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11:15  We noted just below that the NYT “monopoly” in the U.S. on access to the WikiLeaks cable trove seems to have been broken in recent days by McClatchy and Wash Post.  Just now Wash Post out with big report on cables showing U.S. State Dept funding Syrian “political opposition groups and related projects, including a satellite TV channel that beams anti-government programming into the country…The U.S. money for Syrian opposition figures began flowing under President George W. Bush after he effectively froze political ties with Damascus in 2005. The financial backing has continued under President Obama, even as his administration sought to rebuild relations with Assad.”

8:30  We’ve long lamented the seeming NYT “monopoly” in the U.S. on the full trove of WikiLeaks cables — considering that the paper quit reporting on them (and showed many of the key ones to U.S. officials before using).   Now it seems McClatchy (and the Wash Post, too) is getting them on a regular basis and reporting on them.  Latest comes from ace reporter Warren Strobel (one of the the McClatchy, then Knight Ridder team that got the runup to the Iraq war right) on cables on Iran and what they show about U.S. thirst for info and more.

11:00 Noted: Bradley Manning’s friend David House has tweeted that he has not visited the brig at Quantico since early March and suggests he is being denied entry.

9:35  Lebanon president questions Wikileaks’ cables “credibility.”

9:00  More from Haaretz:   Herzog also “vilified” Sharon and Peres.

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11:00  Haaretz with latest cable from “Israel File,” this one revealing bad behavior by Lieberman.

9:50  Cables reveal problems and discord among Chavez opponents in Venezuela.

7:05  At WL Central:  This Week in WikIleaks  Podcast – Edward Fox with on Colombia Cables .

6:00 @WikiLeaks on man exposed by cables:   “Sued for torture: the White House’s Egyptian favorite, Omar Suleiman .”

10:00  Getting lot of attention: former Lebanon leader said in cables he wanted new Syria regime.

9:45  I did radio/podcast late last night, here.

From late Friday

Wash Post finally gets around to reviewing Domscheit-Berg book on Assange, and likes it.

@WLLegal: 6th man arrested—a 22-year-old from Cleveland—in Fed’s probe of pro-#WikiLeaks Anonymous DDoS attacks .”

State Dept. spokesman (successor to fired P.J. Crowley) grilled about UN rep being denied unmonitored visit with Manning. Passes buck to Pentagon. Video. “We have nothing to hide.” Claims being “forthright,” but reporter grills him heavily. “Only person who was forthright forced to resign.”

Al Jazeera: After Wikileaks revelations, is Nigeria ripe for its own revolution? “Despite attempts by Nigerian leaders and state-run media to discredit WikiLeaks, the cables have been a powerful reminder for residents and the international community on the extent of corruption in the country and how deep its problems go. But as voters head to the polls for presidential and regional elections, how many will be influenced by the material published over the last few months, and could such revelations bring about real change?”

Don’t miss important interview with Evan Knappenberger, a former military intel specialist, who contacted me earlier this week to say he’d been flown to West Coast to be interviewed for Part II of Frontline’s look at his former colleague Bradley Manning. He’s also a member of Iraq Veterans for Peace.