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7:30  Another country heard from!  This time it’s ElSalvadorLeaks, with  news on trouble with U.S. relations.

5:55 Part V of my series on Bradley Manning, marking 5th anniv of his arrest and tomorrow’s PBS program.  Do the chat logs provide evidence against Assange? 

5:45  Michael Busch with another good post on far-flung WikiLeaks fallout, this time on….Mauritania.

2:45   Manning Support Network just announced a teleconference for this Wednesday, featuring Assange, Ellsberg, Greenwald, others, marking nearly the first anniv of his arrest in Iraq. 

1:50  ABC News: New cables push U.S. and Pakistan relations "to the brink." 

1:45  The plot thickens, as EFF and ACLU ask, who ratted out WikiLeaks

1:40  Another day, another media partner for WikiLeaks and new cables for that that country: Malaysia.

1:35  New low prices for my book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or  Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here, both hailed by Glenn Greenwald, Dan Ellsberg,  Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman.

11:20  From @WlLegal:  "Australian PM declared #WikiLeaks "illegal" then waited 5 days to read "urgent" memo informing her no law was broken  "

10:40  My colleague Kevin Gosztola with a new interview probing the Pakistan Papers release.

9:30  After all the books, music videos and movie deals, now there’s a "WikiPlay" opening.

 8:55  My new piece previews major Frontline piece on WikiLeaks, Assange and Manning, this Tuesday.

8:50  Assange speaks to Brighton Festival — via web link. 

12:00  Now NYT gets to subject  of that British test  case on privacy,  free speech,  Twitter and "super injunctions." 

From late Sunday

If you saw NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake on "60 Minutes" and his "chilling" warning, check out Jane Mayer’s New Yorker piece from earlier this week.

First cable leaks re: Jamaica, published today in new WikiLeaks partner paper there, having big potential impact, this report claims.

Another WikiLeaks bombshell from Pakistan Papers, here covered by Fox News:  Donors in UAE and  Saudi Arabia sending $100 million to Pakistran to fund "militant" schools. "The donations come from Islamic charities and missionary organizations and are made ‘ostensibly with the direct support’  of the Saudi and Emirati governments, said the cable, which was written in November 2008 and was based on Pakistani government and nongovernment sources that were not identified.

Part III of my series marking 1st anniv of the "Unmaking of Bradley Manning," w/ extensive excerpts from chat logs.

  Analysis of Pakistan Papers from home news outlet, Dawn Media.  "If there is a theme as such in the 4,000-plus cables read by Dawn, it is the unparalleled access Americans enjoy in Pakistan. Hardly surprising, though it is something else to see it in black and white, over and over again, in cable after cable. The political class is seen perennially knocking on the doors of American officials to share information and vie for support.

"And American officials appear to have open-door access at the highest echelons of political and military power in the country."