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5:00  @WLLegal points out:  "In case you were wondering: AP stylebook declares to those who refuse to capitalize the "L," it’s "WikiLeaks" ."

11:15  My story on Gen. Petreaus’ link to a high-profile suicide in Iraq, even cited in suicide note.

(:40  Unusual take on the new Thai cables, looking beyond alleged "gossip" to US continuing to back dictator’s military.

9:25  People always suggest that I "donate profits" from my recent books to WikiLeaks or to Manning.  When I make a profit I will let you know!  Doesn’t help when I offer e-books for 99 cents:

9:15 WikiLeaks has yet another new media partner for the cables, this time in Brazil.

8:05  Protests planned for Assange court appearances starting July 12.  See fun photo takeoff on classic Dylan / Allen Ginsberg  segment in the film "Don’t Look Back."   Could be singing, "Julian’s in the basement / mixing up the medicine / I’m on the pavement / Thinking ’bout the government…. Look out kid, you’re gonna get hit…." 

7:10 @WikiLeaks reviews new play about Assange in Sydney, which opens with him in bed with woman:  New play about Assange is the worst kind of pedestrian garbage. Everyone else: create alternatives"

6:40  NYT op-ed on Obama, the "Untransparent President." 

6:30  Folks, slow weekend, but at least I can announce a two-day sale on my Age of WikiLeaks & Bradley Manning e-books—just 99 cents each!

12:15 Financial Times on latest on 5 film projects on WikiLeaks — including news of journos getting their "life rights" bought and then limiting cooperatons with other journos trying to interview them about WikiLeaks.

12:10  A review of HaitiLeaks so far.

12:05 LulzSec gone, or just merged with Anonymous

12:00 WikiLeaks: Chinese minister was caught in a ‘honeytrap’  in spy / sex scandal.

From late Sunday

@WikiLeaks tweets:  US gays adopt Bradley Manning as hero. Huge banner at San Francisco Pride parade today. Turning Point?

Fake WikiLeaks twitter account, from Argentina, has been falsely tweeting death of Hugo Cháavez, setting of

More docs re Cuba, released to McClatchy. Cuban cardinal wanted to close down critical magazine.