch with Assange in eBay auction. Three days to go. A lot of lettuce for leeks?

Latest from Dawn Media, which has been covering cables for that area for weeks: Indian torture in Kashmir, claim that US and even Red Cross knew about it.

Constant monitoring of Assange not really necessary? Roy Greenslade at the Guardian. ” Whether or not you like him, whether or not you agree with him, whether or not you support WikiLeaks, whether or not you believe the allegations made against him, the conditions under which he is being forced to live are disproportionately harsh.”

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