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UPDATE: The Tuesday blog.


11:00 @WikiLeaks: Recently established “inspired by Wikileaks” sites, and shutdown by registrar for undisclosed reasons.

6:50 Woman who was source of the new Manning “chat logs” used by New York magazine says she will soon release unredacted version, in lengthy statement. “Also: I find it deplorable that some have attributed his alleged actions to his sexuality or his gender identity. There are thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people around the world who serve their country with honor. They have not done anything like this, and who they are is not even remotely a reliable indicator that they would pose some kind of security risk. It’s clear that Bradley was facing a variety of issues that were much more significant than simply being gay, and reducing all of this to his sexuality is extremely misleading.”

6:40 WikiLeaks cables: “Alarming” Haitian birth rate. And US thoughts on future Russian leader.

10:10 Good Glenn Greenwald take on the New York article (and see below). As we have both done for months, he crtiiques article’s focus on Manning’s personal life as motivation for what he allegedly did, not his growing opposition to the war and his part in it—but he does highlight the one key section in the article that does balance things somewhat. Also points to positive results of the leaks, and notes Lamo now uses word “traitor” (which he denied before).

12:25 More on new New York magazine story on Manning (and see previous items below). As usual in such profiles, long interview with father. Much focus on gender confusion and much less on antiwar motivation. Writer claims Manning not a whistleblower but a “snoop.” Remember when Manning’s dad claimed, on PBS site, that his son had removed David House from prison’s visitor list? Now Bradley has taken his dad off his visitor’s list. Relatively little new in whole piece beyond the fresh chat logs. As in PBS show tries to tie Manning to Assange in dangerously direct way.

Special bonus: bizarre meeting with Lamo in Long Island motel (while seeking a couch to crash on). Person who has seen unedited logs says he exchanged photos with Manning, they assured each other of their “sexiness” and called each other “sweetie.” But “Lamo played Manning, reassuring him while, in reality, he had nothing but disdain for him.” And “Lamo’s celebrity as a hacker had been waning for years. Now, once again, he felt like a force to be reckoned with.” Even summoned to Washington.


11:55 From New York magazine story on Manning (see below): Dangerous claim that Assange “took a passionate interest in him and what he had to contribute.” Also ”Manning began to work with WikiLeaks’ ­Julian ­Assange.” Trying to make direct tie? But I am still reading story. More to come.

11:00 The Guardian on new/ound Bradley Manning chat logs from 2009 and his complaints about being “bullied” as gay man in military. These were uncovered by Steve Fishman, who has written massive larger piece on Manning as unlikely “revolutionary” for New York magazine. More on this when I get through it.

1:40 Foreign Policy reviews the past 4 months of “WikiLeaks You Probably Missed.”

1:35 @iWikiLeaksMovie: Bradley Manning Play by the National Theatre of Wales coming in 2012

11:30 Full video of yesterday’s Amy Goodman, Assange and Zizek session.

11:00 We noted yesterday the WikiLeaks Trucks coming to Fox News headquarters in NYC. Now here’s photo proof.

10:00 Here’s full legal complaint WikiLeaks is filing against MasterCard and Visa.


11:20 I am tweeting the Goodman-Assange interview if you care @GregMitch.

10:05 Live steam of Amy Goodman interviewing Assange coming at 11 am, watch here.

9:00 Our pal, The WikiLeaks Truck, now parked outside Fox News in Manhattan. I’ll be passing nearby later today perhaps we will meet.


10:00 As we hinted earlier today (see below), WikiLeaks announces lawsuit against MasterCard and Visa for “US influenced financial blockade.” MasterCard had charged WikiLeaks with “illegal activity”—without saying what, and others have trouble saying what that would be. @WLLegal points out: “Well, the #WikiLeaks Mastercard commercial parody just got a little more amusing.” Also: Andy Greenberg at Forbes with full complaint which will be passed on to EU if situation not resolved next week.

9:30 Don’t forget Amy Goodman interviewing Assange 11 am (ET) on Saturday.

3:00 WikiLeaks’s feed at Twitter has been hinting they big news, in their favor, may be coming soon, re: PayPal, MasterCard, etc. cutting off their funding mechanisms and now possibly getting punished. Now they have tweeted: “Stay tuned for important news regarding the attack on WikiLeaks by VISA, MasterCard and others.”

10:35 My new piece reviews the WikiLeaks Afghan War Logs from one year ago—and how the revelations did not spark a much-needed debate on the war.

9:55 The Japan Times writes that new WikiLeaks revelations finally kill the myth that there was ever a mass killing of students in Tiananmen Square.

8:50 BBC reviews that new Assange play in Australia, which has been roasted by some but not by them. And the Guardian weighs in. Opens with sex scene.

8:30 We’ve covered that Aspen Ideas panel (Lessig, Fallows etc.) on WikiLeaks but here’s another video and summary from The Atlantic—everyone agreed Assange “creepy” and that Manning not heroic but luckily “one in a million,” and so on. And a response: “We Must Nuke Aspen.”

12:00 The Wall Street Journal reports that the US has begun “tentatively” reaching out to Islamist parties in the Middle East and that cables released by WikiLeaks show that 2006 US diplomats met with Hamadi Jebali, the leader of the moderate Isalmist Ennahdha in Tunisia. Jebali visited Washington earlier this year.

From late Thursday

WikiLeaks’s surprise position on continuing “boycott” by banks, MasterCard, PayPal etc.? Fine, they will get more damages from courts and European Union action.

@DemocracyNow: We will live stream “Conversation w/ Julian Assange, Slavoj ŻiŻek & Amy Goodman” on July 2, 11 am EDT:

As usual, some new fun WikiLeaks remixing at IWikiLeaksMovie.

That WikiLeaks Master Card parody now has life of its own, after going viral.

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