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5:20  The Guardian covers UN rep’s protest over not getting allowed to see Manning (see my links below), and Glenn Greenwald notes: "It’s quite telling how one has to go to a British newspaper to read about U.S. abuse of a U.S. servicemember: ."

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2:05  Update to below: UN guy now says he would "reluctantly" agree to a "monitored" visit with Manning although demands unmonitored.

1:00  (AP)  " A U.N. torture investigator says he is frustrated at being denied an unmonitored visit to a U.S. Army private suspected of giving classified material to WikiLeaks.  Juan Mendez says the U.S. government "has not been receptive to a confidential meeting" with Pfc. Bradley Manning.

"Mendez said in a statement Monday that a monitored conversation would be counter to the practice of his U.N. mandate. Officials at the U.S. mission in Geneva said they weren’t immediately able to comment.  Manning is being held in solitary confinement in Quantico, Virginia, for all but an hour every day." UPDATE:  Fire Dog Lake launching protest drive, petition, about all of this, plus similar refusal to let Rep. Kucinich visit.


12:20  Revealing the dangers of relying on formerly "secret" documents as gospel: Media taken in by FBI doc that is based on  60-year-old UFO crash hoax.  Interesting reading about the twisting and twisted trail.  "Several news outlets have repotted the memo as "proof" that the government knew about crashes of alien spacecraft in Roswell. But not only does the memo say no such thing, it isn’t even connected to the town of Roswell."  (h/t Kevin Gosztola)

11:45 My colleague Kevin Gosztola files report on WikiLeaks issues raised at the National Conference for Media Reform — not our panel, but related concerns, wide-ranging.

11:30 My new book, Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences, just published as e-book here and print here. E-book also means phones, iPad, PC reading, etc.  My book The Age of WikiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond) also out in print and e-book. Books are only $9.95 print and $3.99 electronic.

10:45  Not earth shaking at all but shows the reach: First cable on Malta published and The Times of Malta covers it as big deal.  Involves China.

9:50  As voting nears it end this week in annual TIME mag "most influential" poll, Julian Assange remains at #9 and Bradley Manning has gained three spots since yesterday, to #26.    The top three, to give you some perspective, remain Rain, Jay Chou and Susan Boyle.  Christopher Hitchens does come in #7.   Ron Paul is #10.  Somehow Manning tops Stewart and Colbert, even as a tandem they can do no better than #29.    Manning also tops Obama, Hillary, and Steve Jobs….

9:45 We’ve covered this for a few days but now it’s gained such prominence that even Politico is looking at it:  the protest letter signed by over 250 academics and scholars re: brig conditions for Bradley Manning. And Glenn Greenwald with new column here, with special mention of Obama being singled out, a huge embarrassment coming from Laurence Tribe and others.

9:25  We’ve covered the debate in several posts (see below) but now the New Statesman, a sponsor, has posted the full video of Assange speaking (11 minutes) .  But responses to him also worth checking out.

9:20  AP:  New cables show politicians and the military are actually the chief culprits in oil thefts in Nigeria– not the militants.

8:30  Ouch: China hits back at complaints about its human rights record by citing U.S. going after WikiLeaks and haltign "free flow" of info.    Not sure what this means, but it also said  Washington "wants to practice diplomacy by other means, including the Internet, particularly the social networks."

8:20  Lengthy interview with Assange in Australia, with video and transcript.  Among much else, he again responds to Guardian claim that he said informants may deserve to die:   "No, and we are suing them for libel  and we have witnesses to show that is a libellous claim, and is an ongoing dispute, so there’s a lot of vitriol in the top end of the news business and a lot of back-stabbing, and unfortunately we happen to be on the receiving end of it from this individual." "So you’re saying that that statement was completely fabricated?"  "It is completely fabricated."  He also challenges view that WikiLeaks is "polariziing," claiming it is far more popular than not.

8:00  Ha, now he’s really made the big time.  Special issue of Benetton’s "Colors" magazine will feature "super heroes" from around the world,  and Assange made the cut.

12:05 Full report on new cables on Yemen from Yemen news outlet, including warning from 2009 that current gov’t in trouble, Yemen as new main base for al-Qaeda, and much more.

12:00 If you missed DOJ defending its Twitter probe for info and calling "absurd" concerns about privacy and free speech.

Late Sunday

Haaretz with another "Israel Files" Wikileaks exclusive: "We’re doomed if Hamas takes power."  And a columnist there:   "A reading of the so-called Israel file found among the WikiLeaks documents reveals the stuff of which Israel’s ‘leadership’ is made. To sum it up, an Israeli leader apparently carries two basic genes: one of aggression and one of charlatanism." And guess who is the "king of charlatans"? 

@WikiLeaks tweets:  "15 day backlog cleared: hundreds of new cables released: ."

I noted the "Open Letter" a few days ago — academics protesting treatment of Bradley Manning — but Ed Pilkington on it today at The Guardian.  Robert Reich a new signee, joining Laurence Tribe, 250 others.

New Statesman just posted Part II of its report on debate it sponsored in London last night with Assange and critics on whistleblowing.  (See part I below.)  Wild affair, with charges back and forth and audience participation.  "If anyone had feared that interest levels would drop after Julian Assange finished his speech, they were about to be proved wrong. The debate got more heated as the evening progressed."

TIME magazine’s "100 Most Influential" poll (largely a popularity contest) still finds Assange in #9 slot but big surprise is Bradley Manning jumping up to #29.

New Statesman posts first half of its report, photos, video on last night’s big debate in London featuring Assange.  "In a catchy turn of phrase, he spoke of the ‘original sin of censorship’. Could a leaker have prevented the Vietnam war? If David Kelly had not just spoken to Andrew Gilligan, but more widely, could the ‘dodgy dossier’ have been exposed in time to prevent the Iraq war? He then argued that whistleblowers prevented an attack on Iran in 2007." 

Excellent summary of our WikiLeaks panel at Media Reform conf, with Greenwald, Amy Goodman, Sifry, Emily Bell, yours truly, plus video of Glenn G.    By the way, hundreds there, standing room only, good to see interest and reaction.