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5:40 New diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks show that the Czech government sold surplus Soviet-era ammunition to American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan via private US and Czech contractors. At some points Czech firms were overextending themselves so much that they were forced to buy ammunition from Chinese subcontractors and sell it to the Americans.

5:35 From my assistant Kevin Donohue: The Atlantic calls “Nothing Stays Secret” one of the 14 Big Ideas of the Year and The Washington Post’s Dana Priest writes in the July/August Ideas issue that “Washington, for its part, condemned, then investigated, and now may try to haul to prison Assange and his cohorts—a response that proves how little our government understands the technological and social revolution happening all around it…
Forcing the US government to give up its addiction to secrecy in foreign affairs might be a good thing in the long term, although painful in the short term. After all, international relations based on secret-keeping—like relations between people who have something to hide—are inherently fragile.”

5:00 ZDnet putting up guy’s dissertation on the history of WikiLeaks in installments. Here’s the early years.

11:40: NYT uses WikiLeaks cables to evaluate tenure of new GOP prez candidate Huntsman’s tenure as Obama ambassador to China.

11:35 Glenn Greenwald on Democracy Now! talking about Manning backers risking arrest.

10:15 The Financial Times interviews chief WikiLeaks spokesman.

9:45 Kim Ives at the Guardian: What the Haiti Leaks really reveal about US role. “The US continues to force its policies and interests on nations around the globe, either through diplomatic intrigues, economic sanctions or outright war. And here is where the WikiLeaked cables may contribute to breaking this infernal cycle of US intervention.”

9:40 Dan Ellsberg calls on US to release the infamous and long hidden “Garani Massacre” video.

9:35 Reports that Lulz and Anonymous have joined forces?

9:30 Our pal, Michael Parenti, a k a ExiledSurfer, interviews ex-WikiLeaks James Ball (who natually has written a book).

1:30 New film “leaked” on YouTube—about hacking and hackers and featuring Adrian Lamo, narrated by Kevin Spacey.

12:00 Assange lunch auction at eBay in final hours…

From late Sunday

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WikiLeaks: Surprisingly few Cubans can name US-backed dissidents.

Wash Post with piece on what US calls in WikiLeaks cable “the Nigerian Taliban.”

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