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10:15   Human Rights Watch: Egypt welcomed more CIA detainees than any other country from 1990s through 2005.

7:35 David House in video talks about visit with Bradley Manning yesterday.  

7:15  Do I need to say this again to the lazy cynics?  WikiLeaks cables continue to prove valuable in so many ways.  Just check out this piece by the estimable James Mann at Foreign Policy on what they show about U.S. – China relations, how tense they are "in real time," and how one state dinner won’t do much really.

7:10 @WikiLeaks tweets: "WikiLeaks releases 480 secret cables on Libya ."

6:10  Heather Brooke of Guardian pokes some fun (via Twitter) at Telegraph for claiming Lockerbie scoop  (see below) from cable– and links to Guardian story in December.

5:50  Another excerpt from The Guardian book which reveals that the paper’s editor refused to share cables it planned to use with the State Dept. in a dramatic phone call –even refused to give them their ID numbers.  Yet the NYT, as editor Keller writes, shared quite a few and also decided not to publish some.

5:45  Another embarrassment from L.A. Times with headline: "R.I.P. WikiLeaks?"  

5:10  We reported earlier the apparent deal with Assange passing WikiLeaks cables to The Telegraph after rift with Guardian.  Now Telegraph reporting first purported scoop — on Lockerbie criminal release case.  Writer, at end, admits he was wrong about not much interesting in cables, now that his paper is getting them. UPDATE: And another, on BP’s Russian arm cutting deals with "rogue states."

5:00 The @WikiLeaks feed with links to new cables on Jordan, including deals with U.S. on Afghanistan.

3:45 Joe Klein at Time with hysterical attack on WIkiLeaks, or "WikiLoss" as he puts it.  Makes claims about damage done by cable that go way beyond what nearly anyone else is saying.  Says with no evidence at all that China has hacked into the entire cable cache.  Hails the prissy Bill Keller  NYT piece from Sunday.  Suggests Qaddafi could help al-Qaeda stage operaton from his country because he’s ticked about buxom nurse cable. And so on.

3:25  The Guardian with its latest extract from its new book, this time the full details, as they see it, on those now infamous, heated discussions with Assange in November over cablegate, and then how Der Spiegel scooped everyone, by a few hours. 

3:18: Good Huff Post piece on "scandal everyone missed" — on UK accepting storage of U.S. cluster bombs illegally.  Well, not everyone.  We noted it here way back in early December and it’s also in my book.

3:15 Dan Gillmor at Salon suggests that weak, even absurd, Steve Kroft questions in interview last night were actually designed as "softballs" that Assange could hit out of the park.  Certainly Kroft did come off as more admiring of Assange in the "extra" video posted online.

2:45  David Leigh at the Guardian refutes notion that paper, in its new book, fingered Manning as definite guilty party. 

1:15    "60 Minutes" ratings for Assange show last night ties low for year.  But had no football lead-in, but football competition, so hard to judge…

1:05  New post by Jane Hamsher at FDL on visit yesterday (with David House) with Bradley Manning, first in a month.  Lengthy.   Even gets into Manning on Tunisia and Egypt.  "Bradley was brought in to meet with David, per usual, in chains. His MAX custody classification means that the entire facility is on lockdown whenever he leaves his cell, and he must be accompanied by two guards at all time. During his conversations with David, Manning’s guards listen closely to everything they say, and make it a point to make noise and shift around frequently to call attention to their presence in the room."

11:40  Financial Times:  Assange, miffed at The Guardian, has signed agreement with rival London paper The Telegraph to publish cables in future (maybe bank release etc.).  Not confirmed by either side but FT seems pretty sure of it.

11:35 My brand-new book: This is the only place it can be purchased now, with no Amazon or store sales.   It’s a 156-page paperback, selling for $11.95, and can be shipped all over the world.  Hailed by Dan Ellsberg and Glenn Greenwald.   Covers events through this week.  Just posted, 2nd exclusive excerpt from  book.

11:25  Norwegian paper Aftenposten with yet another cable — this one on Norway making direct contact with the Taliban.  The government has denied.

11:15  Las Vegas paper with local angle (and case) on the defeat of whistleblower protections in Congress after WikiLeaks furor.

11:00  AP:  At that mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors (180) called by Hillary Clinton, topic of WikiLeaks fallout to be discussed…

10:30  Wonder why Glenn Greenwald has been so quiet the past few days? He explains today that he’s been very ill and is still in the hospital. 

9:45  Good piece here on James Ball, WikiLeaks "in-house journalist" who was so involved in releases this year.  He was there when Assange was to the manor borne.   Now he’s joining The Guardian.

9:35  Opening with a reference to WikiLeaks, column at The Guardian on "unprecedented" debate over social responsibility and ethics for media.

9:10  Just posted, 2nd exclusive excerpt from my WIkiLeaks book:  Forget "60 Minutes"– what happened when Stephen Colbert grilled Julian Assange last April?  A classic.   If you missed yesterday: First excerpt  from book. 

9:00 It takes all kinds: New York Yankees fan imagines what would happen if WikiLeaks exposed secrets of his team…

8:00  24/7 Wall St. blog claims banks don’t much to fear from WikiLeaks since they’ve been under such scrutiny from governmetn past two years.  Oh really?

7:50  The Overnight Report (by Asher Wolf)  Paul Carr at Tech Crunch has produced an intensely venomous article, describing Julian Assange as a "pig-to-man" …..Meanwhile, Michael Goodwin at Fox News claims Wikileaks is an organization "eager to damage America." …. But Barry Miles at The Guardian disagrees: Wikileaks acts "… in the tradition of the underground press, particularly as the US is attempting to suppress it, just as it tried to undermine the underground papers that led the anti-Vietnam campaign." …El Pais’  latest on Assange and Wikileaks.

7:30  The Guardian continues its rollout of its new WikiLeaks book with video featuring three of the authors.  See other excerpts.  Assange criticized paper’s coverage yesterday.  Plus from its techies: How it has handled WikiLeaks "data."

12:05 Assange for Nobel Peace Prize?  Sure to be nominated by deadline Tuesday but experts skeptical.  Case in Sweden doesn’t help.

12:02  WL Central reviews the day in WikiLeaks–and new protests in the Sudan as Al Jazeera gets the boot in Egypt.

12:01  David Swanson reviews the "60 Minutes" interview and wonders why the world of what the WikiLeaks releases have exposed was left out.

12:00 My Nation colleague Kevin Gosztola on  "ROTC’s Response to WikiLeaks Puts Academic Freedom at Risk."

From late Sunday:

Andy Greenberg of Forbes on that CBS poll we noted earlier with 42% saying they didn’t really know what the hell WikiLeaks is.  

In "overtime" segment, CBS posts video on interviewing Assange — Kroft much more favorable than in interview and even says flatly that, yes, he does feel Assange IS a journalist and IS a publisher.  Says stereotypes about Assange mainly false.  Interviewed for six hours, disrupted by having to go to police station. Many more extras here. 

"60 Minutes"  needs to correct error– Assange did NOT decide to share cables with NYT — the Guardian did against his wishes.

Feeble "60 Minutes" effort by Steve Kroft–among other things, acted like the media also publishes classified info all the time.  Assange hit several questions out of the park, and likely encouraging more leaks and money to WikiLeaks. 

@WikiLeaks feed hits The Guardian for extract from book:  "Guardian names Manning as source.  Sarah Tisdall mark 2. The slimiest media organization in the UK….  It should be noted, that as far as we know, neither we, nor the Guardian have any inside knowledge as to who the sources are."  David Leigh of The Guardian fires right back:  "All the #guardian book says abt bradley manning is already in public domain. Of course we don’t name a ‘source’. Why Lie, Julian?"   And;"  You won’t go to heaven if you lie about the #Guardian book.  You’ll go somewhere else." 

From "Collater…