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11:40  As I predicted, Stephen Colbert did open his show tonight with a segment on the notorious ‘hacking’ of his face last Thursday with a V for Vendetta or "Anonymous" mask.  He freeze- framed to show the image,  then flatly declared Anonymous had hacked him–tongue in cheek most likely, but who knows?  He continued in a llghthearted challenge to Anonymous over its hacking of the Koch Brothers (no, not Charlie Sheen and Emilio) site, suggesting if they really wanted to get ahead they needed to change their name to Anonymous for Prosperity. 

10:00 Wash PostDems in House call for probe of Hunton and Williams, coming out of the anti-WikiLeaks scheme and more and related to U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  "The call for a congressional probe marks the latest development in the controversy over tens of thousands of e-mails stolen from HBGary Federal, whose computer system was attacked in early February by members of a loose collective of unidentified hackers known as Anonymous"

7:25  After success of last week’s e-book sale: Now the print edition of my WikiLeaks book slashed to $8.95 for one day only.  Print site (and link to e-book) here. 

7:00 Whoa, Nelly: You’ll recall our reports last week on Beyonce and Mariah Carey taking a cool million from one of Gaddafi kids to sing for their supper, as exposed by WikiLeaks cables.  Now songbird Nelly Furtado has revealed–before any new cables arrives–that she too got a million for singing for a Gaddafi and pals in Italy, and is donating the money to charity to take the stink off.  Others newly linked to getting Gaddafi money include:  Lindsay Lohan, Russell Simons, Jay-Z, Jon Bon Jov. 

5:40  Threat Post scoop: HBGary’s Barr says he is stepping down, three weeks after his anti-Wikileaks scheme became known. "Though Barr and HBGary were the victims of the hack, the contents of the e-mail messages divulged plans that cast both in an unflattering light. Among them were data mining efforts and mentions of possible disinformation campaigns on behalf of a ‘large U.S. bank’ and the law firm that represents the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that seem to run afoul of civil liberties and professional ethics."

5:15  Beans spilled on Chile:  Long hidden document on Ted Kennedy’s plans to rent a Chilean brothel for one night in 1961.  Not a WikiLeaks doc but controversy over why secret held for so long.  "The FBI’s reluctance to follow the law and release this material shows that it, too, is not above politics," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.  "We will continue to investigate why the FBI improperly chose to keep this information secret."

5:00 You may have heard about this elsewhere by now, but here’s The Guardian on Assange "trademarking" his name.

3:00  Radware, a provider of integrated Application delivery and Network security solutions based in Tel Aviv, Israel, has in the past week been advertising a software solution that can protect "customers" from "WikiLeaks cyber-retaliation attacks." The solution is being promoted by @radware on Twitter: "With #DDoS all the rage, make sure your company is protected from #wikileaks like attacks: ."

@VivaAnonymous has responded: "#Anonymous: check out these clowns at @radware. They claim #ddos attacks are coming from #wikileaks."; and @0equals2 with Anonymous tweeted, "@radware #Wikileaks has attacked no one! It sounds to me like you don’t know what ur talking about! Trying to make $$ with #DDoS scare RU??"  (h/t KEvin Gosztola)

2:05  New Chomsky interview.  Asked about whether U.S. knew truth about Tunisia, he replies:  "In the case of Tunisia, which is kind of an interesting case, Tunisia was held as (the) very beacon of democracy and progress in the region. Some of the articles that appear kind of embarrassing to read now. But they knew. In fact one of the interesting WikiLeaks disclosures was series of cables by the American ambassador in Tunisia who said, very straight out, look this is a police state, there is no freedom of speech or association, the public is extremely angry at the corruption of the ruling family. So they knew but the … doctrine prevailed. It was quiet so everything was fine."  9h/t Kevin Gosztola)

2:00  Thanks to all for helping make my e-book The Age of WIkiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate  become the top-selling book on this subject (even topping the big boys at NYT and Guardian —and Daniel Domsheit-Berg, too) at Amazon.    Print edition here.  Hailed by Dan Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, and more.

12:45 New summary with links on Wikileaks cables impact from OpEdNews.

12:15 Chris Hedges in new Truthout piece focuses on antiwar demos coming up in March, but also mentions protest to support Bradley Manning on March 20 — and the importance of earlier WikiLeaks docs on Iraq and Afghan torture and civilian casualties.

11:20  We noted the new cables earlier, but here’s much more from on the Saudi royal spending and more.  "The cables, obtained by WikiLeaks and reviewed by Reuters, provide remarkable insight into how much the vast royal welfare program has cost the country — not just financially but in terms of undermining social cohesion."  Will this spark rebellion there?

10:05  Steve Aftergood:  "Awkwardness" of using Espionage Act to go after those who leak classified U.S. info raised again by the Jeffrey Sterling case.

10:00 Glenn Greenwald on what cables show about Sami al-Hajj, released from Gitmo and still little known in USA–but NOT abroad (the item is at very bottom of his column).

9:50  Now the Guardian joins the NYT and Wash Post in explaining stance (see below)  on publishing alleged Pakistan killer’s CIA llink (they did publish it, while others held back).

9:35 Toby Young at The Telegraph gave award for best Oscar tweet to Andy Borowitz: “BREAKING: WikiLeaks Releases 140,000 Pages of Aaron Sorkin’s Original Acceptance Speech.”

9:25  New at Michael Busch’s fine blog, new cable from Mexico:  "Monterey Jacked." 

9:15  Why is Foreign Policy crowd suggesting Seymour Hersh has gone around the bend?

8:55  And the hits keep coming:  First cables on Kenya released, including "Lies, lovers and Mercenaries in Kenya’s politics."   And "Whistleblower Details Money Laundering." 

7:35   As we’ve reported a few times, the NYT and Wash Post refused to publish fact that alleged killer Richard Davis  in Pakistan is a CIA operative, allowing The Guardian to break the story, raising questions about ethics in age of WikiLeaks.  Ombudsman for the two papers have reached different conclusions about this here and here.    Also, here is a comparison of U.S. treatment of Assange and Davis.

7:20  Business insider:  New WikiLeaks cable on Saudi Arabia naturally on the issue of …royal money.

12:35  Politico says Anonymous did take down the Koch brothers web site "intermittently" tonight, but it’s up now.  Still instructs, "Stand with Walker."  Anonymous had said,  "Anonymous cannot ignore the plight of the citizen-workers of Wisconsin, or the opportunity to fight for the people in America’s broken political system."

12:25  Revealing comments by NYT’s Elisabeth Bumiller (left) when  interviewed by campus paper at Brigham Young Univ, where she spoke.  She claims it’s damn WikiLeaks’  fault that administration was so tight-lipped about Egypt and other secrets.  "Because of WikiLeaks, [Defense Secretary Robert] Gates, who is former CIA director — and a big believer in secrets — has really clamped down on information. The Obama administration has been pretty tough about leakers. There’s been a chilling effect, so it’s hard. [Covering] Egypt was very tough. Gates [was] on the phone fairly often with counterparts in Egypt, and we had absolutely no light on what was being said. So it’s a problem. The WikiLeaks really shook them up at the Pentagon."

12:00 Michael Busch tweets:  "Fascinating new cable from #Kenya published by #WIkiLeaks: Lies, Lovers, and Mercenaries in Kenya’s Politics. "

From late Sunday

 Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan officials, says if "legal attempt" to nail Assange fails "he will simply be assassinated by CIA team."

My colleague Kevin Gosztola informs me: " Around 6 pm via Twitter:   ‘@AnonNewsNet: #OpWisconsin has DDoS’d Americans For Prosperity’s website ‘   Just as WI state was about to move in and remove protesters from capitol building. Just as state cut off wifi in the building too."

Ad Age, the premier advertising industry mag in USA, names WikiLeaks to its "Digital A-List" but feels need to defend the choice:  "But forget Mr. Assange, the man, for a moment. One thing about WikiLeaks, the organization, is certain: In the past year, it’s altered not only the media landscape, but the digital landscape, and the Digital A-List is about change agents who rewrite the rules — or write their own rules from scratch — for better or for worse."