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9:55 Don Hazen of Alternet says recent story there on five WikiLeaks stories overlooked was most popular one there in months…

9:40 As I noted in my review (see below), a low point of the CNN doc on WikiLeaks was Gen. Kimmit explicitly blaming Reuters photog for getting killed by trigger-happy US gunners in Iraq. And with no pushback from CNN correspondent Larsen. Tonight Larsen tweeted that he did push back in interviews with the general but it all got edited out. As if he had no say in that.

7:00 “The WikiLeaks Revolution is Here to Stay,” it sez here.

4:25 Josh Gerstein of Politico on “incoherent” US policy on WikiLeaks docs and lawyers of Gitmo detainees.

12:55 My friend and two-time book co-author Robert Jay Lifton in chat re his brand new memoir at FireDogLake salon at 5 pm today ET.

12:30 Scott Horton of Harper’s on the DOJ cave on Thomas Drake NSA whistleblower prosecution.

8:50 Net serve:Major NYT piece on Net freedom.

8:40 My review of tonight’s CNN WikiLeaks special now posted.

8:35 Stir It Up:A summary of the first weeks of Jamaica Leaks.

8:30 Times Square “I Am Bradley Manning” rally.


11:15 Crude reply: Kevin Drum weighs in on Greenwald’s claim about US war in Libya based largely on oil (and Wash Post use of WikiLeaks cables today): “Sorta,” he says.

5:40 The best van since Morrison? We reported on (and pictured) the new “WikiLeaks Truck” that is “collecting information” in its travels—and now will be part of protest in Alexandria outside grand jury meeting place. You can follow all at its Twitter feed here.

9:55 Mystery deepens over sudden cancellation by liberal Lannan Foundation of Santa Fe for talk by (journalist and WikiLeaks backer) John Pilger and premiere of his film on war and the media.

9:00 Amnesty International—Guantánamo’s Children: The Wikileaked Testimonies

8:30 Glenn Greenwald with important new piece on “coincidence” of US attacking Libya when, as WikiLeaks cables show, Qaddafi was moving to keep more resources, and oil, for himself. This stems from major Wash Post piece today based largely on cables. “We’re in Libya to forcibly remove Qaddafi from power and replace him with a regime that we like better, i.e., one that is more accommodating to the interests of the West. That’s not even a debatable proposition at this point. What I suppose is debatable, in the most generous sense of that term, is our motive in doing this.”

8:25 Lawyers for Gitmo detainees finally allowed to read WikiLeaks docs.

8:20 Better odds than I imagined: WIkiLeaks with 20-1 shot to win Nobel prize. Well, at least they are not engaged in five wars right now.

8:15 Laughing matter: A Bradley Manning “comedy benefit.”

From late Friday

Today is first anniversary of Wired publishing lengthy excerpts from the Manning-Lamo “chat logs.” Controversy followed over what was edited out, but they remain key to prosecution’s case, no doubt, and revealing Manning’s state of mind—and political/transparency goals. Here’s one of my recent columns about them and detailed excerpt.

Three alleged “Anonymous” hackers busted in Spain.