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UPDATE: Here is this blog for Tuesday.

9:45  That site that brought you an archive of 1000 or more videos related to WikiLeaks and Assange now does same for Bradley Manning.

4:15  Hot new video below, backing Bradley Manning — depicting all of the positive results he (allegedly) produced — in support of campaign on his behalf.

3:40  Valuable McClatchy summary of what fresh Wikileaks cables reveal about U.S. and its diplomats discussions, obsessions and manuevering around the world relating to oil.   How’s this: Nearly 1 in 10 of the 250,000 cables focus at least partly on oil.  ‘In the cables, U.S. diplomats can be found plotting ways to prevent state entities such as Gazprom from taking control of key petroleum facilities, pressing oil companies to adjust their policies to match U.S. foreign policy goals, helping U.S.-based oil companies arrange deals on favorable terms and pressing foreign governments to assist companies that are willing to do the U.S.’s bidding."


2:55 Glenn Greenwald and others pointing to new piece by Jane Mayer in New Yorker on Obama vs. whistleblowers as "article of the month."

2:50  New project on use of prologned solitary confinement as form of  "torture" in U.S. prisons.

2:40  Interesting close-up look by San Diego news outlets on what the cables reveal about local congressman and GOP power Darrell Issa and his travels / diplomacy abroad.

12:05  New post at New Statesman site (which started the whole controversy): Another ex-WikiLeaker now explains why she DID sign a non-disclosure agreement.  It was a different contract, with less of a penalty, and would expire soon, but she still offers a different, not so critical, interpretation of what the NDAs were all about. 

10:30  New U.S. ambassador finally ready to go in Turkmen — after embarassing WikiLeaks revelations?

10:10  Nearing first anniversary of Bradley Manning’s alleged "chats" with Adrian Lamo (left).

10:00  Not a WikiLeaks book but happy about it all the same: My book "Why Obama Won,"  on the wild campaign of  2008 — and lessons for today —  finally re-published as an e-book today, check it out.  Of course, you can still find it in print, as well.

8:40  Colombia has its own WikiLeaks type file release and impact – the "FARC Files."  

8:30  State Dept finally to get new spokesperson — replacing P.J. Crowley, pushed out after his protest against treatment of Bradley Manning.

12:05  Bombshell CBC coverage in Canada: Cable suggests gov’t there clanedestinely aimed to joined U.S. invasion of Iraq. "According to the U.S. account, Wright "emphasized" that contrary to public statements by the prime minister, Canadian naval and air forces could be "discreetly" put to use during the pending U.S.-led assault on Iraq and its aftermath."

From late Sunday

Why WikilLeaks needed: Congress Votes to Keep Files on Argentina Regime Secret. 

Gitmo expert Andy Worthington with new series: "The Unknown Prisoners (Part I of 5)." 

Of course, there is WikiLeaks angle and revelation in cable, in NYT‘s big scoop on Blackwater "army." You’ll find it in middle of story. “He sees the logic of war dominating the region, and this thinking explains his near-obsessive efforts to build up his armed forces,” said a November 2009 cable from the American Embassy in Abu Dhabi.  Paging Jeremy Scahill!