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12:20  My review of ths CNN WikiLeaks special now posted.

10:00 Got screener of this Sunday’s CNN "WikiWars" special, will watch now, review this morning.

9:35  Essay at CNN by guy behind this weekend’s CNN WikiLeaks special.  Concludes that Assange may be "out of secrets" but his greatest secret is, he has already "won." 

8:45  Today is first anniversary of Wired publishing lengthy excerpts from the Manning-Lamo "chat logs."  Controversy followed over what was edited out, but they remain key to prosecution’s case, no doubt, and revealing Manning’s state of mind–and polical / transparency goals.   Here’s one of my recent columns about them and detailed excerpt.

8:05  Three alleged "Anonymous" hackers busted in Spain.

8:00  Assange to be interviewed in forum at London’s Frontline Club on July 2, moderated by Amy Goodman.

7:15  Great: A "leak collecting" van has been spotted around D.C. and known as the WikiLeak Truck, stirring up trouble.

7:00  Here’s a snippet of this weekend’s CNN special on WikiLeaks.  I am getting a screener of full show this morning and will quickly review.

12:10  For full background on Manning and Assange and more:  my book The Age of WikiLeaks in print or as an e-book, or  Bradley Manning: Truth and Consequences as e-book here and print here, both hailed by Glenn Greenwald, Dan Ellsberg,  Bill Moyers, Amy Goodman etc.

12:00 So now there’s a writer for the HBO / BBC planned WikiLeaks flick: It’s Rowan Joffe, son of the director Roland Joffe and writer of "28 Days Later" and "The American."   Charles Ferguson still set to direct.

From late Thursday

Andy Greenberg of Forbes with report on highly unusual ACLU move, using gov’t to declassify now-published WikiLeaks cables.  "The State Department cables expose, for instance, secret drone strikes by U.S. forces in Yemen, and American pressure on Spain and German to comply with CIA extraordinary rendition of terrorist suspects. The ACLU says it selected the 23 cables out of the thousands already published because they were kept secret to avoid government embarrassment rather classified for purposes of national security, and because they show human rights violations. Given that all those memos have already been covered by the news media, why bother to declassify them anyway? ‘The point is to expose the legal fiction that the secrecy system rests on,’ says Ben Wizner, a staff attorney for the ACLU. ‘The government uses this formality of secrecy to avoid having to answer for real violations of the law.’”

  NYT asked readers to tweet guesses on what 11 words were to be cut out of declassified Pentagon Papers.  Fun results here.  Yes, people still unsure whether it is Viet-Nam or Vietnam. My submission circa 1968: "We’ll be out of Vietnam before Mets  win a World Series." 

Remember when his critical comments exposed in cables cost U.S. ambassador to Mexico his post there? Finally a new diplomat named.

Bart Gellman tweets on whistleblower case falling apart:  "Prosecutors offer NSA leaker Drake *misdemeanor* plea bargain–& he refuses ." 

New Wikileaks cables passed to Reuters reveal more nuclear “weak links” beyond Japan. Including Vietnam. Who knew?

Woman who made great film on Dan Ellsberg calls Obama worst president for whistleblowers. “Speaking at a session on WikiLeaks at the Sheffield Doc/Fest on Thursday, she said that whistleblowing has become more dangerous than ever.” She also praised Bradley Manning for his “courage.”