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8:50  Kevin Drum at Mother Jones wonders about fellow MoJo scribe David Corn breaking story this morning (see below) on possible link of NYC pharmacist to al-Qaeda anthrax notions.

11:55 Dave Weigel in Slate:  Even Oath Keepers leader at recent Tea Party event hits treatment of Bradley Manning.

10:00 Bill Marimow, longtime top newspaper editor (I used to talk to him when I was at E&P) weighs in briefly on WikiLeaks providing public necessary into, and compares to Pentagon Papers.

9:40  Oh, great:  Cable shows head of Pakistan’s army does not agree with president’s view that country should have no-first-use of nuclear weapons policy.

9:25  Another absurd detail from WSJ "leak" site–uploaded must own copyright on docs???

7:50  David Corn in Mother Jones: A "chillng" section in one of the Gitmo files suggests that an "anthrax operative" owns four pharmacies in New York City.   "Either the information regarding this suspect is accurate or not. If it is, an Al Qaeda operative linked to biological and chemical weapons owns pharmacies in New York, giving him access to a variety of controlled substances that could be of use to terrorists."

7:40  The Norwegian paper Aftenposten has just published 38 new docs from WikiLeaks on the final phase of the war in Sri Lanka.  Translations here.  My source there describes one:  "US Ambassador Robert Blake warned Sri Lanka’s foreign minister in March 2009, two months before the war ended, that the actions of the SL army could lead to tens of thousands of deaths and that this would lead to international condemnation and war crimes charges. The foreign minister ignored him."

7:30  New interview with Daniel Domscheit -Berg.

12:00 Now NYT covers story we reported Sunday, new cables showing Japanese failures on nuclear plants and U.S. concern.

From late Sunday 

From London’s The Independent:  Journo describes going for a job interview for minor WikiLeaks job — and getting grilled by Assange himself.

More on big WikiLeaks release today on Japan shortcomings in nuclear plant safety, this time from WSJ.   "The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident exposed flaws in the Japanese government’s measures to guard the country’s reactors against earthquakes and tsunamis. U.S. officials have in recent years also worried that Japanese officials haven’t taken enough precautions to protect the facilities from terrorist attacks, according to diplomatic documents released over the weekend on the Wikileaks website."

  WikiLeaks releases cables on Japan’s history with nuclear power.  The dam has finally broken on the 7000 cables from Tokyo.

WikiLeaks cable : Pakistan ISI allowed terrorists to attack India, says Gitmo detainee.

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