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7:10  Why WikilLeaks needed: Congress Votes to Keep Files on Argentina Regime Secret. 

5:00  Gitmo expert Andy Worthington with new series: "The Unknown Prisoners (Part I of 5)." 

11:15  Of course, there is WikiLeaks angle and revelation in cable, in NYT‘s big scoop on Blackwater "army." You’ll find it in middle of story. “He sees the logic of war dominating the region, and this thinking explains his near-obsessive efforts to build up his armed forces,” said a November 2009 cable from the American Embassy in Abu Dhabi.  Paging Jeremy Scahill!

9:55  Not a WikiLeaks book but happy about it all the same: My book "Why Obama Won,"  on the wild campaign of  2008 — and lessons for today —  finally re-published as an e-book today, check it out.  Of course, you can still find it in print, as well. 

9:05 Correction:  I earlier reported that blogger atTelegraph ("London paper that partnered with WikiLeaks after its break with The Guardian") now slams Assange over "confidentiality" contract. Actually the Telegraph in question is Australian news site.


11:20  ACLU with new video on its lawsuit against U.S. over seizure of David House’s laptop.

7:45 Wikileaks: U.S. Knew About Plans to Bring Former Peruvian Dictator to Power 

8:05  "Collateral Sounds" musical "soundtrack" to "the WikiLeaks phenomenon" by Collin Ruffino (and band NiveHive)  — listen here plus interview with him. 

7:30  Interview with Assange attorney Mark Stephens on "defending WikiLeaks." 

12:10  This news from cables causing big ruckus in Canada today, concerning it’s maneuverings on helping us in Afghanistan.   Abd our friend Michael Busch weighs in with: Stephen Harper, In Theory and Practice.

12:00 New podcast / online interview with me re: Manning should be posted here now.

From Late Friday

Highlights from David House’s Q & A at FireDogLake today on why’s he’s suing gov’t over that laptop seizure.

At Gitmo expert Andy Worthington’s blog: "Guantánamo, Torture and Intelligence in the Wake of the Latest WikiLeaks Revelations."  

Now David House (see below) has posted a page with background on his case, documents, latest from ACLU, other links.

  Just got email press release from ACLU on lawsuit they launched today on behalf of Bradley Manning’s friend David House (see below).  Here’s much of it:   "Targeting people for searches and seizures based on their lawful associations is unconstitutional," said Carol Rose, executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts. "The government does not have the authority to demand information about whom you spend time with or what you talk about. We need safeguards to ensure that targeting of people based on their political associations does not continue."

The ACLU lawsuit charges that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) singled out House at the border solely on the basis of his association with the Bradley Manning Support Network, an organization created to raise funds and support for the legal defense of Pfc. Bradley Manning, a soldier charged with leaking a video and documents relating to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the WikiLeaks website. In so doing, the government violated House’s First Amendment right to freedom of association and Fourth Amendment right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure of his personal papers and effects. The ACLU lawsuit seeks return or destruction of any of House’s personal data still in the custody of the government and disclosure of whether and to whom the data has been disseminated.

In November 2010, DHS agents stopped House at O’Hare International Airport as he returned from a vacation in Mexico and questioned him about his political activities and beliefs. DHS officials then confiscated his laptop computer, camera and a USB drive and did not return them to House for nearly seven weeks – after the ACLU sent a letter demanding their return. House’s detention and interrogation by DHS officials and the seizure of his electronic papers and personal effects had no apparent connection with the protection of U.S. borders or the enforcement of customs laws. Seven months later, House has not received an explanation of why his property was confiscated or what the government has done with the information downloaded from the devices.

"I feel like the American government has made me the target of intrusive and intimidating tactics simply because I joined a lawful group in order to stand up for what I believe is right," said House. "The search and seizure of my laptop has had a chilling effect on the activities of the Bradley Manning Support Network, by silencing once-outspoken supporters and causing donors to retreat. Our government should not be treating lawful activists like suspects."

  Amnesty Int’l in annual report cites WikiLeaks, and newspapers that carried early reports on cables, as "catalysts" for Arab "spring."

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David House, friend and visitor of Bradley Manning, hinted yesterday that big news was coming from him and sure enough he has now launched a lawsuit against the federal government for the seizure of one of his laptops (other WikiLeaks-related activists have suffered a similar fate).  AP: "In a suit to be filed Friday by the American Civil Liberties Union, House says they kept the items for seven weeks, copying personal information and files related to the support network.  House is claiming violations of his free speech rights and his Constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure."