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10:40  WikiLeaks press release offers condolences on Tucson shootings and points out the many threats of violence, death and assassination against Assange and others connected to their org.  Closes with,  “We call on US authorities and others to protect the rule of law by aggressively prosecuting these and similar incitements to kill. A civil nation of laws can not have prominent members of society constantly calling for the murder and assassination of other individuals or groups.”

9:20  Ryan Singel at Wired: Twitter’s response to the DOJ move should be "industry’s standard."

7:35  This is rich:  Woman who apparently (see below) registered JulianAssangeMustDie as a domain name does joint podcasts with… Andrew Malcolm, the former Laura Bush aide and longtime L.A. Times blogger.  "Malcolm & Melissa." 

7:30  For a walk down memory lane, check out my WikiLeaks blogging more than six weeks ago — on Day 1.  As always, starts at bottom.  A couple of hours of  run-up speculation and then the first, well-coordinated,  media coverage of big doc dump in early afternoon.

6:55  State Dept. "spokesman" Crowley questioned several times on DOJ vs. Twitter and Iceland ministry calling in U.S. Ambassador.  Crowley manages to say little eight different ways.   (h/t @Asher_Wolf) 

6:20  Clouthier (see below) recently wrote that the "ultimate truth" is: Obama is a "lazy moron." 

5:55 More from @EvgenyMorozov who has been on this all day:  "Wow! is registered to Clouthier is a blogger for RightWingNews and StopTheACLU."   Proof here.   She hasn’t added anything to her site since October but tweets @Melissatweets. 

5:30  Big news, my Twitter source who works for the Aftenposten paper in Norway, tweets for my attention:  "Aftenposten shares full Cablegate dump with Danish newspaper Politiken."   Have to trust without translation but he’s always been on the money.

5:25  Evgeny Morozov tweets:  "Brace yourself: someone has already registered"   Earlier today from him: "why is GoDaddy making money off and"   And:  "FBI has purchased to redirect it to That’s gross." 

5:20  My Nation colleague Katha Pollitt with new column: "Naomi Wolf, Wrong Again on Rape."   Assange-related, of course.

5:15  The Guardian newspaper names Assange as Person of the Year–The Guardian of Nigeria, that is.

1:00  Off to NYC for a few hours, sorry, back maybe about 5.

12:20  New from ProPublica:  Which Senator Sabotaged the Popular Whistleblower Protection Bill? 

11:20  More from Assange attorney Mark Stephens on utter "harassment" of the DOJ move on Twitter.

10:40  Micah Sifty, like The Guardian today, announces upcoming instant WL book, out in a month or so.

10:10  Much here at WL Central on the hacking of the Fine Gael site, which may not be WIkiLeaks-related.

9:40  New from Glenn Greenwald on the DOJ / Twitter case and US trying to produce climate of  "fear." 

9:30  Surprisingly tough LA Times editorial calling prison conditions for Bradley Manning "indefensible." Chares, "the conditions under which he is being held at the Marine detention center at Quantico, Va., are so harsh as to suggest he is being punished for conduct of which he hasn’t been convicted."

9:25   Next Assange hearing tomorrow at 10 am, London time, and moved to large venue due to interest.

9:20  Life story of Assange, newsreel style. (h/t  @Asher_Wolf)  


9:10  Swiss banker who helped WIkiLeaks three years ago faces trial.

8:15 a.m.  The Guardian finally announces its upcoming book, which has different title and subtitle than what was recently posted at Amazon and another book site. Investigations ed David Leigh boasts, "The real story of WikiLeaks has yet to be told and this book will lift the lid on the Guardian’s unique partnership with Julian Assange, one of the world’s most controversial figures. Readers will have a ringside seat as the extraordinary twists and turns of the WikiLeaks story unfold. It’s a story of secret document dumps, spying and sex allegations, written by Guardian journalists who worked with Assange and followed his mission every step of the way. This book will bring you as close to the unvarnished truth as you’re likely to get."

7:45  Assange seems to have said in an interview, according to Bloomberg, that he will not be publishing those "bank documents" soon due (ironically) to money problems.

7:40  The Guardian says it is finally re-launching its "You Ask, We Tell" search feature on the unpublished cables. And it’s back with its weekday blog .

12:20  Transcript of Dan Ellsberg interview on backing Manning and Assange on Scott Horton’s radio show for

12:10  In wake of DOJ vs. Twitter, NYT looks at web privacy law from 1986 "outrun" by the Internet.

12:05  Hollywood’s popular "The Wrap" blog looks with bemusement at battles of media titans over WIkiLeaks (Nick Davies vs. Bianca Jagger, Greenwald vs. Poulson, and so on). 

From late Sunday

Paris Match interview with Assange , translated. "Wearing a bracelet is much more bothersome than being in prison. It’s like… like a chastity belt.  Something that undermines your physical integrity…. the reality is that I was in solitary confinement, and today I’m under house arrest. Whereas people in the American adminstration who have organized murders by the thousands, war crimes, torture, are free.  We are certainly a courageous organization, but not a powerful one…. Sarah Palin said that I should be pursued like Osama bin Laden. I say to her: ‘Good, that’ll take you at least ten years!’ "

ACLU on chilling effect of DOJ move on Twitter: "These government requests for detailed information about individuals’ Internet communications raise serious First Amendment concerns and will have a chilling effect on people’s willingness to engage in lawful communications over the Internet."

Several Hillary Clinton statements on Wikileaks today, reported by Wash Post, on visit to UAE, including: "I think I will be answering concerns about WikiLeaks for the rest of my life, not just the rest of my tenure as secretary of State." And Clinton said she needed a tour jacket, similar to ones used by rock bands, that would have a "big picture of the world and would say The Apology Tour " on it.

Nancy Youssef, veteran correspondent at McClatchy: In WIkiLeaks fight, US Journos Take the Fifth. "Just three years after a major court confrontation that saw many of America’s most important journalism organizations file briefs on WikiLeaks’ behalf, much of the U.S. journalistic community has shunned Assange—even as reporters write scores, if not hundreds, of stories based on WikiLeaks’ trove of leaked State Department cables…. With a few notable exceptions, it’s been left to foreign journalism organizations to offer the loudest calls for the US to recognize WikiLeaks’ and Assange’s right to publish under the US Constitution’s First Amendment."

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