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8:05   AP story on Quantico rally today.  Press release from organizers on Quantico action: "Daniel Ellsberg, the man who blew the whistle by leaking the Pentagon Papers, and Retired Colonel Ann Wright, were arrested today with at least thirty-one others outside the gates of the Quantico Marine base in Triangle, Virginia.   More than three hundred veterans and supporters rallied across the street from the base to protest the treatment of PFC Bradley Manning.  Ellsberg and Wright were arrested as they approached the gates of the base in an attempt to deliver a letter to Base Commander Daniel J Choike.  They, along with a military mother and three other veterans had just laid flowers at the Iwo Jima Memorial in front of the gates.  

8:00  More on worldwide Manning protests today.   Video of angry speech at  The Hague

7:35   In usual crowd-sourcing mode: I am finishing my new book on the Manning case and detention tonight (to be published as e-book later this week and then in print couple weeks later), and haven’t quite decided on a title.  Vote for your favorite or suggest another (remember, it’s about both the alleged leaks, reactions, and his incarceration).   Email me at:

Possible titles:  "BRADLEY MANNING: Truth and Consequences." …  "The ACCUSED: Bradley Manning–Truth and Consequences."…. "THE PRISONER: Bradley Manning–Truth and Consequences." … "TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES: Bradley Manning and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx."  Or propose your own.  Thanks.

7:10  Manning friend David House, who was there, tweets on Quantico protest today: "Very excited about the turnout at Quantico; never expected so many young people out there in the streets. No doubt: Something’s brewing."

6:20  This probably counts as a leak:  Der Speigel publishes photos of U.S. soldiers, involved in a well-known murder case,  posing next to Afghan corpse.  U.S. had fought to keep photos secret.   One of the soldiers, we will note, is from Wasilla, Alaska.   The Army has also probe whether the corpses were mistreated in other ways, and body parts taken or stolen.

 5:10  Awaiting updates on Quantico and protests elsewhere, will have plenty later.

2:25  Here’s live-stream coveage of Quantico protest (see below).  It goes in and out a bit but mainly up.  They’re read statement by Kucinich and Ellsberg yet to speak. UPDATE 4:00   After speeches and march, protestors now sitting down, riot police around them, and arrests underway, Ellsberg included,  Live feed below goes in and out. 

Live TV by Ustream

 1:30  I’ll be keeping an eye on the big Quantico protest for Manning, starting at 2 pm, but we already have Manning friend David House tweeting: "Massive police presence in full riot gear at Quantico protes."   Here’s live-stream from FDL.  Ellsberg, others, to speak. David House just on air driving to site, now off until they set up on the ground.

10:10  From HaaretzThis is making big news in Israel and Middle East. "Newly released WikiLeaks cables reveal Lebanese Christian leaders supported Israel’s strikes against Hezbollah during the Second Lebanon War, Al-Akhbar a Lebanese newspaper linked to Hezbollah, reported on Sunday, adding that the Lebanese Armed Forces confiscated a Hezbollah arms truck during the 2006 war.  One cable, describing a meeting between anti-Syria Christian leaders and U.S. officials dated August 7, 2006, quoted the Lebanese leaders as claiming that, while they supported the official call for a cease fire, they were also in favor of weakening Hezbollah."

9:30 From @JaneHamsher:  UPDATE: Police say Marines will close Quantico Iwo Jima Memorial so veterans groups cannot lay wreath. Background: ."

8:55  We’ll be covering the Manning rallies around U.S. the world today, some underway already abroad.  A list here at FDL.  See the wild "threat advisory" posted by Quantico below.

8:50  We linked to earlier version a couple of days ago, but now CNN has re-posted its lengthy interview with Dan Ellsberg–arrested yesterday outside White House and speaking today at Manning rally in Quantico. 

8:05   My book The Age of WikiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond) is now updated, also includes full story on Bradley Manning since his arrest, in print or as an e-book. Hailed by Dan Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, others.  Finishing my new book on Bradley Manning today, to be published later this week or next.


10:55 WikiLeaks claims another U.S. ambassador, this time it’s Carlos Pascual and Mexico.  We’ve been reported all week on Mexcian president wanting him out after right over cables and drug war, and now it has happened.   U.S. has also been without ambassador to Libya during this crisis period.

8:10  We noted Dan Ellsberg arrest earlier, here is Wash Post report.  He’s been busted in civil disobedience actions dozens of times in past, often at antinuclear protests.

8:00 With bombing Libya on 8th anniv of Iraq war start have we gone from Shock and Awe to Shock and Aw, Shit? 

6:25  Quantico issued  threat advisory in advance of tomorrow’s protest outside the base.  See full text.  Some highlights: "There are substantiated indications and warning of possible denial of service attacks on MCBQ by supporters of Wiki-leaks and PFC Manning…Additionally, though there is no direct threat, it is possible that actual physical penetrations onto MCBQ property may be undertaken to cause infrastructure damage, vandalism, or harass USMC personnel.  The Base has been involved in detailed response planning with local, regional, and national authorities and is appropriately postured to minimize/mitigate likely threat activity…

" Review MCBQ bomb threat procedures (attached).  Review MCBQ procedures for suspicious packages (attached). Area commands shall ensure Installation Command net radios are fully charged and accessible. Ensure Command Duty Officers are briefed on the threat and know the proper response to threatening/harassing phone calls.  Ensure non-essential fax machines are turned off. ..Remind personnel to avoid posting or discussing aspects of any MCBQ response on Face-Book or other social media forums….Remind personnel, to be aware of phishing (both email and telephone) attempts to gain information about MCBQ personnel or operations."

3:50  As expected, arrests at pro-Manning protest near White House a few minutes ago.  @JaneHamsher tweeting it as follows: "Police clearing press away from front of white house, away from Bradley Manning protesters…. Crowd cheers as @danielellsberg led away from white house in handcuffs by pollice at manning protest….Proud of everyone who let Obama arrest them on public property today 4 Bradley manning #PresidentTorture." 

2:15  Another good piece by former NYT general counsel James Goodale, this time at The Daily Beast and wondering why U.S. going after Assange while letting Pentagon people who allowed leaks to get off? 

1:50 Good YouTube video of John Pilger talk on WikiLeaks. He’s strong Assange backer.

11:50 BBC: Bradley Manning’s mom was from Wales, and now he is gaining citizen support there—and from an MP, too. “In her early day motion, Ms Clwyd calls on the UK government to raise the issue with US counterparts, and to ensure the soldier’s ‘detention conditions are humane’ at the US Quantico marine base.”

10:30 Terrific and valuable piece by my colleague Kevin Gosztola, on the 8th anniv of our invasion of Iraq, on what the WikiLeaks releases, going back to the Collateral Murder video, have shown about the war. “The past year has seen the world learn a great deal about the US war and occupation of Iraq…. the criminal nature of the war and occupation has become more evident. To mark the end of eight years of US troops in Iraq and the beginning of a ninth year, it is worth noting the many revelations on Iraq that have become known thanks to WikiLeaks.” Note: My book on the media and the war aptly titled So Wrong for So Long, with intro by Bruce Springsteen.

10:15 Stanley Kutler hails P.J. Crowley as “Truthdigger of the Week.”

10:o5 Latest on the crisis in India sparked by new cables.

9:55 Yet another hit against military treatment of Manning, this time from veteran Scripps-Howard columnist. Plus: Vietnam vet protesting Afghan and Iraq wars—and treatment of Manning this weekend.

3:00 Lengthy CNN piece on Dan Ellsberg: “I was Bradley Manning.” Previews support demos tomorrow at Quantico and much more. And this: “Ellsberg has been trying to see Manning but has had no luck getting on his visitors list.”

From late Friday

Latest on Sunday’s rallies for Manning. New letter of protest sent to President Obama signed by Michael Stipe, Viggo Mortensebn, Rosanne Cash, Tom Morello, Shepard Fairey, others. There was a shout out of protest against Manning’s detention on Bill Maher’s HBO show tonight, as he was joined by panelists in this, including Richard Belzer.

Repercussions in Lebanon from cables published there this week relating to 2006 Israel attack.

Don’t have English summary on this yet, but my source at the Norwegian paper, Aftenposten, which has been publishing cables since December, tells me: “US diplomats didn’t deny role in 2004 Aristide coup, cables reveal. 14 docs published.” Here’s the cable in question, but I’m not sure what it really reveals. Another cable about Aristide “and how the US really, really dislikes the guy. One example: In 2006, US and French diplomats agreed to threaten South Africa with preventing a spot on the UN Security Council unless Mbeki managed to keep Aristide where he was.” Here is write-up and all cables.

Transcript of my appearance on Sam Seder’s Majority Report show the other day.

The Guardian, I guess, just came across this cable, and reports: “A top American general was involved in supplying Yemeni forces with counter-terrorist training in order to help the regime ‘independently conduct counter terror operations”’ according to US diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks. General Petraeus, President Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Yemeni military agreed to increase the tempo of cooperation and training at a meeting in Sana’a in August 2009. Petraeus also facilitated the provision to Yemen’s military of 25 M-113 armored personnel vehicles from Jordan.

“The general then sent the head of the U.S. military’s special operations command centre to Sana’a to discuss their counter-terror cooperation in detail and he advised on training opportunities with US allies in the region, the cables reveal.”

Well, we’ve seen a kind of WikiLeaks civil war between current and former volunteers, and now is the same thing happening with the much-less-organized Anonymous operation? Andy Greenberg at Forbes, who has been on the money so often in the past, just out with lengthy post on a group, or maybe one guy—love his handle, “Hubris”—unhappy with the direction Anonymous has taken—once it was “fun-loving” and anarchic but now has become too “political” (the latter charge also directed at Assange by former backers).

“A hacker startup calling itself Backtrace Security–made up of individuals who formerly counted themselves as part of Anonymous’ loose digital collective–announced plans Friday to publish identifying information on a handful of active members of Anonymous. According to one source within the Backtrace group, it will release the names and instant messaging logs of several Anonymous hackers who took part in attacks on PayPal, Mastercard, the security firm HBGary, Westboro Baptist Church, and the Marine officials responsible for the detainment of WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning.”