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8:55  Ha, Bill Keller has to post humiliating correction to his column today linking Assange to James O’Keefe.   Thought O’Keefe posed as the PBS donor.  Fun.

7:30  They’re now up to 284 entries in the WikiLeaks t-shirt contest.  See them all here.

7:25  More on the appeal of ruling that forces Twitter to give up info on WikiLeaks-connected people, plus PDF of appeal.

11:30  Just announced: PBS Frontline doing "The Private Life of Bradley Manning" on March 29, with look at his early years.  Excerpt from my book on same subject: right here.   It quotes from his father in the Frontline show.

10:00 More fun in India over continuing WikiLeaks revelations, slams back and forth.

9:50 Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) back Manning, and fund raise.

8:55 My new book, Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences, just published as e-book here and print here. Remember, e-book nowadays also means phones, iPad, PC reading, etc. Plus, first excerpt from the book (“From Oklahoma to Baghdad to Prison”) right here.


8:55 This is one of my favorite WikiLeaks stories ever. Comes from Nigeria. Great summary of past revelations there—and then the editor reveals that he shows up in one cable and while embarrassing disclosure, he is going ahead and publishing it. And wants to hire US diplomat as reporter. Just read it.

6:35 Pathethic, laughable, ungrateful Sunday NYT column by Bill Keller, who equates Assange with James O’Keefe, and complains that the media is “beset” by Assange—after his paper publishes hundreds of pages of scoops based totally on WikiLeaks, and continues to quote from cables on front page to this day. And note his offhand reference to “some reporting before the war in Iraq that should have dug deeper and been more skeptical about the supposed weapons of mass destruction”—and linking that to a correction about Ivana Trump. Also no reference to his longtime support for Judy Miller.

5:35 Is Julian Assange the real villain of Michael Bay’s next Tranformers movie? It says here they are called the Decepticons—who leak secrets about US government. Extradite them, baby!

5:30 The Week in Wiki from Foreign Policy, with summary of cables and other events.

3:20 Reuters with big piece on new cables on feared “iron fist” Yemeni general. “General Ali Mohsen, a powerful figure close to Saleh, threw his support behind the democracy movement earlier this week and sent in troops to protect protesters in the capital of Sanaa, where they have gathered in the tens of thousands to pressure Saleh into giving up his grip on power after 32 years. Yet as far back as 2005, Thomas Krajeski, then the U.S. ambassador in Sanaa, painted a picture in diplomatic cables of a brutal military commander likely to back a more radical Islamic political agenda and draw little public support.”

“Ali Mohsen’s name is mentioned in hushed tones among most Yemenis, and he rarely appears in public,” Krajeski wrote in a cable obtained by Reuters.

10:30 Interesting piece at Al Jazeera site on what cables show about media ‘information war” in South America.

9:35 More trouble in India over cable revelations. Incredible week there and more to come.

9:20 WikiLeaks T-shirt contest continues, deadline approaches!

Late Friday

Cable reveals top BP guy bases his life on old Godfather movies.

Review of new book on US and torture by Marjorie Cohn.

Summary, video of WikiLeaks and Anxiety panel at NYU Law School, Jay Rosen, others.

EFF and the former WikiLeaks supporters appeal that judge’s ruling forcing Twitter to give up info on them.
“The litigation over the Twitter data is the first public skirmish in the government’s criminal investigation of WikiLeaks’s leader, Julian Assange, and others who may have helped leak diplomatic cables and classified military documents through the WikiLeaks website.”

Epic Foreign Policy compilation of “casualties” and near-casualties—losers—since Cablegate began. Not all what you’d think, they point out. For example, “the one who signed off on a series of withering Silvio Berlusconi portraits in the US Embassy in Rome doesn’t appear to have gone anywhere.”

Just catching up to this cable that got noticed yesterday, our reaction to Saudi poem mocking Bush in 2006.