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UPDATE:  Here’s the Tuesday edition of this blog.

11:30  "X7o" at WL Central rips James Richardson piece in The Guardian today that used the term "Collateral Murder" for possible result of Wiki cablegate on Zimbadwe.  Among issues raised is one we noted today: That The Guardian itself seems to have been first to post the fateful cable.  Just now the "official" @WikiLeaks twitter feed added: "It is not acceptable the Guardian to blame us for a cable the Guardian selected and published on Dec 8."

10:25  Bradley Manning’s lawyer David Coombs with new blog post on motion to dismiss due to lack of speedy move to trial. "The Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial is applied to military jurisprudence through two separate and distinct provisions….."

10:20  Jay Rosen tweets: "For each week I’ve followed the Wikileaks story, the significance of this Oct. 2009 article in Computer World has grown. 

9:20 Remarkable charting here of the more than 2000 cables now published, broken down several ways.

9:15  Psychologists for Social Responsibility send letter to Robert Gates protesting inhumane treatment of Bradley Manning.

9:10  Interesting Haaretz piece on the media "revolution" promised by WikiLeaks and the Web — or, maybe not.

5:20  Foreign Policy writer on Issa: Yeah, why haven’t we prosecuted Assange–under non-existent laws? Maybe should call it The Rule of Non-Laws? 

3:50  A fun Vanity Fair piece provides a Bank of America "checklist" for WikiLeaks assault.

3:20   A turd blossoms in Sweden :  Not an easy read, but an update on Karl Rove’s possible role in prosecution of Assange, at FDL.

2:15  Did WikiLeaks inspire its own likely  "Collateral Murder" in Zimbadwe?  James Richardson in The Guardian probes.  Critic of Mugabe imperiled.  But The Guardian itself published the fateful cable on Dec. 8.

2:05  Interesting Financial TImes piece on business leadership in the Age of WikiLeaks.  "In a world of naked corporations facing public exposure from leakers and whistleblowers alike, business leaders will need to take their new year’s resolutions to lose weight and get fit very seriously indeed. Just as purveyors of fizzy drinks and crisps may soon face an obesity tax, the flabby corporation will face a WikiLeaks ‘reputational tax’."

1:05  Peter Kemp on death threats against Assange, incitement — and the law.

12:20  New from Glenn Greenwald:  "There is simply no limit on the manipulation and exploitation of the term ‘terrorism’  by America’s political class. Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell support endless policies that slaughter civilians for political ends, yet with a straight face accuse Julian Assange — who has done nothing like that — of being a ‘terrorist.’"

12:10  Juan Cole:  Wiki release of full, famous 1990 April Glaspie memo "vindicates" her, re: Saddam

11:25  Germany denies secret spy project with USA (see below).

11:15  Tweet for me from @darrylmason:  "Do u realize if #CableGate releases flow at current rate & u keep up day by day coverage, you’ll be doing this for 7 more years?"   Yeah, going for the Guinness — in both meanings of that word. 

10:35 Weeks ago, I noted that in his first big post-Cablegate interview, Assange said, offhandedly, that there were a few UFO mentions in the 250,000 cables — but why not, since silly or mysterious sightings are reported around the world every week? Well, UFOlogists seized on that and have since proclaimed major revelations to come, such as a U.S.-Russia battle with saucers over Antarctica. For a look at part of this nonsense, go here.

10:25 Forbes columnist looks at Bank of America plans to respond to Wiki hit, but closes by asking execs: Are YOU prepared. Because Assange might be coming to get ya.

10:00 Besides continuing this feed, my regular blog at The Nation returned today after a holiday layoff, check it out here.

9:45 And the Wikileaks hits just keep on a-coming: AP with account of latest cable released by Norwegian paper. "Germany and the U.S. are planning a $270 million satellite spying program that is causing friction in the European Union, according to WikiLeaks documents published by Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten on Monday."

9:40 Patrick Cockburn on his famous father, J. Assange, and "Puncturing State Secrets."

9:00 Q & A with Jessica Valenti on charges against Assange and his defenders: "I think as a culture we tend to think of rapists as obvious bad guys – like a scary man jumping out of the bushes. When it comes to those on the Left, the same is true – people don’t want to believe that one of their progressive heroes could ever do something so terrible. But someone can be a great guy when it comes to politics and still be a rapist. It’s not a zero sum game."

8:50 The Guardian has slacked off on cable coverage but now has a new one on U.S. pressuring European Union to accept GM — genetic modification, that is.

8:20 Poynter asks panel to look ahead in 2011. Headline: "Imagine a Julian Assange in every state and major city in the US."

8:00 Toronto Star: New cable shows U.S. seeking to join Japan in action against prominent anti-whaling group.

7:50 Jeff Jarvis on the below: "Would be kinda funny if B of A got punked."

7:40 New NYT piece on how Bank of America is preparing for the rumored massive WikiLeaks release, which hoping that Assange is only "bluffing." A team "of 15 to 20 top Bank of America officials, led by the chief risk officer, Bruce R. Thompson, has been overseeing a broad internal investigation — scouring thousands of documents in the event that they become public, reviewing every case where a computer has gone missing and hunting for any sign that its systems might have been compromised." And much more.

7:30 Not, strictly speaking, WikiLeaks but my new Nation piece on upcoming film about guy who would have surely had an interesting take on it: folk singer / political activist (and my onetime friend) Phil Ochs.

From late yesterday

On Fox, Judy Miller calls Assange a "bad journalist" and he didn’t "verify" his sources. However, current scorecard reads: Miller helped kill hundreds of thousands, Assange zero.

NYT finally back in business in the WikiLeaks cable game, with major report, making use of hundreds of cables detailing use of diplomats as "sales" agents more than previously thought, centering on jet rivalrty, Boeing vs. Airbus. Hints of corruption and bribes. "It is not surprising that the United States helps American companies doing business abroad, given that each sale is worth thousands of jobs and that their foreign competitors do the same. But like the other WikiLeaks cables, these offer a remarkably detailed look at what had previously been only glimpsed — in this case, the sales war between American diplomats and their European counterparts."

Jeremy Scahill tweets: "Wikileaks releases oft-discussed April Glaspie cable from Iraq in 1990 before Kuwait invasion."

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