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9:40  Financial Times: U.S. probing Anonymous call to go after jailers of Manning, which we covered earlier today. Quantico spokesman Lt.  Agustin Solivan said officials had referred the matter to law enforcement and counter-intelligence agencies. “We are aware of the threat and any threats to defence department information systems and networks are taken seriously,” he said. “The intent or stating that you are going to commit a crime is a crime in itself,” he added.  Barrett Brown, often described as an Anonymous spokesman, said he was not alarmed about the prospect of prosecution. “My feeling is I’m going down anyway so I may as well do it with gusto.”

7:20  The biggest leak of all? McClatchy on the files seized  by citizens in Egypt (this confirms much of what reported two days ago).  "Less than a month after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s caretaker government faces a new crisis: what to do about thousands of documents that protesters seized from State Security offices over the weekend. "  They are "salacious and sinister," including sex tape.  Don’t miss photo of woman holding her file.

7:15 Just revealed today:   CIA web site, and email system, knocked out last Thursday.  Now probing if hackers or not. "Some cyber experts say the disruption may have been caused by a denial of service attack perpetrated by pranksters to show off their skills, rather than a terrorist act committed by a foreign government."

7:05  Wired with new timeline of Manning’s alleged leaks.

6:15  Marking 100th day of this blog, print edition of my "The Age of WikiLeaks" book on sale today only for $9.95.  Also available ain various e-editions.

5:40  Scott Horton of Harper’s with new piece on the Manning treatment. "The brig commander at Quantico should consider carefully whether it is really wise to deal with a young whistleblower by using watered-down versions of the tools of tyrannical oppression with which regimes like Mubarak, Ben Ali, and Qaddafi are so closely associated."

5:00 The "Manning in the Making" story (growing up in Tulsa, decision to join Army etc.) that was teased earlier (see below) now available in full.

4:55    Still "celebrating" 100th day of this blog —  see below for links to a groovy Nation slideshow,  and two new pieces by me (one on top revelations of Cablegate, the other revisiting the first day, November 28, 2010), my book.

4:50  The Hill has more on the Kucinich threat (see below).

3:30  Not sure this will strike fear in their hearts, but Rep. Kucinich warns Pentagon  "there will be  consequences" for prison treatment of Manning.

3:15   New slide show just launched by The Nation picking the key events in the 100 Days of Cablegate–also has key links.

2:35  In National Law Journal, a new assessment  by Frederick F.A.O. Schwarz, Jr.:  "A broader perspective on WikiLeaks: The U.S. already classifies and hides too much information. The danger is that, due to WikiLeaks, it will try to hide more."

2:30  I noted his "100 Revelations for 100 Days" tweets earlier but now Kevin Gosztola’s piece with same up at WL Central. Here’s my new piece marking 100th day of blog — with a long list of top Cablegate revelations since the "gate" opened.

1:40  Major piece at Politico:  "Despite running on openness, Obama pursues whistleblowers."

1:30  Panel in Prague this Saturday includes, besides yours truly,  Vaughan Smith (Frontline chief and Assange staying at house)  and Birgitta Jonsdottir (Icelandic MP).

12:40  Online chat with Manning friend David House on why not more visitors for Manning, although he seems to say his parents visited this past week.   Manning’s attorney "holds the keys."

11:45  The Guardian column:   Don’t forget Bradley Manning by  Duncan Campbell.

10:55  Interesting teaser for new article on Manning in the Making, allegedly untold stories about his years in Tulsa and decision to enlist in Army.  Problem: Need to subscribe to get full piece.

10:10   Another new piece marking  100 days without a break for this blog: My look back at the day Cablegate was born.   See a Nation slide show coming later today. 

10:05   Unseen video from 9/11, shot by helicopter at Twin Towers, leaked online, thanks to Cryptome.   Seventeen minutes of circling, landing, circling again after collapse ("We got out of there at the right time").   Here’s direct link to YouTube version.   At this moment I was about 60 blocks uptown.

9:55  Excellent WikiLeaks and the Law panel in NYC, with Amy Goodman and others,  on March 21 at 6 pm.  

9:20  My new piece marking 100th day of blog — with a long list of top Cablegate revelations since the "gate" opened.

8:55 More on uproar in Costa Rica over U.S.-police training and "selling soul" to the Chinese.

8:20  New from Andy Greenberg at Forbes:  Anonymous targets Bradley Manning’s jailers in Operation Bradical. "In a crowdsourced document used to coordinate the group’s actions, Anonymous members name Department of Defense Press Secretary Geoff Morell and chief warrant officer Denise Barnes as targets and call on members to dig up personal information on both, including phone numbers, personal histories and home addresses. The goal of the operation, for now, is to “dox” the two officials, the typical Anonymous method of publishing personal information of victims and using it for mass harassment."  Expect them to receive orders of hundreds of boxes of pizza, etc.

8:00  "The Commodication of Julian Assange":   Capitalism in action.  Well, "perhaps that explains the ‘Julian Assange please marry me!’ shirts."

7:45 As noted below, this is day 100 of this live-blog.  My colleague Kevin Gosztola, who has done great work almost from the start here, with my book, at WL Central and Op-Ed News is currently tweeting 100 Cablegate Revelations in 100 MInutes @kgosztola. 

7:35   As we reach 100 days for this blog, for the full story of WikiLeaks, going back to last March and the release of the Collateral Murder video, then the Afghan and Iraq war logs, and finally Cablegate (up to early February), check out my The Age of WikiLeaks book, in in print or an e-book.

7:25   Cables claim  70%  percent of Peru’s lumber was felled illegally — and gov’t knew about it.

7:10  New cable from 2007 suggests: Buying cheap blood led to HIV outbreak in Libya.   Six Bulgarian medics were previously sentenced to death in this matter.

From late Sunday

11:20   Visit at your own risk: Yes, there’s a Hackers Lane in L.A.  See pic.

7:50  The Telegraph with new cables, from couple years back, warning that eastern Libya with strong extremist, jihadi element vs. Gaddafi. Really not known how strong role playing today.

7:00 Aussie attorney:  Threat of Assange extradition from Sweden to USA "real," despite image of groovy Swedes.

6:55  Useful review of the whole HBGary, BOA, WikiLeaks scandal.  And "other tales from the dark side."

5:50  Sen. John Kerry defends treatment of Manning, although he’s glad it’s getting more study.

5:45 Profile in Sydney Morning Herald of the Icelandic journalist who might take over (they say) WikiLeaks if Assange no longer able.  "At first blush, Hrafnsson, a softly-spoken, thin 48-year-old divorced father of two, appears the polar opposite of the publicity machine that is Assange.  ”I’m rather old-school, you know; even though I’m in a broadcast journalism environment, I’ve never seen the journalist as, well, I think he should always strive to be in the background, not be the story.’  But when his conversation turns to the role of WikiLeaks and the impact it has had upon the press and governments around the world, he shows as much vision as the website’s Australian founder."