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UPDATE:  The Tuesday edition of this here blog.

10:10  Yahoo News with big piece tonight on The Guardian planning new push in USA, this time based out of NYC. But also includes some comments from editor on falling out with WikiLeaks:  "Rusbridger said he had not had any recent contact: ‘I’ve heard that he’s working on a new project with some different media partners, but I don’t know what it is and he’s obviously decided to move on from us.’  But Rusbridger did confirm that The Guardian has been in talks about a possible collaboration with OpenLeaks, a newer document-leaking platform launched in December by high-ranking WikiLeaks defector Daniel Domscheit-Berg. (New York Times executive editor Bill Keller also said recently that his newspaper is mulling an OpenLeaks venture.) On the other hand, The Guardian may develop an in-house document-leaking system, Rusbridger said–in the same vein as a project that the New York Times is reportedly planning.  ‘We haven’t yet definitively worked out how effectively we could build the technology,’  he said."

8:50  Michael Busch, who also has terrific blog, interviews yours truly, dubbing me "The Marathon Man" of WikiLeaks… 

8:35 My new book, Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences, just published as e-book here and print here. Remember, e-book nowadays also means phones, iPad, PC reading, etc. Plus, first excerpt from the book (“From Oklahoma to Baghdad to Prison”) right here.

8:35  More hot cables relating to India, The Hindu always great source, and here’s one on the Mumbai attacks, a pink box, and our FBI.

6:40  Shep Smith on Fox  interviews just now  PJ Crowley about the Manning episode (see much more below).  Shep obviously agrees with Crowley about his protest, asking "Doesn’t accuracy ever save your hide?" Crowley says he he had strong views, and U.S. needs "to practice what we preach" and opinion "in this country and around the world" affected.  Shep closes with reference to Bush torture and now "mistreating someone who is mistreating us," and defense of whistleblowers. 

1:50  Now BBC has video of PJ Crowley saying no regrets on his Manning defense (see below).  "America must practice what it preaches."   Says "when it became public I clarified they were my own personal views…but as the day went on….I felt my actions had put the president in a difficult position."  Isn’t the truth that the WH wanted it plain they wanted you to step down? He refuses to confirm WH, not Hillary, wanted him out.  "I  understood the reactions…so administration could move on."

12:55 Heather Brooke, who secured WikiLeaks material for the Guardian last year, now tweets: “Just heard on the literary grapevine that Julian #Assange memoir has been pushed back to June publication.” It is set for April from British publisher Canongate, then in US. Amazon page here still says April.

12:20 Former State Dept spokesman P.J. Crowley tells BBC he has “no regrets” over comments on Bradley Manning that led to ouster. “Crowley told the HARDtalk programme that the treatment of Bradley Manning was undermining ‘a very legitimate’ effort to prosecute him. ‘I thought the treatment of Bradley Manning was undermining what I considered to be a very legitimate prosecution of an individual who has profoundly affected US national security,’ Mr. Crowley said in his first public remarks since stepping down on 13 March…. He said it was appropriate for him to step down because his remarks had put President Barack Obama in a ‘difficult position…. Quite honestly I didn’t necessarily think the controversy would go as far as it did but I don’t regret saying what I said,’ Mr. Crowley said.” Much more in my new book about Manning.

11:15 Leak of the Day: Rolling Stone publishes more photos and video of US soldier killing civilians in Afghanistan (and sometimes posing with corpses) with text by Mark Boal—who wrote The Hurt Locker and was instrumental in first purchase of movie rights for a WikiLeaks movie (if he has time to write it).

11:00 Lengthy piece at Truthout on past year of mainstream media coverage of WikiLeaks and how it has fallen far short. “Through interviews with Truthout, experts and members of the public interest community characterized news media coverage of WikiLeaks as being poor, inadequate and more akin to soap opera-ish tabloid coverage rather than serious journalism assessing revelations of US foreign policy abuses. When news coverage was more serious, a friendly frame of reference to successive US administrations was often used.”

10:40 My new piece: One year ago, how the “Age of WikiLeaks” began w/ editing of “Collateral Murder” video in Iceland.

10:00 New book traces roots of Ellsberg/Assange relationship back several years after first contact. “Ellsberg was initially suspicious the whole WikiLeaks plan might be a sting operation set up by a Western intelligence service as a trap in which whistleblowers would be exposed and ‘hoovered up.’ ”

9:55 More from the 1,000 new cables from Romania: doubts they are equipped to handle nuclear emergency.

9:10 From the Guardian: After the WikiLeaks attacks, how US let Mexico’s prez save face—thanks to drug war.

8:55 And now: Hot WikiLeaks cables from Bucharest. And “corruption rampant” in Argentina.

8:35 Tip from Raffi Khatchadourian at The New Yorker: three separate pieces in this week’s issue mention WikiLeaks, including Steve Coll on Tunisia and a Russian Assange.

8:30 From ‘Iowa’s Oldest Newspaper,” a hit on treatment of Manning, Assange: “We’re better than this.”

From late Sunday

Ha, Bill Keller has to post humiliating correction to his column today linking Assange to James O’Keefe. Thought O’Keefe posed as the PBS donor. Fun.

They’re now up to 284 entries in the WikiLeaks T-shirt contest. See them all here.

More on the appeal of ruling that forces Twitter to give up info on WikiLeaks-connected people, plus PDF of appeal.

Just announced: PBS Frontline doing “The Private Life of Bradley Manning” on March 29, with look at his early years. Excerpt from my book on same subject: right here. It quotes from his father in the Frontline show.

This is one of my favorite WikiLeaks stories ever. Comes from Nigeria. Great summary of past revelations there—and then the editor reveals that he shows up in one cable and while embarrassing disclosure, he is going ahead and publishing it. And wants to hire US diplomat as reporter. Just read it.

Which four Middle East dictators did you have in your bracket as the Final Four?