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UPDATE: Here’s the Monday edition of this blog.


8:35  First cable leaks re: Jamaica, published today in new WikiLeaks partner paper there, having big potential impact, this report claims.

7:00 My new piece previews major Frontline piece on WikiLeaks, Assange and Manning, this Tuesday.

10:25  Another WikiLeaks bombshell from Pakistan Papers, here covered by Fox News:  Donors in UAE and  Saudi Arabia sending $100 million to Pakistran to fund "militant" schools. "The donations come from Islamic charities and missionary organizations and are made ‘ostensibly with the direct support’  of the Saudi and Emirati governments, said the cable, which was written in November 2008 and was based on Pakistani government and nongovernment sources that were not identified.

10:20  WikiLeaks spokesman responds to critic Domscheit-Berg on the confidentiality contract controversy.

10:00  The Age in Australia says it has obtained 260 pages of secret AUSTEO PM briefs and Situation Reports on WikiLeaks.   

9:50  Yet another paper partners with WikiLeaks and publishing cable:  Jamaican newspaper The Gleaner .

9:00  Part III of my series marking 1st anniv of the "Unmaking of Bradley Manning," w/ extensive excerpts from chat logs.


11:00  Analysis of Pakistan Papers from home news outlet, Dawn Media.  "If there is a theme as such in the 4,000-plus cables read by Dawn, it is the unparalleled access Americans enjoy in Pakistan. Hardly surprising, though it is something else to see it in black and white, over and over again, in cable after cable. The political class is seen perennially knocking on the doors of American officials to share information and vie for support.

"And American officials appear to have open-door access at the highest echelons of political and military power in the country."

9:40  The Guardian:  Twitter and WikiLeaks have made a mockery of the courts.

5:00 Another bombshell from the Pakistan Papers:   cable reveals Prime Minister Bhutto asked U.S. for help in evaluating her security personnel, fearing for her safety  — just two months before she was gunned down and killed — and U.S. merely suggested she work with the forces she felt were out to get her…

10:35  WL Central wrapup of Pakistan Papers revelations.

9:00  More from The Pakistan Papers:  US troops embedded with Pakistan forces on Pakistani soil.  Quickly denied. 

8:55   ACLU: U.S. court may be concealing secret demands for WikiLeaks-related records

12:05   A little slow on the draw, but NYT finally covers the "Pakisan Papers."

From late Friday

8:00  Don’t miss new piece from our pal Raffi Khatchadourian at The New Yorker (who had told he might be doing this).  It talks about the attempts to prosecute Assange by trying to prove he had direct contact with Manning or perhaps even helped direct him in his leaking.  Khatchadourian has some very important things against prosecuting Assange even IF that happened, but me is his point about his involvement via a mention in the infamous chat logs.  Manning tells Lamo that a 10,000 word profile of Assange is about to be published by The New Yorker (written by Raffi) — and there would be no way he would know that unless someone associated with WikiLeaks told him.  Khatchadourian wonders if this will get him legally entangled in the case now. 

We’ve been keeping an eye on the upcoming PBS Frontline show on Manning and Assange –coming next Tuesday — and now they’ve posted an exclusive video (which they’d mentioned) of a very slight Manning at a Boston hackers party  early last year, during his final leave from Iraq and just before he allegedly did his fateful leaking to WikiLeaks.  Excerpt from program below.  See the Wired write-up here.  I’ll be previewing the show on Monday. 

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

10:50  And here’s The Atlantic take on the Pakistan cables.  And a lengthy piece from Reuters.

  Good summary and commentary at Foreign Policy site on the important new Pakistan Papers release today.

Individual stories in the big Pakistan cable dump (see below) now getting attention, such as fears that the Taliban would pay more for soldier recruits than the gov’t, and here – Kayani wanting MORE drone strikes (claim now denied).  And here — Pakistan approving  U.S. troops in its country.  "In a comment written to Washington, former US Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson stated that these deployments are ‘highly politically sensitive’ because of widely-held concerns among the public about Pakistani sovereignty and opposition to allowing foreign military forces to operate in any fashion on Pakistani soil."