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9:30  Ellsberg on NBC today. And on NPR.

7:50  Is Adrian Lamo talking too much and putting case against Manning in jeopardy?   And what’s this about hacking? 

7:40 Ellsberg defends Manning again, Christian Science Monitor covers.

4:15 McClatchy with new cables:  Revealing security worries about vital Saudi oil storage.  Major al-Qaeda attack thwarted but big worries remain.  Only god saved them? 

4:05 Read non-redacted Pentagon Papers here.

4:00 Dan Ellsberg: What we need released today are the Pentagon Papers of Iraq and Afghanistan

2:35 Have not updated for a few hours due to glitch in system (for me) here, hope  this launches…

11:45 For 40th anniv of Pentagon Papers, my new piece  ( ) on Ellsberg’s prescient 2002 warnings on Iraq, the media and whistleblowers.

11:35  Marcy Wheeler with new take on collapse of case against NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake.

9:40  New Boston support group for WikiLeaks.   Note: Nation site having trouble for me with embedded links today so here it is plain:     Also, updated plans for protest of grand jury probe in Virginia this Wednesday:

8:10  Twitter back-and-forth between Manning / WikiLeaks backer David House @lockean and Assange critic David Leigh  @davidleigh3 of The Guardian, relating to more attacks on Assange in the CNN doc.

7:40  Palin supporters suspected of hacking Twitter feed for company that supplied the Palin emails last Friday to     Tweets hailed Palin, hit Obama, etc.   Hole in app involving Facebook blamed.

7:30  James C. Goodale, the longtime counsel for the NYT — including in the Pentagon Papers cases– with excellent new piece  at Daily Beast (  marking 40th anniv of that and links to today.  "Just in time to spoil the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the publication of the Pentagon Papers, the Obama Justice Department is trying to do what Richard Nixon couldn’t: indict a media organization.  "A grand jury investigation into WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange under the Espionage Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is under way in Alexandria, Virginia. The Justice Department has already subpoenaed the electronic records of many former WikiLeaks volunteers and at least three people have now been subpoenaed to testify in a case that could potentially criminalize forms of investigative journalism."

7:20  Yes, domain name is finally back!

12:05  AP on Pentagon Papers coming out (again) today.  Probably nothing new, but who knows.  Interview with Ellsberg.   His usual advice to whistleblowers: Don’t wait until the bombs start falling.

12:00    Sunshine Patriots? NY Times op-ed,  The Whistle-Blowers of 1777.

From late Sunday

Don Hazen of Alternet says recent story there on 5 WikiLeaks stories overlooked was most popular one there in months….

As I noted in my review (see below), a low point of the CNN doc on WikiLeaks was Gen. Kimmit explicitly blaming Reuters photog for getting killed by trigger-happy U.S. gunners in Iraq.  And with no push back from CNN correspondent Larsen.  Tonight Larsen tweeted that he did push back in interviews with the general but it all got edited out.  As if he had no say in that.

 "The WikiLeaks Revolution is Here to Stay," it sez here.


My review of tonight’s  CNN WikiLeaks special now posted.

Josh Gerstein of Politico on "incoherent" U.S. policy on WikiLeaks docs and lawyers of Gitmo detainees.

  Scott Horton of Harper‘s on the DOJ cave on Thomas Drake NSA whistleblower prosecution.

  Net serve: Major NYT piece on Net freedom.