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UPDATE The Tuesday edition of this blog.

7:30 Lots of people linking to this Benkler paper today. We did it some time ago, but here it is again.

7:20 Just finished my Manning book, almost exact same length as The Age of WIkiLeaks, will be uploaded and available as e-book maybe Thursday!

6:50 Check out @WLLegal and @Kgosztola on twitter for live coverage of great NYC forum on WikILeaks, or catch up later.

5:30 Protesters in Portland, Ore. briefly block streets in downtown in Manning protest, after earlier erecting a “jail.”

5:20 My book The Age of WikiLeaks: From Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond) is now updated, also includes full story on Bradley Manning since his arrest, in print or as an e-book. Hailed by Dan Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, others. Finishing my new book on Bradley Manning today, to be published later this week or next.

5:15 Some tips from a tech CEO for businesses on how to protest themselves from evil WikiLeaks, via Forbes.

3:30 Man, after a wild week, slow day today on the WikiLeaks and Manning front. Of course, last time I wrote that, all hell broke loss. Well, I am busying myself finishing up my book on the Manning case and detention.

2:30 McClatchy blogger covers a minor but “brutal” cable with US assessment of former Costa Rica leader and revered Nobel Prize winner Oscar Arias. Includes: Arias has the voice and movements of a man much older than his 65 years. He often slouches when sitting and is unexpressive. He is slow to respond to questions…. Despite his phlegmatic and lugubrious bearing, Arias enjoys a reputation as a lady’s man.

2:20 We noted last week that WikiLeaks was sharing cables with a Turkey news outlet for the first time. Here is a WL Central summary of what has transpired since.

12:40 Strong Jonathan Turley (noted law prof) post on two Bush officials now seemingly up to take over top FBI post later this year, both with troubling records on Bush policies relating to rights, torture, etc. And Turley also covers view on WikiLeaks, especially one man’s fierce call for prosecution of Assange and more.

11:20 We saw it when Mubarak wanted Suleiman to succeed him in Egypt, and now in Yemen new cables show that a possible new strong man there has troubled past. The Guardian: “The Yemeni general who has thrown his weight behind moves to oust President Ali Abdullah Saleh is a powerful and shadowy figure who has amassed a fortune in arms and fuel smuggling rackets, according to US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks. Major General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar ‘is generally perceived to be the second most powerful man in Yemen’, but leans closer to radical political Islam than Saleh, according to a cable sent by Thomas Krajeski in 2005 when he was the US ambassador in Sana’a.”

11:05 Getting personally embroiled in the India crisis sparked by his release of cables, Julian Assange said in a TV interview there that the prime minister was “wrong to have questioned the authenticity of the WikiLeaks cable that stormed the Indian parliament last week. A cable in 2008 sent from a US diplomat in Delhi says that the Congress bought MPs ahead of its crucial vote of confidence. The lLeft had pulled out of the government over the nuclear deal with the US. Speaking to NDTV’s Prannoy Roy, Assange says the PM’s statements ‘seem like a deliberate attempt to mislead the public by suggesting that governments around the world do not accept the material and it is not verified.’”

9:55 A few tix still available for today’s “WikiLeaks and the Law” panel, 6 pm, NYC: Tweet your Qs to hashtag #pdfleaks

9:45 Slow morning, so if you haven’t caught up to WikiLeaks costing job of our ambassador to Mexico over the weekend, you can do it here.

8:55 New cable: Colombia had covert troops in Venezuela.

8:10 Interesting charge in Indonesia—terror bombing there this week (which harmed no one) set off to distract attention from new WikiLeaks revelations.

8:00 We’ve covered as they came out, but good wrap-up from Reuters on startling cables released this week re: India. And a new uproar in Lebanon.

From late Sunday

11:15 @JaneHamsher reports, addressing fears that Dan Ellsberg, arrested at Quantico in Manning protest Sunday (after he sat down on pavement) after being busted at the White House the day before, would be held overnight in jail, tweets that he “called, police released him. Guess WH didn’t like prospect of Mon questions re holding 80 yr old overnight bc he sat down.”

8:05 AP story on Quantico rally today. Press release from organizers on Quantico action: “Daniel Ellsberg, the man who blew the whistle by leaking the Pentagon Papers, and Retired Colonel Ann Wright, were arrested today with at least thirty-one others outside the gates of the Quantico Marine base in Triangle, Virginia. More than three hundred veterans and supporters rallied across the street from the base to protest the treatment of PFC Bradley Manning. Ellsberg and Wright were arrested as they approached the gates of the base in an attempt to deliver a letter to Base Commander Daniel J Choike. They, along with a military mother and three other veterans had just laid flowers at the Iwo Jima Memorial in front of the gates.”

7:35 In usual crowd-sourcing mode: I am finishing my new book on the Manning case and detention tonight (to be published as e-book later this week and then in print couple weeks later), and haven’t quite decided on a title. Vote for your favorite or suggest another (remember, it’s about both the alleged leaks, reactions, and his incarceration). Email me at: Possible titles: “BRADLEY MANNING: Truth and Consequences.”… “The ACCUSED: Bradley Manning—Truth and Consequences.”…. “THE PRISONER: Bradley Manning—Truth and Consequences.”… “TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES: Bradley Manning and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.” Or propose your own. Thanks.

7:10 Manning friend David House, who was there, tweets on Quantico protest today: “Very excited about the turnout at Quantico; never expected so many young people out there in the streets. No doubt: Something’s brewing.”

6:20 This probably counts as a leak: Der Speigel publishes photos of US soldiers, involved in a well-known murder case, posing next to Afghan corpse. US had fought to keep photos secret. One of the soldiers, we will note, is from Wasilla, Alaska. The Army has also probe whether the corpses were mistreated in other ways, and body parts taken or stolen.