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6:20  Andy Greenberg of Forbes with report on highly unusual ACLU move, using gov’t to declassify now-published WikiLeaks cables.  "The State Department cables expose, for instance, secret drone strikes by U.S. forces in Yemen, and American pressure on Spain and German to comply with CIA extraordinary rendition of terrorist suspects. The ACLU says it selected the 23 cables out of the thousands already published because they were kept secret to avoid government embarrassment rather classified for purposes of national security, and because they show human rights violations. Given that all those memos have already been covered by the news media, why bother to declassify them anyway? ‘The point is to expose the legal fiction that the secrecy system rests on,’ says Ben Wizner, a staff attorney for the ACLU. ‘The government uses this formality of secrecy to avoid having to answer for real violations of the law.’”

6:15  NYT asked readers to tweet guesses on what 11 words were to be cut out of declassified Pentagon Papers.  Fun results here.  Yes, people still unsure whether it is Viet-Nam or Vietnam. 

6:10  Remember when his critical comments exposed in cables cost U.S. ambassador to Mexico his post there? Finally a new diplomat named.

4:15  Bart Gellman tweets on whistleblower case falling apart:  "Prosecutors offer NSA leaker Drake *misdemeanor* plea bargain–& he refuses ." 

2:00 New Wikileaks cables passed to Reuters reveal more nuclear “weak links” beyond Japan. Including Vietnam. Who knew?

1:55 Woman who made great film on Dan Ellsberg calls Obama worst president for whistleblowers. “Speaking at a session on WikiLeaks at the Sheffield Doc/Fest on Thursday, she said that whistleblowing has become more dangerous than ever.” She also praised Bradley Manning for his “courage.”

1:50 Major Birgitta Jonsdottir (Icelandic MP, ex-Wikileaks, “Twitter 3”) interview here.

12:05 Latest on seemingly never-ending Ireland leaks from Irish Echo.

10:40 Glenn Greenwald on WikiLeaks grand jury probe “widening.” David House latest to get subpoena “compelling his testimony before the Grand Jury next Wednesday. The subpoena and accompanying documents received by House can be viewed here and here. This latest subpoena reveals how active the criminal investigation is and how committed the Obama administration is to criminally pursuing the whistleblowing site. Also receiving subpoenas in addition to House and the Cambridge resident have been ex-Manning boyfriend Tyler Watkins, and a cryptography expert at Princeton, Nadia Heninger (whose Princeton photo is credited to Jacob Appelbaum, the persistently harassed American once identified as a WikiLeaks spokesman). But it also highlights a very important potential controversy: the refusal of numerous witnesses to cooperate in any way with this pernicious investigation.”

10:35 Dan Ellsberg (years ago, I could barely get him before a typewriter, let alone a computer) joins Facebook. And he tweets: “Pentagon Papers declassified- 40 years late. Their lessons are more timely than ever .”

10:30 Andy Worthington, Gitmo expert, with part IV of his five-parts series on revelations.

10:15 I’m just catching up with James Russell’s Truthout piece on pro-Manning protest in Kansas a few days ago.

7:05 Al Jazeera video on latest from Haiti leaks.

7:00 From CNN press release of this weekend’s WikiLeaks show (hosted by ex-Navy SEAL): “We’ve been given access to rarely seen footage and interviews shot by Australian journalist Mark Davis. Davis spent weeks filming with Julian Assange on the road, capturing candid moments as he traveled throughout Iceland, Sweden and the UK.

“CNN has requested an interview with Assange. We have interviewed WikiLeaks defector, Daniel Domscheit-Berg—who has just written a book ‘Inside WikiLeaks.’ We also shot interviews with journalists from the Guardian, who worked with Assange for weeks on the war log releases. Mark Davis also delivers insight and details into who Assange really is. We delve into Bradley Manning’s story, and interviewed Adrian Lamo, who turned him. We also look at the Swedish sex assault allegations against Assange, the defections and internal tensions inside WikiLeaks and fallout over the explosive leaks. We end with the fate of Julian Assange…”

4:00 (Hey, I’m still on Europe time): Josh Gerstein at Politico on developments in Twitter/WikiLeaks case. “A federal magistrate in Virginia has rejected a request that her court make public detailed dockets regarding orders seeking information from internet services. In a June 1 opinion, Magistrate Theresa Buchanan said she’d ‘exhaustively researched’ the issue. She concluded: ‘Although a docket entry must note that a sealing order has been entered, there exists no right to public notice of all the types of documents filed in a sealed case.’ ”

From late Wednesday

Folks, after breaking my 185-day WikiLeaks blogging streak one week ago, with a much-needed vacation, I am back to (like Joe DiMaggio) start a brand new streak today. A guy leaves the country and suddenly Weinergate overwhelms WikiLeaks. Thanks to my Nation colleague Kevin Gosztola (@kgosztola) for keeping the effort going with daily items and links over at WL Central. And thanks for the many tribute pages in honor of “The Streak.”

So to start with new items…

Calgary Cross: One of the things I posted back in late November when The Streak started was that Canadian prof, and former adviser to PM Harper, calling for the assassination of Assange. Now the Calgary police have concluded their probe and decided not to bring any charges. Here’s story and video of his original remarks. (h/t Craig Silverman)

Latest from The Nation’s WikiLeaks and Haiti series—on US and fraudulent election. New York Obsever covers The Nation’s efforts here.

New ad for And Bradley Manning “Hero” street art in Brooklyn.

From our friend @WLLegal “CNN WL doc done by fmr SEAL ‘which seems like an odd choice to helm a documentary about massive leaks of military docs’ “ And KIm Zetter of Wired adds that there’s nothing new in the doc and Navy Sela host “has a loose and unsophisticated method of delivery that seems better suited for MTV or CurrentTV than CNN.” WikiLeaks has already condemned the doc.

Alternet reviews 5 WikiLeaks “hits” from 2011.