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6:05  The Nation links to my radio chat yesterday re: WikiLeaks.

5:25  AP with update on Bush canceling Denver talk because of Assange "presence."   Has quotes from organizers and also fact that Bush cancelled another Denver event.  I am wondering if he was getting paid a nice sum for his appearance and with that off the table he blew off Denver entirely. AP seems a bit clueless about how obvious it is that Assange was NEVER expected to appear there in person, only by satellite, due to conditions of his bail.   Plus: A Colorado blog has some fun with it.

3:40  NikkiLeaks:   Hollywood news/gossip queen Nikki Finke got leaked a copy of the script for Oscars and presents highlights (suggesting it’s another "snorefest" and James Franco just can’t sing).  None of the winners,  however.   At least she had no need to redact names for their safety.  Or maybe she should have.

3:30  Wikileaks on twitter seems to suggest Bush pressure applied to the YPO conference to get them to cancel Assange talk which they refused ("organizers courageously refused to remove Assange as speaker")..  True? In any case, the twitter feed for group is @YPOpublic and they note that Assange spoke this morning via satellite.

3:05  Here’s full statement by Geo W Bush flack on refusal to appear sort of with Assange (see below).   Who has done more harm to USA?

2:30  Breaking, as they say: Mark Knoller of CBS tweets, "A spokesman says former Pres George W Bush cancelled a speaking appearance tomorrow to avoid sharing stage with Wikileaks’ Julian Assange." Then: "Bush/43 was invited to address the YPO Global Leadership Summit in Denver tomorrow, but cancelled when he learned Assange was too."  By satellite, one imagines.  FInally:  "A spksmn says Bush/43 won’t share a stage ‘with a man who has willfully & repeatedly done great harm to the interests of the United States.’”  Hey, Assange could say the same thing about Bush.

2:20    Thanks to all for helping  e-book for my The Age of WIkiLeaks become the top-selling book on this subject (even topping the big boys at NYT and Guardian and Daniel Domsheit-Berg, too) at Amazon.   Print edition here.

1:05  Mark Stephens, Assange attorney,  pens piece for The Guardian on Assange extradition case.  "This country, which has given to the world the most basic principles of a fair trial – that justice must be seen to be done – denies that basic liberty for those that are extradited to Sweden."

11:50  Daniel Drezner at Foreign Policy on the WikiLeaks cables and "The Myth of China’s Financial Leverage."

10:00  New Glenn Greenwald piece: The DOJ’s "creeping" (and creepy) war against whistleblowers, not just WikiLeaks.

9:45  Go here for screen shot of Colbert (see below) in the V for Vendettta "Anonymous" mask last night.  Also see it here as Wash Post covers it.  (h/t Mike Riggs)

9:40  A complaint had been filed with the D.C. Bar against three Hunton & Williams lawyers who worked with HBGary and two other corporate security firms for Bank of America to target WikiLeaks, its supporters as well as with the Chamber of Commerce, targeting their critics. This complaint was filed by whose lawyer is Kevin Zeese, executive director of Prosperity AgendaUS.  The 14-page complaint  accuses the three Hunton & Williams lawyers of violating Rule 8.4 of the D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct for “dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation” and lists numerous cyber and other potential illegal actions.  

8:50  Does Stephen Colbert suddenly and briefly get fitted for an Anonymous mask at 4:22 here?  People keep sending this to me but I don’t see it there.  However, in one of the super slowdown versions you can see it here as a flash, and the clearly if you pause it at  4/5 seconds.  A real frame-by-frame here.  If true, presume Colbert people did it, not a hack, but who knows–he will probably claim it was hacked, for fun, next week.

8:15 My Antiwar radio appearance yesterday, talking WikiLeaks  (what else?).

8:10  With Glenn Greenwald getting "grilled" by Stephen Colbert last night, I pay a re-visit to Julian Assange’s quite different encounter with Colbert last April.

7:00  Glenn Greenwald on Colbert show last night defending WikiLeaks and hitting HPGary probe.  And here’s the Anonymous segment leading up to it.

12:05  Video of full Assange statement after losing ruling Thursday.  If you missed earlier, Glenn Greenwald on Democracy Now! on the ruling and latest on Manning case and more, HBGary scandal and more.

12:00 has a leak-ish site called Open Channel, which it bills as "Investigative reporting by and NBC News, with your story ideas and documents" Tonight it presents piece that notes that after 15 young Saudis took part in the 9/11 attacks, Saudi students have been admitted to the U.S. in vast numbers. "Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari, the Saudi student arrested Thursday on charges that he planned to build bombs for terror attacks inside the United States, was granted a U.S. student visa after qualifying for a generous scholarship sponsored by Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, according to the indictment against him.  Aldawsari was one of more than 10,000 Saudi students granted student visas in 2008, an NBC News analysis of the visa program shows."

 From late Thursday

PayPal has announced, after wide publcity and protest,  on its company blog that it has lifted its "temporary" block on the Courage to Resist fund backing Bradley Manning.  See explanation here.

Here’s full transcript of that chat Assange did at Swedish paper today…Julian in the lion’s den…

Wired:  Pay Pal denies anything political about it freezing that Bradley Manning support fund.  "Asked why, if the Courage to Resist account was opened in 2006, PayPal hadn’t raised the issue of linking it to a bank account earlier, Nayar did not have an immediate response. He said only that nonprofit organizations are allowed to open accounts easily and quickly."

New op-ed at NYT claims "peak oil panic" caused by that Saudi cable recently is nothing, people in field knew about the guy’s claims for long time, and etc.  "More important, his claims don’t stand up to scrutiny."

Tweet from @WikiFugasPT   "Portuguese newspaper Expresso got 772 cables from Lisbon (from Politiken). Will start publishing on Saturday."  

From Collateral Mur…