As I’ve done for the previous five weeks,  I will be updating news & views on all things WikiLeaks over the three-day weekend, with new items added at the top.   All times are ET.  For more follow me at Twitter.  Read about my latest book here.

** SUNDAY ** 

UPDATE  Here is Monday’s edition of this live-blog.

11:00 New NYT piece on how Bank of America is preparing for the rumored massive WikiLeaks release, which hoping that Assange is only "bluffing."  A team "of 15 to 20 top Bank of America officials, led by the chief risk officer, Bruce R. Thompson, has been overseeing a broad internal investigation — scouring thousands of documents in the event that they become public, reviewing every case where a computer has gone missing and hunting for any sign that its systems might have been compromised."  And much more.

10:10  Not, strictly speaking, WikiLeaks but my new Nation piece on upcoming film about guy who would have surely had an interesting take on it:  folk singer / political activist (and my onetime friend) Phil Ochs.

9:30  Jeremy Scahill tweets:  "Wikileaks releases oft-discussed April Glaspie cable from Iraq in 1990 before Kuwait invasion." 

8:20 On FoxJudy Miller calls Assange a "bad journalist" and he didn’t "verify" his sources.   However, current scorecard reads:  Miller helped kill hundreds of thousands, Assange zero.

7:15  WikiLeaks cable releases, mapped via Google by embassy of origin.   But does not show you if a Quiznos nearby.

6:50  NYT finally back in business in the WikiLeaks cable game, with major report, making use of hundreds of cables detailing use of diplomats as "sales" agents more than previously thought, centering on jet rivalrty, Boeing vs. Airbus.  Hints of corruption and bribes.  "It is not surprising that the United States helps American companies doing business abroad, given that each sale is worth thousands of jobs and that their foreign competitors do the same. But like the other WikiLeaks cables, these offer a remarkably detailed look at what had previously been only glimpsed — in this case, the sales war between American diplomats and their European counterparts"

4:15  Possibly another "Anonymous" attack at Tunisia government site after blockage of WIkiLeaks stories.

1:40 Linked to this cable earlier today, but now Haaretz with a different take, noting Israel only has 12 minutes to respond to attack by Iran.

12:40  I linked to HaikuLeaks a few days ago but here’s an amusing update.

11:20  Rep. Issa, about to gain power in Congress, warns Atty Gen Holder today to "stop hurting" or leave the administration, with failure to move on WikiLeaks one of his complaints.

10:25  More from cablesUranium being smuggled via East Arcia to Iran.   What a change in past two weeks: NYT and Guardian virtually on sidelines, as revelations drip out around the globe from smaller sources, plus El Pais

10:20  Good question:   Peter Daou tweets,  "Has @GregMitch broken the record for continuous live-blogging of a story or event?"    Yes, this is Day 36 of "Greg Mitchell Held Hostage." 

9:55  Norway paper continues to publish cables from its cache, this one on Israel preparing for "large war" against Hamas or Hezbollah.

9:50  New cable suggests Irishman killed by Bolivian Army was lured to his death. 

9:45 Glad to see defense of publishing WikiLeaks by El Pais editor now getting a lot of attention but, to brag a bit:  I linked to it here fully 10 days ago.

9:15  Interesting piece at AOL on Donsald Rumsfeld’s new book — he has hit WikiLeaks but happily reported that he had used once secret documents for the book, adding that in his case they had been cleared by the government.   But he had advantage of knowing what and where they were — and not having to wait years for their release, like most people.

9:00  Cover and write-up for that upcoming "Inside WikiLeaks" book by group’s former  alleged
"number 2" who fell out with Assange in 2009.

8:50  And now :  Science Leaks.


10:30  Somehow, Leonard Cohen’s "The Future" seems apt here.

 10:10  New cables published only by El Pais, we believe.

9:35  Myra McPherson, an I.F. Stone biographer, compares him to Assange and secrecy then and now.

9:30  New Year’s resolutions (or urgings?) at The Guardian column include this:  "Visa, Mastercard  Grow a pair. Stop boycotting WikiLeaks. You’re happy to process payments for dubious top-shelf soft porn publishers. So why have you stopped handling donations for Julian Assange’s iconoclastic organisation? It’s depressing to see two international companies bow so timidly to the wishes of the US state department."

6:50  NYT op-ed: Why the Saudis reacted to Wiki revelations so cooly. "Public debates focus on domestic concerns, not international issues; most Saudis have more to worry about than diplomatic scandals. As Mahmood Sabbagh, a popular newspaper columnist, told me, ‘People were more joking than concerned about them.’”

6:45 If you missed Assange dressed as Santa, there’s a second image now.   Ho, ho….hum?

1:40  The WikiLeaks Forum still going strong, now with a discussion board on the new OpenLeaks group.

11:55  For the naysayers who claim Wiki cables mean little:  Janet Napolitano just announced a tripling of agents in Afghanistan — to try to halt massive smuggling of cash out of the country revealed in the cables.  Billions of dollars have exited.

10:40  M.I.A.  releases 36-minute, Assange-inspired mix tape titled " VickyLeakx."  Quotes Assange.  Can download here

10:20 Links to some fun WIkiLeaks things:  comix, chronicles, haiku, games, searching the cables with The Beatles "Do You Want to Know a Secret?" in background.

10:15   At CNN, a warning from a Reagan and Bush historian re: WikiLeaks.

9:35 Fox News: Karzai refuses to oust most corrupt official as revealed in cables.

9:30  I linked to it first 24 hours ago but it’s gotten a lot of praise since, so here again is the surprising and lengthy CBS list of what WIkiLeaks has revealed so far, region by region, in the past month.

9:25  Clay Shirky adds a  "coda" to a widely-read earlier post, as he looks at the Pentagon Papers example and how it will be "re-adjudicated" now.  Also: "Julian claims that the history of these matters will be divided into ‘pre-‘ and ‘post-Cablegate’  periods. This claim is grandiose and premature. However, it is not, on present evidence, visibly wrong." 

9:20  Britain faces legal challenge based on WikiLeak cable revealing its part in Bangladesh torture.

8:50  Assange just leaked all of your New Year’s resolutions — and it is not pretty.


4:25  So, should we call it Happy New Leak, or Happy Leak Year, or what? 

2:50  Yes, the Johnny Rivers’ classic "Secret Agent Man" has new meanings, and when we were kids we swore the lyric was "you let the rubber slip while kissing persuasive lips."

2:30  FDL’s Lamo/Manning audio and transcripts up to date.

11:55   Jerusalem Post: New cables suggest Egypt still feels Israel is its main adversary — but Egypt’s military in decline.  (h/t to @LittleTomPaine at Twitter for this and others).

11:40  No kidding: Joby Warrick in Wash Post on Wiki doc dump revealing "flaws in State Dept. sharing system."   But  "only recently have investigators understood the critical role played by Net-Centric Diplomacy, a computer initiative that became the conduit for what was perhaps the biggest heist of sensitive U.S. government documents in modern times."

11:10  Manning, the barricades: Lynn Paramore at Huff Post:– "Tortured Until Proven Guilty: The Case Against Solitary Confinement."

10:25  Marcy Wheeler: What, Lamo had TWO laptops?  Also, check out rest of FDL site for more on Manning case.

10:20  They did it, Norway:  That Norwegian paper, which got cable dump late, remains most active now in posting them.

9:40  Alex Cockburn in year-end piece urges, Honor the WikiLeakers.  "The cables show the daily business of a mighty empire acting in manners diametrically opposite to public pretensions. The cables form one of the most extraordinary lessons in the cold realities of international diplomacy ever made public. Normally, scholars have to wait for 10, 20, even 50 years to gain access to such papers."

9:10  For a blast at Wikileaks from the right, here’s lengthy slam in Commentary.  It even claims Assanage has not put himself at "great risk" knowing how "feckless and feeble"   the Obama administration. is.

9:00  Don’t miss: A real Newsweek photo gallery of Julian’s Christmas, with Assange as Santa, feeding chickens, posing next to  Chistmas tree and opening cards, and more.   Check out sack he is carrying as Santa, with note that he has been very, very good "most of the time." Tina Brown at work already?  

8:55 Valuable catalog at CBS News by Joshua Norman  on "How WIkiLeaks Enlightened Us" in 2010.  A long list, region by region,  of what has emerged. 

8:40  8 smears and misconceptions the media have spread about WikiLeaks, so says Alternet writer.

8:30  After long delay, NYT corrects that Charlie Savage story on the Manning "chat logs" (it’s at bottom of piece).

7:50  Bradley Manning’s attorney with new blog entry on pre-trial military confinement.  "Even if the Inspector General does investigate an issue, it has no power of enforcement.  Instead, the results of the investigation are turned over to the agency or command with the authority to act."