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7:00 Claim: How Wired helped “frame” Assange, based on release of full chat logs.

From late Thursday

New from Politico: The Marines’ “special inquiry” said Manning suicide watch went on too long. Commander overrode this. And: Top DOD lawyer not aware of inquiry’s finding when he said treatment of Manning complied w/all laws & regulations.

My new book raises issue of how post–World War II history might have been radically changed for the better if WikiLeaks had been around a few decades ago. New book Atomic Cover-Up just out, in print and as e-book.

Glenn Greenwald, as promised, weighs in on Wired‘s finally publishing the full chat logs (see below). And, as expected, he has plenty of criticism. “Now that Wired has released the full chats, I just want to highlight a few passages that they concealed, and dispassionately lay out several key facts, so that everyone can decide for themselves if Wired told the truth about their conduct and assess the journalistic propriety of it…. In sum, the full chat logs—in particular the parts Wired concealed for over a year—prove that Adrian Lamo is a serial liar whose claims are inherently unreliable. But Wired’s selective editing prevented this from being proven—served to shield from critical scrutiny the person the BBC accurately described as Poulsen’s ‘long-time associate’—and thus enabled Lamo to run around for a full year masquerading as a reliable source, making claims that were fabrications and driving much of the reporting about the Manning and WikiLeaks investigations.”