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UPDATE  Tuesday’s blog now up here.

11:45  Foreign Policy post calls Palestine Papers not WikiLeaks but NastyLeaks — passed along by "disgruntled" Palestinains eager to sabotage leadership in peace talks.

10:50  From Japan Times: Waiting for WikiLeaks dam to break in Japan.

10:45  From NYT:    Hillary Clinton goes to Mexico but refuses to discuss the embarrassing Wiki cables on drug war at press conference.

8:10  Big news from NBC tonight: Military admits it can’t link Bradley Manning to Assange.   Also:  "The officials told NBC News that a U.S. Marine commander did violate procedure when he placed Manning on ‘suicide watch’ last week." .

6:50  More attacks on Al Jazeera and the Palestine Paper leaks from Palestinian leaders today.  AP report:  "The Palestinians now have their own version of a WikiLeaks scandal.President Mahmoud Abbas and his aides went on the attack Monday, accusing Al-Jazeera television of lies and distortions in publishing the so-called Palestine Papers… Despite the angry denials, the hunt was on for the leaker.

"On Monday, an angry crowd of about 250 Palestinians gathered outside the West Bank’s main Al-Jazeera office, with some smashing the station’s logo and glass panels in the front door. In the search for the leak, suspicion fell on low-level employees from a support office for Palestinian negotiators. Palestinian intelligence searched computer files in the office Monday, but it was not clear if any arrests were made."

6:45:   WikiLeaks reportedly gets full support from largely Arab audience at Doha.  Desbate descibed pro and con.

6:05  PDF forum (I hyped it below) just started live streaming here, with Birgitta Jonsdottir, Clay Shirky, Floyd Abrams, more. Birgitta beaming in via Skype and she explains that she’d like to be there but her attorneys advised she should not risk comig to USA due to the Twitter subpoenas.

6:00 Jane Hamsher on MSNBC:   Bradley Manning’s Abuse Will Only Stop When People Ask Questions 

4:15  Don’t miss Raffi Khatchadourian piece at New Yorker just up  He’s written some  key Wikileaks pieces — going back to his on-the-scene article on final editing of Collateral Murder video now bought for possible movie.  New piece probes the Al Jazeera "Palestine Papers" leak as part of new leak arms race, beyond WIkiLeaks.  As he points out, Al Jazeera  had earlier formed a Transparency Unit to accept leaks and he speculates that other leading news outlets, including NYT, may soon do the same.  "N]o matter what the outcome, it is hard not to expect greater convergence between old and new media in a way that will strengthen the journalistic project overall."

3:15  More from today’s Palestine Papers leak:  Condi Rice proposed giving Palestinian refugees land in South America, namely Argentina and Chile, as alternative to letting them return to homes in Israel or occupied territories.  She made the proposal in a June 2008 meeting "with US, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators in Berlin," according to minutes of the encounter seen by the Guardian.

 3:10 More shockers from Day 2 of the Palestine Papers just up at The Guardian.  Toppers:  Leaked papers reveal Palestinian leaders gave up fight fo refugees  • Negotiators agreed only 10,000 to return • PLO agreed Israel could be a ‘Jewish state’  • US suggested refugees go to Latin America.

2:35  Foreign Policy: After Tunisia, is Algeria next?  "While the community of Middle East leak-watchers is focused on al-Jazeera’s release of 1,600 documents from the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, WikiLeaks has released a number of U.S. diplomatic cables that call into question the long-term viability of Algerian strongman Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Particularly in the wake of Tunisia’s revolt — and the U.S. embassy’s success at identifying the seeds of unrest there — these cables deserve a close read"

2:30  Dave Winer at NiemanLab:  Educating "journo-programmers" in the Age of WikiLeaks. 

2:00 Preview of tonight’s Personal Democracy Forum swell panel with Clay Shirky, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Floyd Abrams, more.  Watch it online.

12:50 Important piece in The New Yorker by the always-vital Steve Coll on WikiLeaks and Tunisia and more. "The Obama Administration’s policies are likely to have only indirect influence in Tunis. Nonetheless, the White House has a choice: to support Tunisia’s transition toward inclusive democracy or to keep a distance, so as to avoid alienating the Egyptian and Saudi regimes, and to thwart Islamists who might now seek to enter Tunisian politics." 

12:20  New cables:  El Pais on Mexico letting U.S. interview foreign nationals at illegal immigration centers…   Jordan offered U.S. more support in Afghanistan — in exchange for econ aid, of course.   The coalition of the schilling?

11:56  Edward S. Herman and David Peterson compare the Assange and Posada cases.

11:30  Andy Greenberg, close follower of all things WikiLeaks at Forbes, with new blog post on WikiLeaks saying, no, we did not hack Iceland’s Parliament!  And, indeed, evidence for that is very thin.   "The Althingi investigation may better reflect attempts by WikiLeaks’ legal enemies to tie the organization to direct data theft, rather than mere anonymous leaking."

10:50  The Guardian with "furious" reaction throughout Middle East to the "Palestine Papers" leak.

10:35  Good World Policy piece on cables re: Norway vs. WalMart.  We had something on this last week but good take here. 

10:10  Manning, the Barricades:  We had this a couple days ago, but getting more attention: Amnesty Int’l hits prison conditions for Bradley Manning.

9:50    Okay, folks, here is final chance for you to weigh in on  the cover, as of now, for my book (available in about one week).   Title, design, colors, photo, could still all be changed (by me) in next couple days.  Feedback appreciated @GregMitch or:   Subhed, if you can’t read it, is "From Collateral Murder to Cablegate."  I suppose I could add, "and Beyond."   The "age" of WikiLeaks is meant to be broad — how WL has inspired "age of leaks,"  witness the Al Jazeera release yesterday, Rudolf Elmer, Open Leaks launch.   Yes, there is a Bradley Manning chapter.  (Note:  Various rights, including foreign, available for book, I can be contacted at email above.)  This is my 11th book, some of previous ones featured here.

9:45  On Democracy Now!  Rashid Khalidi: Leaked "Palestine Papers" underscore weakness of Palestinian Authority, rejectionism of Israel and U.S. 

9:40 If you’ve wondered how Perez Hilton would cover Assange films in the works.  He’s breathless already!

8:55 More on talk by Open Leaks guy here. "The problem with WikiLeaks, Domscheit-Berg says, is that it is trying to do too many things and reinvent too many wheels.  Specifically, it is not only allowing companies and individuals to make public information that might not otherwise be made public–a noble and worthwhile goal, according to Domscheit-Berg–it is also pronouncing judgement on that information and choosing which information to release based on its own political goals." 

8:50  Update from Alan Fisher (see just below):  "The crowd has managed to get into the office in Ramaallah. #aljazeera‘s staff is ok. Some walls have graffiti." 

8:20  Alan Fisher, Al Jazeera English correspondent in London, just tweeted: "I‘m told the Palestinian Security forces have entered #aljazeera‘s Ramallah office."  Remember, some Palestinian leaders have called documents in the big leak "fabricated."

8:15  The Guardian has added a "Palestine Papers" live blog while continuing its Wiki Blog.   The next big daily release will be mid-afternoon, like yesterday.

8:00  Open Leaks leader  (ex-WikiLeaks spokesman with book coming out vs. Assange) streaming talk today will be here, comments on the Al Jazeera leak should be interesting.

7:55  Guardian’s latest coverage on the Palestine Papers all found here, though most posted yesterday afternoon with not much updating yet. The liberal Israeli daily paper Haaretz says this leak "trumps WikiLeaks," highlights Palestinians being willing to compromise.

12:40  Juan Cole with latest on Bradley Manning incarceration, the activists turned away on Sunday, and comparing him to Tunisian who set himself on fire.


11:20 NYT with first story of its own on the Palestine Papers, after running only AP all day.   U.S. State Dept. saying it cannot vouch for authenticity of papers yet.

11:15  Al Jazeera describes its new "Transparency Unit" which (presumably) was responsible for today’s big Palestine Papers release.

11:10   AOL "foreign policy correspondent" just reported falsely  that Palestine Papers came via WikiLeaks.   As I noted at 3 pm today, go to home page of The Guardian for a dozen stories, commentary, data, video, more.

11:05  El Pais first to publish cables on rampart corruption in Cuba, according to U.S. diplomat.

10:00  Here we go: Palestinian official calls parts of Palestine Paper leak "fabricated."  But then, he almost has to.  Time will tell.  The Guardian with other reactions.

6:30  NYT carries AP story on the big Al Jazeera / Guardian coverage of "The Palestine Papers."

5:50  Glenn Greenwald tweets re: the item just below:  "The point of the Quantico episode was to deny Manning his only real visitor: more likely solitary will crack him & induce anti-WL testimony."

4:30  FireDogLake now with full wrapup of today’s events at Quantico, with Jane Hamsher and David House denied a visit with Bradley Manning, car searched and impounded, and so on.

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