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7:50  Love this story and headline:  "Paranoia  Meter: HBGary’s Plot to Find the Pentagon’s Next WikiLeaker."   And so:  "Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that HBGary won’t create a rootkit to record your keystrokes, read your email, and track where you move your mouse."

6:40  Excerpt from new book in Australia on Assange by Andrew Fowler, focusing on his early approaches to Ellsberg:  “I didn’t get anything back and then I just put it out of my mind; I just didn’t think it would come to much,” he said. “I get a lot of nutty things, you know, in the mail, one way or another.”

6:30  NYT covers Chinese artist/activist Ai Weiwei now detained. 

6:20 And now a word from our sponsor: My new book, Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences, just published as e-book here and print here. Remember, e-book nowadays also means phones, iPad, PC reading, etc. Plus, first excerpt from the book (“From Oklahoma to Baghdad to Prison”) right here.

6:00  Jack Balkin posted his must-read Hugo Black Lecture at his blog, see lengthy take on WikiLeaks and more.

1:05  We noted this interview yesterday but now transcript posted:  WLCentral: This Week in #WikiLeaks – Ethan McCord on Anniv. of Release of ‘Collateral Murder’ 

12:20  PJ Crowley the ex-State Dept flack who exited after protesting prison conditions for Manning, returns with tweet that repeats his long claim that Manning, in any case, should be harshly treated–by the law. "The #Manning prosecution, done right (his pre-trial treatment included), and improved data security are the proper responses to #Wikileaks."

9:55  WikiLeaks fans still raising money for Chicago billboard, nearly made it.

8:10  Iceland seeks to become sanctuary for free speech.

8:05  Don’t forget Wikileaks panel coming up this Friday morning at National Media Reform conf in Boston, with yours truly, Glenn Greenwald, Micah Sifry, Emily Bell, Amy Goodman.

8:00  From @AsherWolf tweets articles:  Fess up – or face a future of leaks. Heather Brooke. British Journalism Review March 16, 2011   … An Emperor Without Clothes: Wikileaks and the Limits of American Power…. Welcome to the Age of Antidiplomacy – IEEE…. Leak and be damned. Nicholas Jones. British Journalism Review March 16, 2011….  Leaks and threats to patient data…. 


8:15  We mentioned earlier great showdown debate in Norway between two leading Assange critics at The Guardian, Nick Davies and David Leigh, and cheif WikiLeaks spokesman (and prominent journo) Kristinn Hrafnsson.  Now it’s here in video.  "I’m ashamed of you."  "No, I’m ashamed of YOU."

11:50  WL Central’s  This Week in WikilLeaks Podcast — Iraq War Vet Ethan McCord on Anniversary of Release of ‘Collateral Murder.’   He carried two injured  children from scene of the air strike, and featured in my "Age of WikiLeaks" book. . 

8:25 David House, Bradley Manning’s friend who has visited him often in prison, tweets today @lockean:  "FBI sent two thugs to interrogate a West Coast friend at his place of work last Tuesday.  The interrogation ended when my friend, who is not involved in computers or activism, repeatedly refused to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement.   He was held for 4 hours after the interrogation, and was only released after repeatedly banging on the interrogation room’s door.  He took notes of the encounter and began drafting a blogpost on the back of a scrap of magazine paper during his four-hour detention…and was forced to surrender this piece of paper before being allowed to leave the facility. 

"He related that the FBI agents were interested in what he knew about me, my beliefs, and my lifestyle. No questions were asked about Manning.  FBI, stop the hamfisted attempts to make informants of my friends. This is the second in two weeks that has come to me, fuming."

8:15  Update on story below, judge asked to recuse himself from trial involving Royal Navy medic who refused to serve in Afghanistan because of WikiLeaks revelations about killing of civilians there.

Late Friday

In the UK, a Royal Navy medic has applied for conscientious objector status  and refused to serve in Afghanistan on "moral" grounds after reading WikiLeaks documents on Afghanistan. "He was the first person to appear before the Advisory Committee on Conscientious Objectors in 14 years." 

New cable among latest in batch published by The Hindu: "No love lost between the Vatican and Pakistan."

This is NOT an April Fool’s joke:  There’s an online campaign underway to get Lady Gaga to speak up for Bradley Manning due to the "special role" she played in helping him allegedly leak all those documents to WikiLeaks.  If you’ve forgotten, he claimed, in the chat logs, that he used a thumb drive that supposedly held Lady Gaga songs as his "cover."   See report on that here.  Group at Brave Little Monster is getting people to send her tweets or Facebook message imploring her to act…

Great debate coming tomorrow, in a few hours, watch  a live video stream from SKUP-2011, the annual conference of Norway’s investigative journalists in Tønsberg, Norway, at 10.30 GMT.  "Two sides of the story" : Nick Davies & David Leigh of the Guardian  (now big critics of Assange) meets Kristinn Hrafnsson, Wikileaks.

We posted last night but if you missed:  Now we’re really "getting down" to the important stuff — leaked video of alleged Assange on the dance floor!

My new piece at The Nation on the parts left out of the PBS Frontline segment on Bradley Manning this week.