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8:30 Frontline site appears back to normal—for now. See below for the wild hacking of past day.

5:50 A correspondent e-mails: “Thought you’d like to know that Julian Assange has been appearing in a TV ad running in Ireland today. In the ad, he says that the Ireland Wikileaks cables will be published this week in the Irish Independent. There’s also this tweet from Irish Independent journalist:!/fionnansheahan/status/75290599019913216 .”

5:20 After Frontline and PBS issue statement on hacking (se below)—disappears and hacked again.

3:35 PBS and Frontline issue statement denouncing hacking of their site, calling it “chilling,” but say nothing essential compromised. However, Frontline chooses to also use this as a defense of its WikILeaks show. Note wording: program got both praise and criticism but critics were “supporters” of Manning and Assange, not anyone with legit journalist issues. Also, they suggest they sought out comments from Assange and David House—when what actually happened was that they weighed in out of the blue during an online chat.

9:30 More on the PBS hack, from Parmy Olson at Forbes. Before the fake Tupac story was taken down it had gotten a lot of “likes.” Hacker, not affilitated with Anonymous (as reporter earlier), claims he/she was not happy with that Frontline WikIleaks saga. Also posted some user names and more )see below)..

9:20 My book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here, both hailed by Glenn Greenwald, Dan Ellsberg, Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman.

9:15 Andy Worthington on the Guardian articles and film this weekend on Bradley Manning, lax security, bullying and mental instability.

9:00 Stir It Up: Jamaica’s prime minister blasts newpaper’s airing of WikiLeaks cables as one-sided and like publishing what man and wife say in bedroom. Really.

2:00 PBS site hacked in apparent retaliation for Manning/WikiLeaks Frontline doc.


11:10 Virginia Heffernan of NYT declares Bradley Manning guilty, with no pretense of “allegedly.”

9:10 ABC News: Bradley Manning’s dad says his worst fear is that his son is guilty. Also says he sometimes denies that he is the father. Video included with Richard Clarke comment. Lamo (no goldfish this time) claims Manning just wanted fame, though he was humble. Terry Moran: military looking into whether Manning “mentally fit for trial.”

9:00 From The Hindu: Behind Pakistan’s F-16 deal

10:40 University study of media coverage of WikiLeaks in US w/ some interesting findings relating to digital vs. print, political views, and wide negative view of WikiLeaks and/or Assange.


6:30 The Guardian has now posted a full Q&A with a soldier colleague of Bradley Manning featured in its new film and print report (see below). Yes, chickens came home to roost: endless US wars and lack of trained soldiers led to assigning people to war zone who maybe should have been kept at home.

9:25 France and UK have expressed fears about nuclear security in Pakistan, cables show.

12:30 From cables: Saudi Arabia pressured by US to let women drive!


8:20 Major new “investigation” of Manning from the Guardian—his background, how the Army ignored warnings about him, “beatings,” and more. Very little new, beyond him “wetting himself” when picked on in the Army, but at least a few new voices heard. The bullying was profound, more details here, but we knew that. Second Guardian story looks at security in Iraq while he worked there and again finds little really new. Lot of people had access to files but, again, a given. Something new about people posting passwords on Post-it notes, which could help his legal defense. And now: a nineteen-minute “investigative film.”

Embarrassing for them to claim at this late date after much has already emerged: Guardian exclusive: Soldier held over US intelligence leak was known to be mentally fragile and unsuited to army life.”

12:00 Peter Tatchell on Manning—one year in prison, and counting, without trial.

9:40 US ambassador backs Bulgarian leader exposed by latest WikiLeaks cables.

8:30 A “Dear Chaos” take on the PBS Frontline show on Wikileaks.

2:00 State Dept names new chief spokeswoman to replace PJ Crowley, who exited after protesting prison treatment of Bradley Manning. And she is former adviser to… Dick Cheney.

12:00 Eleven words in the Pentagon Papers still classified and will not be disclosed when the papers are released.

From late Thursday

Read it and weep: PBS ombudsman Michael Getler, who has done some good work in the past, applauds the Frontline doc on WikiLeaks this week, raises few questions, and says he actually got little mail about it, though all of it negative, and reprints some. Says all of this indicates Frontline lived up to its “tough but fair” reputation.

Theatre pieces about Assange and Manning.

“Risen” up angry: From Huff Post—“Obama Comes for the Journalists”

From The Atlantic: “Obama and Whistleblowers: Leak for Me but Not for Thee”

Kevin Gosztola at FDL with commentary and critique of yesterday’s PBS Frontline online chat.

@WLLegal: “TIME on Obama’s “Manning broke the law” gaffe & Assange’s comments on the Espionage Act & investigative journalism .”

Huff Post reporter with good update on what “sources” say about current status of the WikiLeaks grand jury in Virginia— supposedly three recent subpoenas now. Also latest on court martial plans.