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UPDATE: The Tuesday edition of this blog.

9:40  First NYT (see below), now L.A. Times with editorial hitting military’s treatment of Manning, and backing Crowley. " It’s hard to resist the conclusion that punishment, not protection, is the purpose of these degrading measures….Manning’s treatment should reflect the fact that he remains innocent until proven guilty."

9:05  NYT finally with editorial on Manning that just went online.  "It would be useful to revisit the presumption of innocence and the Constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment….  President Obama, who has forcefully denounced prisoner abuse, is condoning this treatment. Last week, at a news conference, he said the Pentagon had assured him that the terms of the private’s confinement ‘are appropriate and are meeting our basic standards.’  He said he could not go into details, but details are precisely what is needed to explain and correct an abuse that should never have begun"

8:50  Big news from India–news outlet there gets thousands of cables on that country and starting to publish. "Politicians of all shades, diplomats and other officials, sleuths, businessmen, journalists, busybodies, bigwigs and smallwigs figure in the WikiLeaks India Cache."   Here’s just one story on "raw" assessment by U.S. of "gutless" India playing down its relationship with Israel to appease Muslim population.

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6:30  The Guardian publishes what seems to be first cable on Japan’s nuclear industry and raising concerns. "He also accused METI of covering up nuclear accidents, and obscuring the true costs and problems associated with the nuclear industry."

5:30  At pro-Manning protest outside State Dept today 3 men stripped to their jock straps — to suggest how Manning was forced to sleep last week.   Meanwhile, many who were at session at MIT where PJ Crowley made the remarks that got him canned now write to Hillary Clinton protesting his ouster and attitude revealed.

4:30  Marcy Wheeler on the growing scandal, sparked (natch) by new cable: "While no one seems to have noted this, the cable shows that the British lied to their counterparts at the OECD about details of the bribery investigation into BAE…..The cable is perhaps most interesting because it gives us a glimpse of what the British publicly told the international community about its investigation, the targets, and the reasons for dropping the investigation."  

2:55 If you missed Dan Ellsberg’s Guardian op-ed on Obama and Manning he now has it as statement on his site.

2:10  Politico claims  "Left Unites Behind Crowley"    So funny beause just a few days ago people were mocking him for his rigidly anti-WikiLeaks and anti-Assange tweets. 

1:30  EFF out with statement for Sunshine Week, includes: "With all of the information WikiLeaks has brought to light, many have asked what WikiLeaks means for national security and the way we protect (or can’t protect) information. But another question is what WikiLeaks means for those of us who work with open government laws every day – who try to work “within the system.”

12:45  Here’s latest Pentagon rundown on why claims about ill treatment or "humiliation" of Bradley Manning are way off base. ( In any event, it seems the sleeping naked era is over for now.)   In the past, Manning’s attorney has responded quickly to military claims.

12:35 I mentioned this upcoming film the other day, now here is trailer for documentary on Iceland MP and former WikiLeak volunteer Birgitta Jonsdottir.

 11:55 Der Spiegel talks with Manning friend/activist David House.

11:45 The crisis in Indonesia caused by WikiLeaks cables that we have followed from the beginning has worsened, as leader there failed to have phone chat with Obama due to our cables charging he is corrupt.

11:00 Forbes blogger asks: Is Anonymous the new WikiLeaks? Did they “scoop” WL on BOA leak? But as she notes, the new leak is still “inconclusive” and she reports (not sure what it is based on) that already part of the leak has been “removed” from the site. A Business Insider writer suggests the leak is a big “letdown.” Stay tuned.

10:50 New from Glenn Greenwald: How the Crowley firing “clarifies” the Manning issue (and Obama). He quotes others waking up to this just now. “Other than Obama’s tolerance for the same detainee abuse against which he campaigned and his ongoing subservience to the military that he supposedly ‘commands,’ it is the way in which this Manning/Crowley behavior bolsters the regime of secrecy and the President’s obsessive attempts to destroy whistleblowing that makes this episode so important and so telling.”

10:45 I confess I’ve had trouble digging into this, but here’s good link for update on cables revealing BAE Systems (UK defense contractor) alleged bribing of Saudis. Do I have that right?

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9:45 @allisonkilkenny “Entire Anonymous Bank Of America file dump now available”

9:25 Manning supporters marching from State Dept to White House at noon today to protest Crowley firing. NBC’s Chuck Todd just tweeted: “Pentagon spox Morrell on @dailyrundown: On Manning: he’s clothed. Won’t comment on Crowley.”

9:00 Interesting tweet by @GeorgeLazenby: “What’s obvious to everyone, and what P.J. Crowley stopped short of saying, is that Manning’s treatment is being made public as a warning.”

8:40 Wash Post’s Ezra Klein slams Obama over Crowley firing, asks what the Obama of 2008 would think of the Obama administration’s evolving role on freedom and “torture.” Then quotes Obama from campaign. Plus: Good post here by Tom Watson on all of this.

8:35 NYT story on the BOA release.

8:10 Reuters: BOA confirms leaked docs are legit but questions import. “Confident” no big deal.

8:05 The great Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism on the Anonymous-released BOA leak (and see below): “Ooh, this is ugly. The charge made in this Anonymous release (via BankofAmericaSuck) is that Bank of America, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Balboa Insurance and the help of cooperating servicers, engaged in a mortgage borrower abuse called ‘force placed insurance’. This is absolutely 100% not kosher…. And if these allegations are indeed accurate, they make a mockery of the settlement charade underway among 50 state attorneys general, Federal regulators, and what amount to banking industry crooks, aka servicers.

“The writing style of the author (some typos, not that yours truly is one to make much of that sort of thing) and the errors regarding the roles of key parties will lead to questions regarding validity. But as indicated, previous abuses in this area, the past behavior of underwater servicers, and the complaints I have been hearing make this all too credible.”

7:55 Assange poses question to Australia PM via video: Did she swap info with foreign powers?

7:50 Here’s WL Central’s summary of the first part of the “Black Monday” Anonymous BOA leak.

12:10 The Anonymous-linked @OperationLeakS as promised just launched its BOA leak. Here’s what they have so far (or better, try here) , with personal email, screen shots, statements and claims of fraud by ex-employee (scroll down the page).

12:00 Forbes covers promised Anonymous leak on BOA today.

From late Sunday

The promised “Black Monday” leaks by an Anonymous operation almost here, the main Twitter feed seems to be @OperationLeakS. Tweets from the past few minutes: “Soon i will drop a link to where the emails will be shortly” and “Ex-Bank of America Employee can Prove Mortgage Fraud” and “I Got a email from a person claiming he worked at BoA and was demoted then fired after telling a SVP he seen something wrong in the system.”

Marcy Wheeler’s take on the P.J. Crowley firing over Manning quote includes Obama “comedy” for the Gridiron Dinner, his shout-out to Fire Dog Lake and boingboing, plus Ozzy Osbourne asks Crowley, “Was it polemically sent / I wanna know what you meant.”

I mentioned this earlier and now distrubing video and long summary and commentary is up at Al Jazeera site — interview with Adrian Lamo, hacker who turned in Bradley Manning. Now wears cap with “Snitch” written on front and more. See if you think he’d be a credible witness in court, or not. “Lamo’s conclusion is that whistle blowing should be done in a responsible manner, through legal paperwork. This seems very contradictory for someone who once hacked websites only to get publicity.”

On Crowley exit, David Frum added: “Crowley firing: one more demonstration of my rule: Republican pols fear their base, Dem pols despise it.” @DanEllsberg tweets: “Crowley firing for truth-telling on Manning continues Obama’s war on whistleblowers.” Arianna Huffignton: “Fired for telling the truth. Is this what Obama campaigned on?”

More on the Crowley resignation (see below) from Think Progress here. Glenn Greenwald here. Given Obama’s defense of the military’s handling of Manning at press conference, and alleged pressure to force out Crowley, he now “owns” this issue, it is claimed.

State Dept flack P.J. Crowley has resigned following his critical remark about military’s ill treatment of Bradley Manning. Politico notes that Crowley did not exactly apologize or back down. “My recent comments regarding the conditions of the pre-trial detention of Private First Class Bradley Manning were intended to highlight the broader, even strategic impact of discreet actions undertaken by national security agencies every day and their impact on our global standing and leadership. The exercise of power in today’s challenging times and relentless media environment must be prudent and consistent with our laws and values.”