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UPDATE:  Weekend edition of this blog here.

6:05  Finally!  A WikiLeaks / football (soccer, to you) link!  Sports Illustrated writer says he wants to run for president of FIFA, and finds maybe he is not joking.  Among the weapons in his "Arsenal" (so to speak): “I would love to do a WikiLeaks on FIFA,” Wahl said. “If I’m president I’ll release all of the internal documents to the public, I’ll start an internal investigation to see if this organization really is corrupt. I think the international Olympic committee went through something like this and they have a much cleaner reputation now.”    

5:55 From one of new cables on Bahrain:  Head of Bahrain intelligence agency "valued contact" of US embassy.

5:50  WikiLeaks just released hundreds of new Bahrainian cables

5:20  Important piece on librarians and WikiLeaks.   No, really, don’t miss it.

5:10  In spirit of what I’ve been doing for awhile, Ryan Gallagher puts together long list of WikiLeaks revelations and how they’ve been covered.

3:25  As Libya revolt grows, a collection of WikiLeaks cables on LIbya, well beyond the infamous "nurse."   

1:20  @WikiLeaks tweets:  "Many new cables from around the world released ."

12:15  For all those who continue to question WikiLeaks value: NYT front page piece today on Egyptian military’s control of much of the economy–and fears that this worsens since they now also have control of gov’t — cites cables on Tantawi that emerged in past week.  But this happens every day, whereby the media, often critical of WikiLeaks and Assange, quote from important cables to bolster their reporting or arguments.

11:55  Special one-day sale on my Age of Wikileaks book, just $10.95 in print and $4.99 e-book. 

11:15 Interview with Daniel Domscheit-Berg coming in this Sunday’s NYT Magazine.  Among other things, he says he has a WikiLeaks tattoo on his back and will never remove it.   Also, he calls his dealings with Assange an "abusive relationship."  He claims that if Assange does not have "blood on his hands" it’s only due to "pure luck."  And did Assange really ask him to spy on his future wife?

9:40  More response to new cables on "Bunga Bunga" man Berlusconi. 

8:55 From Toronto’s Globe and Mail:  "The RCMP and Canadian consular officials in Cairo have been investigating up to a dozen cases where couples are suspected of having trafficked babies from Egypt into Canada, according to leaked diplomatic cables. The details are outlined in American embassy dispatches made public this week by WikiLeaks."

8:50  New cable:  "The extradition of a former university academic accused of plotting to smuggle military equipment to Iran was delayed for political reasons, a leaked secret cable claims.  A US diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks suggests the UK Government put the extradition of Nosratollah Tajik on hold to protect sensitive nuclear talks with Iran."

8:05  The Daily Show last night viewed him as "La Douche Vita" but Rome paper now with new cables on U.S. viewing Berlusconi as useful for us.   Yet the U.S. ambassador notes, "His (Berlusconi’s) frequent blunders and poor choice of words has offended practically every category of Italian citizens" and brought ridicule in Europe.

7:55 Australia says it does wants native son Assange treated fairly if extradited to Sweden.  Well, gosh, you’d hope so.  Judge’s decision coming next week.

7:45  Interesting analysis of what the cables show about Russia military, Georgia, the "August War" and more.

12:00  WL Central, which had stuck pretty close to WikiLeaks issues for weeks, has expanded well beyond that in recent days, providing wide coverage of Middle East protests….. 

From late Thursday

@WikiLeaks tweets:  "New important cables from Eastern Europe, Russia, EU, Indonesia, Turkey ."

 Barrett Brown at The Guardian on the Anonymous hackery of HBGary and all of the surprising fallout since.   He was misled by Aaron Barr.

Telegraph with new cables showing Hillary Clinton wanted derogatory info on KIng of Bahrain’s sons.

Matthew Dowd, the former Bush aide who turned to criticizing him — and, two months ago, backing WikiLeaks — has a new piece at National Journal further explaining his belief in "candor."

The estimable Andy Greenberg at Forbes on how Anonymous hackery could end up hurting WikiLeaks.   "But if Anonymous has won a battle against those who want WikiLeaks destroyed, it might not have helped WikiLeaks in its other fight: the one for hearts and minds. Simply having Anonymous on its side may be contaminating WikiLeaks’ reputation at a moment when it most needs legitimacy."

Another nation heard from: The Guardian on Uganda cables.   Death of a human rights activist, homophobia, more.