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11:25  Who leaked the WikiLeaks files to The Times?  To summarize:  WikiLeaks gave its Gitmo files to 7 news outlets but not the NYT or The Guardian, probably due to falling out with them over previous leaks.  But someone leaked the files to the Times, which in turn gave them to The Guardian and NPR.  The Times decided to go ahead tonight with covering / publishing files tonight, and WikiLeaks and partners apparently then rushed to lift embargo and come out with their coverage an hour or two behind the Times.  At least that’s all suggested by McClatchy and The Guardian.  Or did NYT learn that embarge was about to be broken and so moved "abruptly" first? In any  case:  WHO LEAKED THE FILES TO THE TIMES?     Remember, the Times is not claiming that it got them from a government or Gitmo or military source, or from the original leaker — it says these ARE the WikiLeaks documents.  So does that mean they came from one of several disgruntled ex-WikiLeakers?

11:20  Guantánamo piled lie upon lie through the momentum of its own existence  by  Julian Glover  at The Guardian.

11:15  The @WikiLeaks feed at TWitter ontinues to link to individual detainee files, including Australia’s David Hicks.

11:10  Assange tormenter David Leigh talks about The Guardian‘s take on the Gitmo files — which he says they obtained from NYT, not WikiLeaks.   This is sure to make Assange get madder.  Here’s site for Guardian coverage.

11:05  @WikiLeaks notes:  "If you read Wikileaks’ ‘Gitmo Files’ please do so with extra caution. ‘Confessions’ made under torture are suspect."

11:00 Now McClatchy publishes ITS stories based on Gitmo files (co-author is my old friend and ace Iraq reporter Tom Lasseter).  Also reveals that 7 outlets in all got files on "embargoed" basis last month from WikiLeaks.  And mystery solved on timing and NYT getting first from another source: "WikiLeaks abruptly lifted the embargo Sunday night, after the organization became aware that the documents had been leaked to other news organizations, which were about to publish stories about them." 

10:10  Gitmo files reveal new details on actions by 9/11 conspirators.

9:55 NYT with "never before seen" photos of Gitmo detainees.

9:50  Wash Post now out with its full package on the Gitmo files, with timelines, interactive features, more.  Says it got them from WikiLeaks.   Main story focuses on new details about al-Qaeda leaders.  So NYT scooped them by going with its own leak, or so it says.  

9:25 Interesting that NYT was the first and only place to go with stories based on Gitmo files for much of this evening –although it claims The Guardian and NPR have them.  In fact, NPR says it got them from the Times and just 5 minutes ago put up its first report.  

The Daily Telegraph, meanwhile, says Wash Post has them (the Telegraph has had WikiLeaks docs for some time and did its own write up, see below).  Remember, the Times claims it got docs from an anonymous source, not WikiLeaks.   Which raises questions:   Was Times afraid to publish until it learned others — opr WikiLeaks itself (see below) had them and were about to publish?  Did it publish now to scoop the others?  Are others now scrambling to catch up?   Did the Telegraph force their hand?  MOnths ago Assange was angry when The Guardian got its own leak of a previous major release, meaning it could do what it pleased — same thing now with NYT

9:20  Here at the WikiLeaks site is their full story on, and release of, the Gitmo files.  Did this force NYT‘s hand?  The @WikiLeaks twitter feed is linking to individual files on prisoners from a wide variety of countries.

9:15  NYT ‘s editors’ note on why they published Gitmo files, claim NPR and The Guardian also have.   Here’s full response by U.S. government to NYT and others publishing Gitmo docs.  From Petnagon spokesman Geoff Morrell:  “It is unfortunate that The New York Times and other news organizations have made the decision to publish numerous documents obtained illegally b WikiLeaksconcerning the Guantanamo detention facility. These documents contain classified information about current and former GTMO detainees, and we strongly condemn the leaking of this sensitive information.

“The Wikileaks releases include Detainee Assessment Briefs (DABs) written by the Department of Defense between 2002 and early 2009. These DABs were written based on a range of information available then.

“The Guantanamo Review Task Force, established in January 2009, considered the DABs during its review of detainee information. In some cases, the Task Force came to the same conclusions as the DABs. In other instances the Review Task Force came to different conclusions, based on updated or other available information. The assessments of the Guantanamo Review Task Force have not been compromised to Wikileaks. Thus, any given DAB illegally obtained and released by Wikileaks may or may not represent the current view of a given detainee.

“Both the previous and the current Administrations have made every effort to act with the utmost care and diligence in transferring detainees from Guantanamo. The previous Administration transferred 537 detainees; to date, the current Administration has transferred 67. Both Administrations have made the protection of American citizens the top priority and we are concerned that the disclosure of these documents could be damaging to those efforts. That said, we will continue to work with allies and partners around the world to mitigate threats to the U.S. and other countries and to work toward the ultimate closure of the Guantanamo detention facility, consistent with good security practices and our values as a nation.”

9:10  More from the NYT on the Gitmo files (besides its main story, see link below).  Charlie Savage on how suicides "rattled" the prison.   Another  take on use of "flawed evidence" to "assess risk." 

8:50  Breaking: NYT with story based on those long-rumored Gitmo files obtained by WikiLeaks — but Times says it got them from another source.  Also, that other media have them too.  The Daily Telegraph in London claims to have been shown "thousands" of docs that WikiLeaks will publish soon.   It claims Wash Post also has. Sure to be controversial on several levels.  "The shocking human cost of obtaining this intelligence is also exposed with dozens of innocent people sent to Guantanamo – and hundreds of low-level foot-soldiers being held for years and probably tortured before being assessed as of little significance"

But: "The documents are largely silent about the use of the harsh interrogation tactics at Guantánamo — including sleep deprivation, shackling in stress positions and prolonged exposure to cold temperatures — that drew global condemnation."

7:50   New low prices for my book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or brand-new Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here.

7:35  Paging Borat!   WikiLeaks’ releases for Kazakhstan begin!

7:30 A WikiLeaks movie site has some fun parody posters at top.

7:20  Bradley Manning organizing toolkit.

6:25  WikiLeaks tweets:  "WikiLeaks is pausing from its regular publishing for a week while we deploy additional capacity. Happy holidays!"  But not before releasing dozens of new cables re: Finland. 

10:55 Still awaiting promised Gitmo files from Wikileaks but meanwhile, here is long Wash Post piece on real reason Obama has not closed prison down.

10:45   Eggcitement!   A WikiLeaks Easter egg hunt in NYC today, believe it or not.   With a revelation in every egg.

10:30 Forty-one Haaretz stories in recent weeks based on the cables in one place here.


11:55 Quite a yarn: Activist shows up six weeks early for Manning rally at Leavenworth by mistake, decides, what the hell, I’m here, why not ask for an interview? Of course, he doesn’t get far, and his car and belongings naturally searched. Some good byplay with guards.

10:40 Woman who funded the tickets for “singers” in pro-Manning protest at Obama fundraiser in San Fran explains here. She remains big Obama backer overall, and heir to Pittsburgh Plate Glass fortune. “I told the president that I had smoked marijuana, and he said that was good,” she said. “So I may not have the approval of the DEA, but I do have the approval of the president, to his face.”

3:20 Lengthy Glenn Greenwald post on Obama’s amazing statement on Manning—“He broke the law”—and now the White House’s attempt to climb out of the hole by claiming he was not referring “spefically” to the soldiers guilt or innocence. Also, as we’ve noted, the absurd comparison to the Ellsberg case. Plus an update on how this compares to the old case of Nixon and Manson.

12:50 My colleague Kevin Gosztola has now posted a second video interview from yesterday, this time with the director of the new film at Tribeca Fest focusing on “Collateral Murder” and soldier Ethan McCord. Yesterday the video included great monologue by McCord (see below).

12:15 Salon: “The Vindication of P.J. Crowley.” Spoke up for Manning, within a month, move ordered.

7:40 And now UniLeaks—to keep universities honest, they say.

7:30 New cables reveal how India helped Sri Lanka wins its war vs. Tamils. From the Hindu.

7:00 WikiLeaks cables bare secrets of US-Laotian relations | McClatchy


8:40 My collleague Kevin Gosztola has just posted a new interview/video with Ethan McCord, who is in NYC for premiere of the film focusing on him at the Tribeca Film Festival. As I have written here, at The Nation and in my Age of WikiLeaks book, he is the soldier in the “Collateral Murder” video who helped rescue two injured children and has since spoken out about what is shown in the video and against the war. In the interview he claims atrocities happened almost daily in Iraq.

6:10 Jane Hamsher at Fire Dog Lake asks: “Obama as Commander in Chief says Bradley Manning is guilty. How can he possibly have a fair military trial now?”

1:45 We posted video yesterday, but here’s take from @WikiLeaks twitter feed: “Candid video of Obama spewing prejudicial word salad about WikiLeaks-Manning case .”

11:10 Glenn Greenwald tweets on Obama quote on Manning and “he broke the law” yesterday: “Obama’s claim that ‘Ellsberg’s material wasn’t classified in the same way’ is true—what Ellsberg released was TOP SECRET”

9:30 We’ve mentioned a June 4 demo for Manning at Leavenworth, now here are details.

8:50 The always-useful Andy Greenwberg at Forbes has taken a crack at transcribing sound off the video I linked to last night showing Manning Protester engaged in chat with Obama at close range. Poor audio but Andy did his best.

8:40 Fascinating report on new cables via Italian paper l’Espresso: How US pressured the Pope to support wars in Kosovo and elsewhere. “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s. But when the Caesar in the White House had to take up arms, he turned to the Pope, looking for a benediction for a ‘just war’ or at least ‘positive neutrality’ that did not interfere with American war plans.”

8:30 Not sure what this means but: “A court hearing challenging the government’s tactics in a criminal investigation of the WikiLeaks website has been canceled. Three Twitter users are challenging the government’s attempts to obtain some of their account information as part of a wider probe into WikiLeaks and its founder.”


12:05 For all you fans of my WikiLeaks and Manning books in Germany and elsewhere who have waiting to buy the e-books with Euros at Amazon, now you can here and here. They have been available for a few weeks at US and UK Amazons, of course.

12:00 Video of Manning Protester talking to Obama about it at close range after president’s speech (disrupted) today in San Fran. Low sound quality but you can hear prez saying, “He broke the law!”