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8:00 Reuters with more from Assange on 60 Minutes:  He is enjoying watching banks "squirm" over upcoming megaleak. Won’t confirm target.   And see below.

6:40  First excerpts from Assange on "60 Minutes" this Sunday “The U.S. does not have the technology to take the site down,” Assange tells Steve Kroft. “Just the way our technology is constructed, the way the Internet is constructed, it’s quite hard to stop things reappearing. We’ve had attacks on particular domain names. Little pieces of infrastructure — knocked out. But we now have some 2,000 fully independent in every way websites, where we’re publishing around the world. …It’s not possible to do.”

Assange says he never encouraged anyone to leak the U.S. diplomatic cables.   In another excerpt, Kroft asks: “But you were screwing with the forces of nature. You have made some of the most powerful people in the world your enemies. You had to expect that they might retaliate.”    Assange says: “I fully expected they’ll retaliate … Well, they see it as highly embarrassing. I think what it’s really about is keeping the illusion of control. I’m not surprised about that. I am surprised at … the sort of flagrant disregard for U.S. traditions. That is what I’m surprised about.”

6:30  Interesting:  A claim that WikiLeaks cables on Egypt released not htis week but in early December, and published by indie paper there, had something to do with current revolt.

6:10  Amazing report on dorm room invasion at Georgia Tech tied to FBI search for Anonymous hackers tied to WikiLeaks protest.  From Atlanta TV.   Kid loses passports and much else, not charged, he claims just visited Anonymous chat room.

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5:00 Mark Hosenball at Reuters just out with good piece on WikiLeaks type sites sprouting all over Europe, from Brussels to the Balkans — Assange, The Next Generation.

4:30  Good guy and former ambassador Carne Ross just tweeted:  #wikileaks fuels the fire with release 2day of #07CAIRO974 cable from 07 reporting #Egypt‘s Gamal Mubarak’s "tremendous corruption ."

4:10  You may remember Mike Gravel as a bit of joke for his super longshot race for president awhile back.  But in another life he was a respected U.S. Senator–and played a key role in aiding Dan Ellsberg in the Pentagon Papers case.  Now he is speaking on WikiLeaks.  Does he still back leakers?

3:55 New from Reuters on fresh Egypt cables that show Mubarek skeptical of U.S. push for reform in past–based on what he saw as bad results in past.

3:20  Excerpt written by the editor  from Guardian book on WikiLeaks and Assange coming next Monday.  He notes difficulties working with Assange but in general is far more forgiving ("winkles worked out over wine," to paraphrase) than NYT‘s Keller, not exactly a surprise. "WikiLeaks and similar organisations are, it seems to me, generally admirable in their single minded view of transparency and openness."

2:40  Full coverage of WikiLeaks cables and Egypt at WL Central.

2:35  From @WikiLeaks twitter feed "The Age of WikiLeaks" first WL book in english. Order now!  But can you trust these guys?

2:05  Andy Greenberg at Forbes with details on what we mentioned below — Anonymous helping to Fax the damning new Wiki cables into totally cutoff Egypt.  “The idea is to distribute the information to students, who can then share it with others,” says another source within Anonymous. “Right now they need to know that the police cannot be trusted and the wikileaks cables are just more proof of that.”

1:50  Guardian live blog on Egypt will keep going all day and night.

1:30  Great piece:  Enron whistleblower says that today she’d go to WIkiLeaks, not SEC.  "WikiLeaks is a huge, huge sledgehammer that many employees will go to. People like myself will just go to WikiLeaks.”

1:10  WikiLeaks twitter feed:  "Reports that activists are faxing WikiLeaks cables into Egypt to bypass internet blockade."

12:45  Nic Robertson just now on CNN: in Alexandria army joining protesters, embracing them, "incredible scene." Al Jazeera English: Unconfirmed reports that that army and the police are clashing.  And WikiLeaks cables keep coming out.

12:00  Fast Company on WikiLeaks’ brilliant timing on release of Egypt cables.  Though one has to wonder, weren’t they just sitting there for the major news outlets that had the cache to publish long ago?  

11:45  Keller’s NYT piece on dealings with WikiLeaks got lot of play this week but Der Spiegel has its own account here (In English).

11:40   Yes, it’s finally here, folks, my The Age of WikiLeaksFrom Collateral Murder to Cablegate (and Beyond) book, the first on the subject, and ready to be ordered and shipped to you today  This is the only place it can be purchased now, no Amazon sales.   An e-book to follow.  It’s a 156-page paperback, selling for $11.95, and can be shipped all over the world.  You can preview the first 15 pages.  Note blurbs from Glenn Greenwald and Dan Ellsberg.   In the miracle world of publishing today, it even includes reference to today’s cables on Egypt. Okay, back to work.

11:30  Major new piece at The Guardian on cables revealing (too) close U.S. – Mubarek relations.  And Guardian’s blog continues hot on all Egypt stuff.   Also, guy,s thanks for the shout out on my book.  Also @WikiLeaks on twitter keeps linking to shocking cables.

11:10  Just stop and follow Al Jazeeera English  twitter feed @AJElive  Includes: "Riot police entered Al Jazeeras office in Cairo and asked to move the camera inside the building."  Mubarek calling out army.

9:45  Evgeny Morozov tweets: "The Internet-savvy Obama administration is prepared to use all social media outlets available to stay silent on Egypt."

9:00 More from The Guardian blog on Egypt cables.  Al Jazeera live TV feed online is gripping, although reports that it may be cut off.

8:00  Amazing morning:  WIkiLeaks and media publishing cables re: Egypt at extremely sensitive time for regime on fourth day of protests, spread via Web and twitter in real time.  WikiLeaks on Twitter here.  Another cable from Egypt:  "10 Yemeni children were trafficked to Egypt for organ harvesting." 

7:55  The Guardian blog with excellent excerpts from the new Egypt cables. Plus this one"Police will round up 40 to 50 suspects and hang them by their arms from the ceiling for weeks."  And this:  Mubarak’s terror against writers, bloggers and journalists.

7:50  @JeffJarvis is now tweeting Daniel Domscheit-Berg talk at Davos: He says, yes, his OpenLeaks could leak to WikiLeaks.  Or was it he other way around?

7:40  The Overnight Night Report (by Asher Wolf)  FireDogLake take on that Manning-should-not-have-been-employed-scoop:  a leaked "hit piece" …      Columbia Journalism Review chimes in with analysis of NYT’s editor Bill Keller’s piece on Assange and Wikileaks … More takes on the Egypt cables from MSNBC and CNN….. Cable:  "Torture and police brutality in Egypt are endemic and widespread" 

12:05  SF Chronicle with report on one local man among the 40 the FBI targeted for searches yesterday related to "Operation Payback" attacks (see below).   They left with all his computers.

12:00 WikiLeaks’ Twitter feed just now:  "We will soon release numerous cables on Egypt."  In fact, the NYT is already out with a big story based on at least some of them. They "paint a vivid picture of the delicate dealings between the United States and Egypt, its staunchest Arab ally. They show in detail how diplomats repeatedly raised concerns with Egyptian officials about jailed dissidents and bloggers, and kept tabs on reports of torture by the police."


From late Thursday

FBI serves 40 warrants throughout U.S. looking for "hacktavists" who may have attacked sites to help WikiLeaks. "The FBI statement announcing the search warrants was the first indication that the U.S. intends to prosecute the so-called "hacktivists" for their actions in support of WikiLeaks."

Ret. Gen. Stanley McChrystal offers his own take on Wikileaks’ release of military reports and State Department cables at the Net-Centric Warfare Conference. He says he hates how there are a bunch of people who want to "pull back" on information-sharing and WikiLeaks provides justification for that. He does not want government agencies to stop sharing information. And, he calls release of cables "unconscionable" cause WikiLeaks is unable to "evaluate that information" and understand what damage it might do to U.S. troops.

Nancy Youssef of McClatchy:  Probe finds Army was warned not to deploy Bradley Manning to Iraq.  Heads may roll.   "Pfc. Bradley Manning’s direct supervisor warned that Manning had thrown chairs at colleagues and shouted at higher-ranking soldiers in the year he was stationed at Fort Drum, N.Y., and advised that Manning shouldn’t be sent to Iraq, where his job would entail accessing classified documents through the Defense Department’s computer system."