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9:40  Latest big news cable from The Telegraph:  U.S. supposedly shared British nuclear secrets with…the Russians.

8:35  My Huff Post piece on Bradley Manning case and conditions has now drawn over 125 comments, see why.

7:40  Tim Wu at Foreign Policy says U.S. should drop pursuing case against Assange.

7:30  We noted yesterday that Rep. Kucinich had sent letter to Pentagon chief Gates protesting conditions of Manning’s confinement.  Now he says he wants to visit the prisoner.

3:40  Today’s laff: This might be the greatest WikiLeaks article yet.  UFOlogist claims Assange in "60 Minutes" interview was telling people in code that he is an alient from space and the coming "battle will be bloody."

2:45  NYT with big piece on wealthy with offshore banking accounts worried about the coming WikiLeak via Rudolf Elmer. 

1:15  New from Naomi Wolf, on WikiLeaks and "the Lost Cojones" of American Journalism. "So why do all these American reporters, who know quite well that they get praise and money for doing what Assange has done, stand in a silence that can only be called cowardly, while a fellow publisher faces threats of extradition, banning, prosecution for spying — which can incur the death penalty — and calls for his assassination?"

11:30  Just up at the Telegraph on latest cables:   Brits refused to talk to captive in Mali before he was executed to avoid "negotiating" with terrorists . "Edwin Dyer, 60, was beheaded by an al-Qaeda-linked group in the chaotic West African state after Britain refused demands to free the radical cleric Abu Qatada. At the time Gordon Brown described the execution as a "barbaric and appalling act of terrorism", but previously secret documents show that Britain was reluctant to engage directly with his captors to secure his release. The negotiations were instead mediated by the Libyans." 


11:20  If you’d like copies of my book for fundraising purposes, to sell yourself etc., let me know, I can get them to you for  1/3 off.

10:50  My new piece on Bradley Manning and how he was forgotten for months but now much in the news.  How and why? 

10:45  AP catches up to the leaked details from Assange sex-crime case. 

10:25 Good look by Kevin Gosztola at the Yemen crisis and what cables reveal.

10:05   Great post by  former Amb Carne Ross coming out of that Columbia U forum with NYT and Guardian eds.  He was there, hits a lot of what they said there, reports that they admitted that their papers had merely done word searches through documents leaving vast majority unread,  raises the thorny issue of did the Times cave to State Dept pressure on some, are documents too important to be left to whims of newspapers,  and much, much more.

9:10 New Clay Shirky piece in The Guardian:  Because this tension between governments and leakers is so important, and because WikiLeaks so dramatically helps leakers, it isn’t just a new entrant in the existing media landscape. Its arrival creates a new landscape. This transformation is under-appreciated…."

9:05  Not sure I got full story on this when he described it  but Guardian ed Rusbridger at that Columbia U forum last night seemed to say that hackers got into the new Guardian book via Amazon and deleted some passages critical of Assange.  Not sure if this was the Kindle version, or an excerpt posted there, or what.   He revealed this after Keller talked about alleged hacking of 3 NYT email accounts. Anyone know more?  

8:05 Most people have forgotten that among WikiLeaks’ rumored releases is one that concerns Gitmo personnal files.  Now comes word that a detainee, 48,  has died there and as Glenn Greenwald just tweeted, "8 years in a cage with no charges – designated for ‘indefinite detention’ by Obama admin."  

7:50  Business Week with a lengthy report on Rudolf Elmer (remember him?) and his hand over of Swiss banking secrets to Assange, and possible fallout.

7:30  The Overnight Report (with Asher Wolf) At a live-streamed event, the Australian Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance presented Assange his  journalist union membership card (via his Australian lawyer).  Assange also spoke via live-stream….The FBI raided a house in N. Eagleville, interrogated U. Conn Chem. Engineering students over suspected involvement in Anonymous DDoS attacks. Unfortunately the FBI got the wrong address, and interrogated two unconnected students.  Before leaving, agents told the students that the investigation of Anonymous is second on their priority list only to child pornography….Washington Post has more on cables revealing the life of  Milosevic,  and a German man using the cables to sue Macedonia over alleged CIA kidnapping.

12:15  Four excerpts from my book now published, latest here on the 32 major revelations that have already come out of Cablegate (and that doesn’t count this week re:  Egypt).  Thanks to The Nation‘s Kevin Gosztola for getting another excerpt, on the Collateral Murder video, up at WL Central.   In the wonders of modern publishing, book already updated with events of past week.

12:05  Video, from Russia, no less, on NYT vs. WikiLeaks.  "The Grey Lady vs. the Silver-Haired Aussie."

12:00  Telegraph claims FBI has re-opened probe of missing 9/11 plotters after paper printed WIkiLeaks cables on this earlier this week.

From late yesterday

Wired on tonight’s Columbia U event with NYT and Guardian eds and more (and see a few items below).

New cable reveals ransom paid — to al-Qaeda — two release two Canadian diplomats two years ago,  Toronto’s Globe & Mail reports. Has always been mystery.  "The document does not divulge any ransom amount or which governments may have paid into it."

Bloomberg: Assange May Gain From Swedish `Haste’ in Extradition.

Foreign Policy on 7 new cables released today on Egypt torture. "These particular cables no doubt were released when they were to drive home the hypocrisy of the U.S. government’s dealings with the Mubarak, and they do that quite handily." 

From Collateral Mur…